This week has been all about new phones, new services, and new rumors. CES 2011 has definitely put us in a whirlwind, there's no doubt about it. So, we thought we'd cool things down a bit and show you this kick-ass video of a four foot Android cooler being made. No seriously! It's a cooler to put your drinks in. And we gotta say, the end result is pretty awesome. Click on after the break to see how the cooler was made. Thanks Tony for sharing your project. [YouTube]

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ekt8750 says:

I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I want that.

LAZY#AC says:


haha it was just made for the fun of it, so why not? I'll put it on deBay sometime Monday.

canucknnv says:

I would hate to see someone buy the original, start mass producing them cutting you out of the $$. project was good enough to warrant an atta boy from andy rubin.

Its on eBay, It will be interesting to see what happens.

canucknnv says:

Fantastic job. Is it rooted yet?

n64kps says:

hahaha best comment of the day!!

onixblack says:

I agree with that comment

JoseN305 says:

Thats one way to overclock and keep it from overheating

murof says:

Very nice work!

mauvil says:

Now thats what I call dedication! Well Done!

fwdixon says:

"Fit a lot of, beverages" lol.

That is great, definitely need on of those for the super bowl part this year.

I want one! Nice job..

kevinp says:

Excellent job!

DriesDude says:

Let's hope it's well made or we might run into this sooner or later... :P

Sublym1 says:

What I wanna know is, does it have FROYO? Haha! Awesome job on the cooler!