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Here's a fun little time-waster that's floating around the Honeycomb apps list in the Android Market. Racing Moto is a very simple racing game. You've got a motorcycle and a need to go fast. Put a finger on the screen  and enable the boost feature, which makes you go really fast (relatively speaking) and ups the score multiplier. Avoid cars, avoid the walls.

So Racing Moto's not going to be one of those games you play hour after hour, day after day. But if you've got a few minutes and don't might the occasional sight of someone skidding across pavement, you could do worse, we suppose.

Racing Moto's free, with in-app advertising. Download links are after the break.

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Works great on EVO 3d

Thanks Phil, I'm going to go & download it now while I'm sitting here takin a... well umm, while I'm sitting here with not much else to do. Thanks again.


Looks like a pretty kick @ss game.

Kinda like my drive home from work every day.

Looks exactly like lane splitter on IOS. Fun simple game

There's a version of lane splitter for Android too:

Sounds like a ... clone?