The final word from the folks who brought it all to you live

Grab a frosty beverage and see what the AC Live crew has to say about the inaugural Samsung Developer Conference.

We all had a lot of fun, learned a thing or two, and most importantly — got excited for all the great stuff software developers are going to be able to do with some of the most popular mobile hardware in the world.

Now it's time to rest, then get ready to do it all again next year!

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Android Central Live: It's a wrap!


Jerry, do you think, with all of the Samsung media purchasing apps preloaded, and a dev conference, and such a huge device line-up, that Samsung us preparing to "fork" (ominous music)?

I think so. I think very much so. As in, within the next 2 years.

Nope. They have no need to.

Google does the hard part for them, and allows them free-reign with the user experience. It's the best of both worlds for Samsung.

This whole dev con was to address user facing hardware features, and how they can be integrated into existing or new applications. Samsung wants you to use S Note, but if you want to use something else, they want that something else to be "better" with S pen support. It keeps customers coming back.

I was worried about Samsung forking out Android last year, but they were able to reach the top of the smartphone pyramid using Google to get there instead.

I hope so. Love my Note devices, and their media hub content is laughable.

I agree that Google does the hard work for them... but I cannot contemplate why Samsung (and others) then go through all of the trouble of even developing all of these duplicates (keyboard,media services, calendar,SMS, clock,cloud, and on and on) when it is (actual correct use of the word) LITERALLY a waste of time.

Here's hoping that, at least in this one respect, Samsung just keeps casting the widest net possible.

At least Kevin admits he stole a beer around 19:40-45 mark. That was the first thing I actually noticed when he entered the video, lol.

I switched from iphone4 to sansubg galaxy. I can send a text but thry r nit being received and im nit receiving them help

Posted via Android Central App

It actually has to do with your friends with iPhones. I had the same problem when i switched from iPhone to GS4. They need to ensure their settings enable to send as an SMS if iMessage not available.