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Chitika Research has compiled some statistics that break down Android specific device traffic, and the Motorola Droid still comes out on top with 19 percent of the total.  The breakdown really isn't surprising, Verizon and Sprint hold the top two spots with the Sprint Evo 4G coming in right behind the Droid at 12 percent.  The Samsung Vibrant comes in at number five, with a five percent share as the first GSM device on the list.

We don't have a fancy pie chart to show it, but according to Chikita, 4G Android phones (The Evo 4G, The Epic 4G, the T-Mobile G2, and the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G) claim 16 percent of all Android traffic in their study.  Something tells me that number will be a bit different come Q2 2011, when Verizon gets into the mix. [Chitika Research]


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Android device traffic -- Moto Droid No.1 , 4G-enabled phones at 16%


HTC Ally? Really now?
Makes me happy to see it's even up there considering it's such a downplayed phone.

This cant be right, you mean to tell me that the Nexus One isn't even listed? So your telling me that the Ally has more users then N1 users?!?!?

You realize that there is 28% of "other", right? Nexus one probably doesn't account for more than 1%, maybe 2% of this so why give it it's own slice and clutter up the text.

I wasn't assuming that the Nexus wasn't in there somewhere, I was saying that the data must be wrong because the Nexus One accounts for more then the Ally or the Hero, I guarantee it.

Well ya, of course the OG droid is high up there. It was the first huge release verizon had in a long time and the phone isn't even two years old yet so most people aren't at the point where they can upgrade without paying an extravagant fee.

Woow EVO going strong comparing the time that the Droid been out it looks like the EVO is gonna take the # spot

Blueman: No way the n1 sold
more than the hero. The hero is available from a carrier, and sold very well. The n1 was only available online, and didn't sell so well. That's why it was cancelled