The winner of this week's Android Central photo contest is August with his picture of a compact in a quiet street scene, taken with his Samsung Galaxy S II using Retro Camera .  This week's pictures were as amazing as last time around, and picking just one was no easy feat.  It's the kind of work we all enjoy though, so we love doing it.  Keep an eye on your e-mail August, I'll be contacting you about getting your battery shipped out.

With so many great pictures, even picking the 10 runners-up was difficult.  We finally settled on them, hit the break to have a look.  Don't forget, we're starting up a new round tomorrow, so keep an eye out.  

Brad Klisurich

Brad Klisurich, Verizon Galaxy Nexus

David Morales

David Morales, HTC EVO 4G

FC3 Kevin Stewart

FC3 Kevin Stewart, Samsung Galaxy S II

G. Kinchen

G. Kinchen, Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Jerron Jorgensen

Jerron Jorgensen, Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch and edited with Vignette

Jon G

Jon G, Motorola Droid

Manuel A.C.

Manuel A.C., Nexus One, using Vignette camera app

Mike Gauley

Mike Gauley, Samsung Nexus S 4G (look in the window!)

Scott Walker

Scott Walker, HTC Droid Incredible


Zense, HTC EVO 4G

There are 29 comments

joshua.worth says:

The Golf Cart should've won

briankurtz79 says:

9 outof 10 ofthose were better than the winner.

How do i get in on the next one?

ScottJ says:

Just make sure you take a mediocre shot. It will increase your chance of winning.

RiverDog says:

All excellent pics. I'm not sure how I missed this contest but I will definitely be entering the next one!

macprv says:

Hey! Thats my mini! =D

dynomike1 says:

Love the winner, aircraft carrier, and the golf cart. Great pics.

icemanhcj says:

My horse always preferred the penthouse over the third floor, but only if there is an elevator

rookie83 says:

Maybe the next contest the members should vote on a winner put all photos onto a web page so we can see all the entries then vote on a winning photo the most votes wins! just an idea for next contest. Cograts to winner and runner ups!

KahneFan says:

I'm with you on this. The winner is "OK", but not what I would have picked.

kendallc123 says:

I like that idea, except there's probably hundreds of pictures. Who knows? That might take a while to get all of the pictures up(:

The winning pic is nice but that aircraft carrier looks bad-ass!!!!!!

TekNiKal says:

I think the winner was a good choice. I also like the black and white pic. Hard to believe it was taken with a phone.

sveilien says:

I used Camera 360 for that. It was on a cloudy (and very cold) day which really made the lighting work.

magaro says:

how can i join the next week contest?

creabyn says:

Pls, How can i join the next week contest...

sloked says:

You will see. Just read the blog.

august_w says:

Thanks for picking my photo guys, very happy and honoured to have won! Can't please them all, but pleased me ;)

Obeg says:

I think the winner was the best so good choice there. A lot going on in the picture that is interesting to me. First the Stop sign is on the "wrong side of the road" from what I am used to here in the US. Also - the car is illegally parked which I find funny. The car itself is cool - like a Punch buggy but not quite. The yellow contrasting with the stone is awesome.

I also like the street scene with the horse in the 3rd floor. lol Those interest me because you just wonder .. WHAT?

Aircraft carrier is very cool too - bit cliche - but cool.

However - conversely - I don't get the car in the shop at all... Was there only 10 entries so that one got in by default? That picture has no interest to me at all other than trying to figure out why it was interesting to a judge in a photo contest! :)

I'm with you there. The car in the shop is just a bad photo. It's not even artistically taken, no special angle. Its presentations, is that of a slaughtered cow

icu says:

Definitely some cool pics. I like these contests as it gets me to go out and try to take pictures, but the competition is higher level than you'd (I'd) think.

I guess I didn't think to use filters and adjustments to enhance what I took. So to what extent can one tweak their photo? Is it only filters and enhancements available on Android apps? Is there any rules about what you can do in post-processing or does anything go as long as the original picture was taken on an Android? Just curious.

sveilien says:

I took the black and white one with the Camera 360 app (no other editing). I took many on the that day and was very surprised of the quality of the pics. But you also have to keep in many that since they are shown here at web resolution, that helps them look better. If they were shown at the full 5mp the imperfections would be more obvious.

The photo I took (the one of my penny loafers) was edited using a popular app in the Android Market called Vignette.

brainvision says:


really nice contest!!
the winner photo has been surely taken in Italy!! :D :D :D

I personally prefer the third and the sixth.. no competition, IMO.. ;)

august_w says:

Yup, taken in a tiny Tuscan village named Barberino Val d'Elsa.

sveilien says:

I made the top ten! Woo woo!!

Yay, I made the runner up! The contest details specified "anything you use to get you from point A to point B" so I figured shoes would be good enough! =)

Where is the new photo contest listed??

I agree with Jan, where is the new photo contest?

Gearu says:

Not to be a hardon but it's now the 4th whelp. I've not entered the contest before but I've been lurking the site for about 9 months and finally joined/was looking forward to entering the next one.

I have strange luck.