Pre vs EVO

Android Central forum user doc31 was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the HTC EVO 4G.  There's answers to some of our questions, some pictures from the camera, oh, and did I mention a video showing it in action?  Check out the thread in the EVO forums here, and follow the break to see the video as well as some samples from the camera.

EVO Camera 1

EVO cam2

EVO cam3

Pre vs EVO 2


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Android Central forum member has an EVO for a day, and shoots us all a video


I said bye to the pre after owning it for 30 days. Screen size just was too small, and sprint's coverage in my area terrible.

But I still miss the interface even months after being on the Droid. If webos gets on bigger hardware and another carrier, you can keep android and apple.

Whatever happened to that contest Sprint had going on...they supposedly are giving away 10 EVOs to people and then they blog about them online? It seems that would be a great place to get more info before 6/4 hits. I'm pumped, coming from WebOS where it was VERY self explanatory on how to install patches, easy is it on Android? For instance if I wanted to get after the "Tethering" or "Make my device a hotspot" hacks?

Tethering and hotspot generation are built into the system. You just turn it on and setup the settings for security. No "hacks". Essentially you will be going from Win98se(WebOS) to Windows7(Android) in computing terms of how easy stuff is.

You've got to be kidding me... that's the most outlandish thing I've read this month.

Android has the best hardware backing it right now, and I'll be jumping on the EVO for the 4G service. But don't kid yourself - Android is leagues behind in terms of usability compared to WebOS.

The multi-tasking feels like a cruddy hack, and the fact that there are loads of task killer/management apps for Android speak to the fact that task management straight up SUCKS on Android. This is a real sore point for Android and it's not going to get any better for the foreseeable future.

Look, nobody can match the multitasking capability and pure elegance of WebOS, but that doesn't mean that Android's multitasking SUCKS!! Android can run far more apps simo than WebOS, it's just that the ability to access them intuitively is not there yet. Just because you are not royalty doesn't make you a peasant!

Having owned a pre... The multi-tasking on Android is better and more useful. No point in having multi-tasking if you aren't using it 100% of the time, but can call upon it as needed. Saves battery life (as proof in history of battery life on the Pre vs ANY ANDROID PHONE) and you don't get runaway processes that can't be killed without having to restart your phone.
The Android platform is plenty easy and not gimicky as WebOS gestures. Half of the time, the gestures don't register anyways (don't lie, you know you have to swipe more than once most of the time!).
Plus, the hardware has always been second to none. You see people still toting their G1's and they slider mechanism still works. I went through 5 pre's in just as many months and none had survived a week without oreo (some came with oreo effect built in).

You have got to be kidding. The task switcher on android SUCKS! The pre hardware may not have been great, but the OS is the best. Yes, I am now a fanboy.

With regards to the Pre's battery life, it comes with a 1150 mA battery, much smaller that most android 1500mA batteries. That makes a big difference in battery life. Not really apples to apples. Now the hardware issue is valid, although the Pre I had had no such issues.

The Evo is the only phone on the universe that I would give my Pre for. With that said, I just reserved mine at Radio Shack!!!

You two hit it right on. Love WebOS but it needs new hardware. Palm Phoenix anyone? HP needs to come out with a phone for Palm that will destroy the competition. Well, for now the EVO will be the phone I use. The EVO is a pretty amazing phone though so no complaints here. I think the EVO will be the new standard for features on the best smartphones. Frontfacing camera, HDMI out, at least a 4 inch screen, 4G capable, etc... WebOS still needs a lot of development especially in the app department. I have a rooted Pre and love it even more than before but it's still slow and small. EVO 4G FTW.

what is that music widget he has playing? it looks like the HTC one, but i guess the specific question is how is he getting the equalizer to show on the home screen like that?

I was Thinking the Same thing that Music Widget is really kool...

I haven't been on Android since the Day of the Cupcake and introduction of widgets on the home screen... the good ol' days

2.1 is going to be a dream compared to my BB

Its one of the live wall papers from android. I think its called spectrum ... my phone is in the living room and too lazy to walk there now :(

That wall paper, and a couple others that respond to music (including a VU meter) are also available on the Incredible, and I suspect the Droid. Any device with 2.1 live wallpapers.

Got the PRE at launch and i love the WEBOS on it but lets all face it... This EVO is top of the line and will be one of the best phones on the market..IPHONE out because this phone is making a statement!...

