Android DictionaryThere are a lot of terms and Android abbreviations out there -- so many that we don't blame if you you're sometimes left wondering what it is we're talking about.

From ADB to OTA, from SDK to .apk, from JIT to GSM to CDMA ... well, you see where we're going with this.

And so, we've worked up a handy little dictionary to help clear things up. It's all there at

And we're always adding to this thing. If you've got something you think we've left out and should be added, let us know in the forums here.

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Is that dictionary from macOS?! O_O

johnolesen says:

sir. i believe it is.

also. "Earth: Mostly harmless." CLASSIC. Hitchhikers Guide FTW!


Simer03 says:

why does it say "Apps2SD is an unapproved method"?? its in Froyo!

dwall021 says:

"apps2sd" is the root only method used before froyo that's why it is unapproved.

GC736 says:

Love the reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

ScotJeepBoy says:

Thanks for the Earth entry, and the Q entry. I will keep one or both in mind.

Bowens82 says:

Make it an app. Bookmarks are boring.

Thanks for the great resource. I know my readers and all android users will use it a lot.

JustMe'D says:

All phones *should* be described as high end, Mid range or Low end, made by____, available via what carrier and then display a brief list of specs, in my opinion.

BenL says:

That probably should be a separate document.

curlycuejess says:

The Droid is currently running 2.2, right?

love the Q LOL

tim6253 says:

Hmmm. The Eris is listed as the US version of the Hero. The Hero is listed as a phone released by Verizon as the Eris. Also known as the G2? Were you drinking while making this dictionary? Did we forget about the SPRINT HERO, released before the Eris? The Sprint Hero was the first US phone to offer Flash.

technique says:

Here's another good dictionary: It's not quite Android-specific, but has a lot of good information related to the mobile industry.

Also, @JustMe_D, if you haven't had a chance to check out, it has all the detailed product info you could ever want or need.

fathom614 says:

Now we need it to be an app so we can see this on our devices.

newboyx says:

+1 for out of the blue repost.