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As we all know tons and tons and tons of Android devices are dropping all the time, and keeping up with the newest device on the market is enough to make anyone want to file bankruptcy. Comparing all the specs of the devices can be a daunting task, as it appears each time you are comfortable with a decision, something new is releasing, or being announced. So, where do you draw the line? What is the most important feature about a new device for you, is it screen size, resolution, processor, operating system, camera, or something else? Be sure to take a second out of your busy day, and let us know what is most important to you in your decision making process. 


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Android Central Asks: What feature are you looking for in your next device


I need a slider. My slider device will arrive by 3pm local time today. My NEXT device must be slider with 4G.

Other! ... Definitely looking forward to a phone with NFC. I think it would be very useful to me..... And I just like being on the cutting edge. Other than that all I really need is better battery life. If the GS2 doesn't have NFC on Sprint (I do expect it to) then ill just hold out for the next Nexus

Forget the phone, upgrade the SERVICE! Don't debut a 5-G phone until 5-G service is available for a majority of your customers! Quit charging for premium services when 90% of your market can't receive the premium service.

It would also be helpful if these phones could hold a cellular signal too... seeing as they're still (allegedly) cellular phones too.

Battery life has got to get better. That may come with better displays and less power-thirsty processors.

A freakin KEYBOARD! I am sick of poking at keys on my Droid X, I came from a BlackBerry and miss that keyboard. The Droid 3 has me thinkin, but that damn locked bootloader....bastards!

Have you tried the new Swype Beta? I have it on my DroidX and I am super fast. It is true, you can't text well while driving using an on-screen keyboard. But Swype Beta and Voice Actions can really help.

Kids : DON'T text & Drive , even if you can use Voice actions

you gotta be a good role model for the kids .... ;) lol

Texting and driving will be illegal here in Nevada Jan 1st 2012 as well as using a cell phone without a hands free. But they are going to start pulling folks over and giving warnings in Oct this year.

I can't choose just one of those options. I'm upgrading from the OG Droid some time mid-2012. My requirements: screen of at least 4 inches, quad core processor, front facing camera, 4g, at least 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and an unlocked bootloader. I'm going all out. Dream phone - please be ready for me next April. *crosses fingers*

Hear hear! I'm tired of my Droid constantly running out of RAM. I'm stuck on Froyo because CM7 randomly reboots daily because it runs out of memory. Even on CM6, the browser reloads the current page every time I switch from it and right back, things get kicked out of memory while using them, and sometimes (though not as often as CM7) my phone reboots because it's just sputtering for RAM. 1 GB of RAM is a must - hopefully it'll be a reality since phones have jumped up to 768 from 512 in the past year.

Funny thing is, I remember less than a decade ago I thought 1 GB of RAM was a lot for a desktop computer :-)

The way I use my phone is data intensive, it's more important to me to send and receive data quickly than to worry about computer speed. These new phones are already pretty capable in that department.
Wish the bionic was a slider, I'd sell a child for it. Haha

I basically want something like the Droid X, but with a faster processor, and front facing camera. Hopefully the Bionic will fit the bill. I actually really like my DROID X

Droid X WAS a great phone, and then along came Gingerbread to trash it. I was thinking of keeping my X until LTE was made available in my area (approx. 2012), but now?????

Unless this rumored upcoming upgrade fixes the phone, I have to move on in a few months.

Our x was the best phone 2010 and i feel the gingerbread issue its a minor error in my case the 3g, hours and date disappear but other than that it works good. We will have the latest ginger bread 2.3.4 dont worry it is a software problem not a hardware

Who did not like x 2010 :) I love my X now but i do not know why they did not put on droid x 2 front facing camara better lenz and a better screen

I'm just gonna wait for the next nexus.

My mytouch4g has been the most advanced phone on the market to ne simply due to it having 768 mb of ram. Yeah the UI ain't the greatest but that's what the lovely Devs are for.

4+ inch screen
1gb of ram
At least 2gb of internal space
FFC and NFC. I wanna utilize everything google plans to throw at us.

All the fancy features are great, but without a strong battery to power it all, it's all for nothing. I'm tired of having to turn off/down all the settings/features just to get a day's worth of use from my phones.

I second that! Definitely an extended battery life will allow us to take all advantage from a nirvana phone.

I picked other. I'm not looking for just one feature. It has to be a complete package. It doesn't have to have the highest mpx camera but the camera software should be good with a good lens and editing options. Screen at least 4.3 inches with a high resolution and good visibility in sunlight. Don't need a keyboard but the multitouch should work great and the screen has to be very responsive.

Coming from the OG Droid I really want a dual core processor and additional ROM space. Currently these are my two biggest complaints about the OG Droid, although the processor speed has been helped by OCing.