Yeah iPhone watch out, this phone is making a "statement" like every other Android phone in the last year has.....this is not an iPhone killer. (Would be in my world, but not in the real world ;))

No single phone will EVER be the Iphone killer. It's in a class of it's own, but the fact is we don't need an Iphone Killer phone, we have the Iphone killer OS. We don't have to settle for 1 hardware(Apples), we have our choice of many different shapes, sizes, screen types, OS(Customizations), as well as different flavors of OS(Stock Vanilla, HTC SenseUI, MotoBlur, etc.)

I mean, let's face it, We might not have the Iphone killer in the Mototrola Droid, the Nexus One, or event eh upcoming HTC EVO (w/ 4G), but Android is taking a big fat dump on the Iphone OS and I am loving it.


My only concern about the EVO is the lack of optical trackpad. The Pre has issues with moving the cursor to the end of a line of text that is close to the end of the screen. Can anyone confirm that this is not an issue with other Android devices?

Ah, great question. This version has a keyboard with arrows (both landscape and portrait) that allow you to navigate to where you want to go in text. I honestly don't use my trackball in my hero as the auto-correct is good (and I know that's non-existent on the pre).

I am also moving from sprint palm pre to EVO, because I like having the best phone on sprint, just so happens that the EVO will be the best phone on any network.

If he's in DG IL, I want him to drive around and tell me how good the 4G coverage is in the Chicago land area.

i have 4g card in Lombard, il works great! used it in Lombard, Darien, Willowbrook (spotty), Hinsdale (spotty) oakbrook, oakbrook terrace, Chicago (wrigleyville), Lemont, Oswego (spotty). just from my experiences with data. not voice! I as well think he should test it for us!

I'm in a Raleigh, NC and even though I can only get 2-3 bars of 4G where I live, I still get 3-5 Mbps downloads!

Maybe I'm old school but sense when did phone become cool when they are bigger than a check book? This thing is a MONSTER, why is that cool? Yes it has HDMI out, 2 cameras, a kick stand... but I tell you what, the most anoying thing I have seen so far, the OS wont go into landscape, what good is a kick stand if the only time you can use it is when watching movies or surfing lol, unless you want to turn your head 90 degrees so you can run the OS. All these Pre fans leaving Palm for this, I feel bad for them when they move from webOS to Andriod and multitasking turns into a chore! You have a phone that fits in your pocket to needing a fanny pack to carry around and then paying extra $10 even if you don't have 4G service. Can't wait until I see one out there, so my little 800MHz Pre beats the pants off this big, bad EVO.

I have to agree about the size thing. I am still running my old Palm Centro. I was planing on shifting to the Palm Pre, but after using my friends, I couldn't stand it. It felt so different then my old Palm that I felt betrayed. Loss of my home buttons, not to mention I was told that none of my old beloved apps would be supported. Once I saw the Evo I knew I wanted it. If I have to learn an entire new OS, I might as well pick one that, at least to me, looks better in every way.

I couldn't stand Palms old OS... Not sure what happen using your friends Pre, but it is as smooth as a babies bottom! Cards over widgets any day, most android phones that I've seen have 3 home screens, needs hacks to get 5 and 7 to puts your apps on the home screen. Pre you can just open as many cards as you want and leave them open, the only limit is memory. But either way, once I know someone with a EVO, I will have a little contest, something like taking a picture, uploading it to facebook, twitter, text and email, pulling something up on the internet and fowarding it... Something fun like that, I won't leave my Pre until a phone comes out that actually multitasks better than the Pre does! I'm not going to leave my Pre because this phone is HUGE, takes 720p video and has a kick stand. All phones will be taking HD videos now, sounds like phones will start having a forward facing camera, the OS is what makes a phone and webOS has it... Just you wait to see what HP funding has in store for new Palm hardware!

Clearly you never held a HD2 before. It's not that huge. Hell my step-mom is getting the HD2 and do to its slim build it feels nice in her hands (and in mine). Yes the Pre's multitasking is nice (I own a pre) but what the hell are you multitasking?

I find myself barley using multitasking because the apps are sub-par or my battery is dying.

Your statement "OS makes a phone" is only halfway right. WebOS is a great OS for someone whose main focus is multitasking but if your hardware sucks the phone sucks.

Honestly, Android is a superior OS. WebOS wins in the multitasking department, but Android does so much more. The little things we have to run preware for is already on Android devices.

Also I think you're really underestimating what the EVO can do. Video Chat, Voice and data at the same time, front facing camera, multimedia heaven, future proof with its high-end specs and 4G, great camera, and Android.

Really I think you downplay the Evo too much. The Pre is crap compared to it.

*The comment you just read is one persons opinion and keep in mine its just that*

I agree - having put the HD2 in my pocket, it's not that big at all. Those who want smaller phones are just old folks, luddites, minimalists, or ipad owners ;).

