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Android Central at CES 2012: Day 2 roundup


So that's "it"? Most likely no more major announcements? Like ohbythewaysprintisgettingthegalaxynote? Probably going to jump on the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out for Sprint, but maybe between now and then they'll announce something. I know Sprint likes to make a lot of announcements outside of CES, like at CTIA and stuff. I just hope I haven't locked into the Nexus for two years by then. Really, really missing my annual upgrade. :(


I'm glad I took a look at the A510 hands on. I thought it was the Acer Tegra 3 that they announced was coming out in March, but I find out it's not.

Any word on when the A510 is supposed to be released? It looked pretty well finished and I actually like the look of the launcher that Acer put on it.

I'll say it again, aside from the Asus and Acer tablet announcements, CES 2012 has just seemed kind of "meh" to me.

While CES was drab for phones you gotta remember that it's about electronics in general. MWC and CTIA are where it's at for phones