This week has been all about new phones, new services, and new rumors. CES 2011 has definitely put us in a whirlwind, there's no doubt about it. So, we thought we'd cool things down a bit and show you this kick-ass video of a four foot Android cooler being made. No seriously! It's a cooler to put your drinks in. And we gotta say, the end result is pretty awesome. Click on after the break to see how the cooler was made. Thanks Tony for sharing your project. [YouTube]


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Android cooler gets made -- we want one at our next party [video]


I would hate to see someone buy the original, start mass producing them cutting you out of the $$. project was good enough to warrant an atta boy from andy rubin.

"Fit a lot of, beverages" lol.

That is great, definitely need on of those for the super bowl part this year.