Those who want to rule their life from their phone need more POWER! That includes size.

In fact, I wonder if the Dell Streak, with 5 inches of pleasure, will not rule over the EVO! Probably not, since it's slated to have a 5MP camera, and perhaps even resistive instead of capacitive screen (though I may be mistaken).

I dunno about you, but for me, the EVO is still small, and definitely small enough to put in the pocket or on the hip.

This coming from a Pre user WOW! Apps, only 2K, you are right, subpar? I guess I'd like to know what makes a par app lol.

who needs multitaking? um Andriod is trying to promote multitaking, iPhone is moving to multi tasking.

Video chat yes all that is cool, not saying I do not want it... just saying all phones will go this route with 2 cameras, video chat and all that yes, but Pre is over a year old hardware wise, so yes it is out dated but to sit here and say that it sucks when 4 months after the Pre came out, the Droid comes out with the exact same processor as the Pre... Hmm ya really sorry hardware...

Hands down I bet that even with year old hardware, the Pre can out do the EVO in terms of a little multitasking contest wich I plan to do when I find a friend that gets an EVO.

Yes HD is great, 720p video is great, video calls is great, HDMI out is great yes it is all great! Every phone will be moving this way, Palm should have a new phone coming out this year, and I'm sure it will be doing all this and more!

SenseUI android phones have always had 7 home screens (running any version OS). 2.1+ phones have at least 5. Simple home replacements give you more (not much of a hack, more of a downloaded app). Please don't speak things you aren't positive about.
Pre smooth as a baby's bottom? huh? All 5 of mine ran like total garbage, which is exactly what the hardware on the outside matched.
BTW, any android phone can do what you had mentioned. ANY, including the G1. Plus, with the photobucket app, it uploads online automatically, you can tap to copy the link and longpress to paste it in any text field. I could do what you said for all of your social networking in under 1 minute. Guess what else android phones can do:
file transfer using bluetooth... yeah, no api in sight for that for WebOS
can record audio
can upload that audio
can compare that audio with a databases audio

A simple update can clear up the Pre running like garbage (or maybe not patch your phone), "Please don't speak things you aren't positive about!"

File transfer via BT, that is cool, webOS is so cool that can be an update away if they wanted (kinda like adding a video camera with editting) can you charge this without wires?

Pre has hardware issue huh? how about the G1 with their 3G issues, or the screen being so sorry that you can barly use it on a sunny day! I think there is a few other HTC phones that have this issue... Guess what, I can see just fine outside, I get 3G just fine sense day one! lol

Wow, that so cool you can record your voice and send it places... Can Andriod run Need for Speed, KO boxing, Assassin's Creed, etc.? Really?

how about updates, I know a momment when going to 2.1 (that took months to get) all data was erased, has to restore the contacts, and reinstall the apps just for an update not to mention you had to have a PC to update it... Hmm, webOS has always kept all my info during an update and always been OTA, no PC needed!

are you an idiot or just that damn slow?

i am a pre owner and will keep my pre and add the evo.
let us be honest here, as much as i luv my pre, when it takes 9 months to add something a simple and basic as video recorder, something is wrong! i know walmart phones that come with that. and if palm took the time to do things right, we wouldnt need a million updates to have basic features.
i have had my pre since day 1. and have had to have it replaced 7 times! i have had basic ota updates that erased everything in my phone and palms server erase over 300 contacts. and couldnt replace them. so now i back up everything with my gmail.
webos has something special going on no doubt, but for the fore-seeable future, android and htc have done the job and done it well. and im sure that the evo will play all the games and stuff that web os does. i left htc because of windows mobile, now that the have gone android im gonna see what the got. ive never liked slider phones cause theres the chance of somethign going wrong , so kudos to htc for doing things right.
and for the record even the pre dosent charge without wires, i have the touchstone and you still have to plug the touchstone in to the wall. and you need a special back to do that anyway. i still luv my pre but im going evo too.

now don't get me wrong, yes I am a webOS fan but the hardware on the EVO is outstanding! I'm not a huge fan of android is all... Man, webOS with this hardware... Everyone would be a webOS fan lol :)

I have the sprint hero but want the evo im jst gonna have to pay full price for this phone =(
Its still worth it..

I have the Incredible it is INCREDIBLE. As far as I can see the EVO has pretty much the same features except it is larger, has the HDMI, a kick stand (wow), front facing camera and that is about it. Wait 4G if you can get it on Sprint. I'll keep mine because the coverage is better on VZW and I have mine in my hand and don't have to wait until June. I came from two BBs to a Moto Droid and a Droid Incredible haven't missed the BBs and for all you Sprint fans you should love the EVO.

