Android L preview

Preview of next Android version lands alongside SDKs

As promised during the Google I/O keynote yesterday, Google has released developer preview builds for the next version of Android — currently known only as Android "L" — for developers to test on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013, Wifi-only). The system images are available now through Android Developers site, linked below, though you'll need to know your way around a command line to flash them onto your phone or tablet of choice.

Today Google also launched the preview SDK for Android L, as well as the final SDK for Android Wear, meaning developers can start getting apps ready for the new Android version, as well as new Android-powered watches.

It's unclear at this early stage how stable the Android L preview release actually is. In a developer session at I/O yesterday, Google's Chet Haase described L as "a preview release where things work pretty well, but it's not done yet." Some features or third-party apps might not be fully functional, so you may want to hold off flashing if you need a completely reliable phone or tablet.

That said, we're excited to get stuck into the next release of Android with this unprecedented early developer preview from Google.


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mkashen says:


JFMobile says:

After flashing this, can I still receive and download OTA updates?

TheWenger says:

Not likely.

OTA would be a patch on top of an existing released OS.

Factory Images for L Developer Preview seem to be here for Nexus 5 and 7.

Got Nexus?

Edit: Article updated now with this.

Got Nexus?

Pinionist says:

Does anyone know if this is going to be just for Nexus 5 ? Is there Nexus 4 included in future releases ?

Dizfunctions says:

I think the nexus 4 will be included later.

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Prinny Mask says:

My Nexus 7 has mostly become just a giant MP3 player and browser, so as long as those capabilities still work fine, that's all I really need to work.

Meh, download not happening for me atm, anyone else having issues?

scratch that, finally got it to download on about the 12th attempt, must just be overrun right now

What have you done, Google? How can you possibly expect me to pass on breaking my phone with pre-release software?

tomh1979 says:

EXACTLY, downloading now for some fun.

Dperks17 says:


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Is it possible to flash it along side kit Kat stock with Multi Rom or something like that?


jeonyx89 says:

I've got it running on my Nexus 5 already. Yes sir, it is indeed f***ing amazing.

kbot1226 says:

No love for the 2012 Nexus 7? I guess this is a sign of impending obsolescence.

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thatguy97 says:

Ya but as I said on another article there is AWESOEM support for custom roms

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Midnitte says:

They did give a list of devices getting the preview, and said its not a guarantee that other devices would/wouldn't get it come release.

There's always XDA if it doesn't.

Stadifer says:

I would guess that will come when they release the N4 firmware. The 2012 version of the N7 isn't their most current platform so it probably isn't in the first wave anymore.

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NoNexus says:

Thanks again for beta testing Nexus users. All the other OEMs appreciate it.

That being said, I am glad I do not need my N7 anymore. Sooner or later I am going to have to put this on it...

Thirte3nt says:

You're welcome kiddo

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Melinium says:

I hope they add the Nexus7 2013 Mobile or any Nexus7 2012

descendency says:

If you've payed attention to Google's update pattern, the Nexus 7 (2012) is definitely a goner. The Nexus 4 should get this update, but may not.

Stadifer says:

I think the 2012 gets "L" but it doesn't get the preview version.

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DavieH1888 says:

I really shouldn't read this thread.... I love my 2013 nexus 7... I don't wanna break it but finding it hard to resist !!

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Stadifer says:

Doooooo it. I did, no problems at all.

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jeonyx89 says:

I've already installed it on my Nexus 5. Seems to be running just fine!

MojoVersion8 says:

lock screen widgets gone completely?

Did you look in Security settings?

MojoVersion8 says:

it an't there

Yeah, just saw that. Maybe it breaks something at the moment, and it'll be in the final release.
Overall..I'm liking this so far!

I am looking forward to a little android "L" for my note 3 whenever it may come i am especially looking forward the increase in battery life i find this to be perhaps the best new feature to come with the new software.

Stadifer says:

Downloaded and installed to my N7 WiFi edition. So far so good with the new firmware. Seems to be smoother overall and I like the new design cues.

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NickLippert says:

I might load it up on mine too. Don't use it much so a few bugs won't bother me.

Stadifer says:

I'm curious as to whether or not this will run on my S3 when CM12 drops. It would be nice but being stuck on 4.4.4 isn't so bad either.

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blocoholi666 says:

Will it wipe the phone?

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If you let it--which I highly suggest you do in this situation. If you're not able to backup everything on your device (games saves, etc) with *confidence*, I'd highly suggest that you consider waiting.

I've never done this before but I'm used to side loading updates. Is it this complicated to do and is it easily reversible? Can this also be used as a daily driver and cell signals work OK? Thanks guys :) I wanna play too hahaha

davidbonatz says:

Use NRT to flash the L. Just go to Wugs g+ page where he explains how it properly do it

davidbonatz says:

Do you guys know if there will be updated versions of L or will it be the same until fall?

GMC MaXx says:

I'm running Android Leinenkugel now! I assume this won't automatically update in the future.

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