That's pretty much were I am. The lure of the larger screen is there, but the idea of carrying the EVO in my pocket is not appealing. There are definite advantages to the EVO, as you mentioned, but I'm happy with the Incredible. My wife might like the EVO because of the bigger screen, WiMax and HD video recording.

True, VZ has much better coverage. But the screen size difference is pretty dang nice, as is tethering and 4g if you get to use those things.

I think the incredible is not much more than a droid, sans keyboard. Each incremental step is not much, but if you skip a step (like Droid to EVO), it's worth it.

goodbye pre. The web os is good but needs improvement like keepong csrd on screen and keeping them there. But I have Evo on pre order and waiting for it to get to best buy. For those who lobe palm and need a Pre mine will be on Ebay June 5th.

I want evo so bad,hope santa comes in july for my bday.I'm ready to start hooking that bad boy up.

Awe, that little bitty Pre just looks so cute! Don't you just love little puppies and children when they are that small?

I feel like a pig. I've been lured to Android from my Pre by a pretty face, faster specs, a bigger screen, 4G connectivity and legit tethering.

So I guess I'm a pig playing in warm mud. LOL translation a happy piggy!

well palm i tryed to stick it out but you are super late!!!!!!! with hardware and app's!!!!! so EVO here i come cant freakin wait!!!!!!

p.s first comment on A.C BYE TO PRECENTRAL!!!!!!

Wow, everyones fleeing the Pre including me, so I pre-ordered my Evo from the Shack. I had my Pre since launch day and it worked without issue but I want a bigger screen and besides I get something new every year. With that said I have to say I can't wait to hear all the Evo whiners that will complain about any little thing thats not up to there expectations.

Yes I am a Pre owner since day one and will be leaving for the Evo. I wish Plam had at least left a phone somewhere for someone to pick up and then send int he Stormtroopers to recover it, LOL! Seriously. Plam, get your act together and I will see you when you release a new phone. I love WebOS but the Evo cant be denied in what it has. Im sure when the new Plam device comes out, I will switch again, Yeah its a habit and my wife can only contain it. She's getting an Evo too so she isnt complaining. Palm, see the competition and come strong. Hearing about WebOS 2.0 leaves me hope that you will be back, just make sure the hardware is up to par.

I love you palm but its time to move on. I'll see you again someday.....maybe. Pre-order receipt in hand and holding my breath for the next 17 days and a smidge.

Hello Android.. I'm new here.

I too have had my Pre since launch and am a bit frustrated by my GPS not always working and overall sluggishness...BUT, I will miss the multitasking. There are plenty of times when I do have more than one card open and I love switching back and forth. Can Android phones do anything similar to this at all? My mom has that Droid and I haven't found a way to do so...even Windows phones had that home screen where you can switch apps.

I'm 85% sure I will get EVO at launch...but not totally convinced.

What the F-Ck, If you got a pre and intend on keeping it, then why the fuck you fags on here, yes I aint felt that the pre was better then my treo 650. It was trash. Dont hate the Evo. It has hardware that not for a very long time Palm will have thanks to there --- bank account. Just cuz HP bailed there sorry ass's out don't mean they got money to bring out another phone with specs that come close to the Evo. I Love how you cry about not having great features like 720p vids, HDMI, 2 cameras, a true app store cuz the apps on pamls phones are trash and dont have any vaule to say there ok in any way. Multitasking is MAYBE the only thing that android might need to improve on but everything else just shits on palm products. And how FUCKING STUPID are you people? The extra $10 is to remove the 5gig cap a month so you can use the real unlimited data plan on both 3g and 4g. And any person with a Droid Incredable should feel like a coward to show that rip off of the evo phone around. It has same harward but alot better features. Simple and last time i check this past week that Sprint was # 2 behind Verizon for customer service and less droped calls. The time to hate on sprint and the Evo and now to a stop on June 4 cuz no phone besides the new iphone can even step foot in the same door. Droid incredable with 1 camera, and less features that cant keep up with the Evo or Iphone 4g. So get a life you fake ass fags and start to look at the future of phones and say thanks to sprint and the Evo for bringing whats the next note in the book for cell phones to come.

I don't understand why the inc doesn't record 720p, since it has the same hardware as the evo. If anyone can explain it that would be great. I'm gonna ditch it for the Evo for that reason.

the close-up shot is a bit blurry and the colors aren't that vivid.
but the phone is SUPER fast as you can see in the video :D
so excited about that phone have to have one
like especially that there are no keys on the front of the device, so its flat.