Battery life.

I can wait for 4G, honestly. It's not really a need, more like a want right now.

But honestly, give me a battery that last 2 days without the hassle of requiring an extended battery, battery watching apps, and other tripe. Don't make me buy it separately.

I'm starting to warm up to the idea of a 4+ inch screen too, but fix the battery thing first.

A screen size 4" or smaller on a phone with top of the line specs. I am sick of the best phones having tablet sizes screens.

With the state of technology why should I be satisfied with one spec? I want the hardware specs: Fast proc, lots of RAM, FFC, NFC, 4G LTE, large high-res good-looking display, good battery life, in an attractive and durable package. And an unlocked bootloader is a must.

/keeps dreaming...

This is basically my exact list also - but I would add to that: a manufacturer with a solid reputation for maintaining their hardware. This may be a moot point with Google trying to standardize how long manufacturers must update their phones, but it's still a pretty important point to me.

I currently have the EVO4G and I think the only thing I would change on it is more app storage space and maybe DLNA... Seriously, I know the phone is considered old by now, but I really don't see a significant enough difference between its performance and the EVO3D at this point.

I have a Droid X, and I want the following things:
1. Unlocked bootloader.
2. Front-Facing camera. How is it that many new phones STILL don't have this? (Admittedly, I don't know how often I would use it.)
3. Better battery life. My Droid loses battery life faster than I can eat Honey Nut Cheerios. Which is fast.

I don't care about megapixels, and I never have. A camera is for taking pictures, a phone is for making calls.

Well, the question is a bit too simple. I'd like to have a Nexus S with a smaller form factor, like the Defy.

All other issues that need attention are software: API, permission handling (please more fine grained, not mixing phone status with phone ID, for example), polishing UI and handling. There's still a lot to do!

You are so right I just posted that up on here I wish I mean I really wish they stop putting 15 to 20 apps on these phones.

If Nexus 3 is not made by HTC then it the Quadcore EVO for 2012. It must have 4.5 to 4.7 inch screen, 2.0 ffc, I could live with the 960by540 resolution, 2000 mil amp battery, 1.5 or 2.0 Ghz processor with 1.5 gb of ram, Gtalk video chat, Ice Cream Sandwich OS, NFC Capable, This is MY NEXT DREAM EVO FOR 2012

processor speed, memory, large display, camera, software are all well and good. but please give me a battery that can last the day. makes no sense to give me all these features and poor battery life so i can't enjoy it

- Unlocked / Unlockable boot loader (s-off)
- 4inch or larger screen
- Tegra 3, 1.5ghz or faster
- SD Card Slot
- Not manufactured by Motorola ;)
- Verizon 4G

- HDMI output
- AMOLED screen

I think manufacturers need to get back to making good phones...and I mean the actual phone, so many phones coming out now are focused on dual-core, pretty picture, HD this, HD that. But then the phone quality is garbage. These are still cell phones right?

Bigger and better is always nice but i know that it comes at a cost. i just want a phone with the current processors(powerful enough) with a battery that can handle current specs and a plan that does just data with real 3-4g(fiber optics network it there why aren't we using it)

A slide out keyboard combined with a nice display of 4+ inch and a dual core processor, thanks! ;) Oh, and a unlocked boot loader of course!

Other! I want a phone with a laptop dock (ala Moto Atrix), just not on AT&T. I'm really hoping the Sprint Photon supports laptop dock

Currently on Sprint with the EVO 4G

My next device from them MUST HAVE:

1. WORKING 4G - None of this "partial coverage in your area" nonsense
2. At least a dual-core processor
3. HTC device
4. 4.3 inch screen
5. Unlocked or easily unlockable bootloader (Hoping HTC keeps their promises)

Would like to have:

2. Stock Android (I can dream)

I voted others because I didn't the feature Im looking for
, but what im looking for in my next phone is :
- GSM (The most important thing)
- Huge Internal Storage 1GB+
- Good Build quality (Something can take a fall like the OG Droid\MileStone
- 3.7" or bigger screen (Once you go big , you can't go back)

Those are the "Deal Breakers" for me , but other than that I'll be looking for a combination of the rest

For me there's never ONE thing. That's a silly way to buy a multi-function object. It's a balancing act. I need a capable GPU/CPU for modern gaming, 4"+ screen size, battery that can last 6 hours under full load, unlockable bootloader, 4G, forward facing camera, and hopefully good accessories. Then you gotta find a way to get it out there for a good price. I know price always changes, which is why it's listed in a new sentence. Honestly, I'd say price is the most important factor to me. If you're trying to rip-off early adopters, I will not buy your device. I'll either wait or buy something comparable.

You find the right combination of technology and price, you'll get great reviews, and the masses will buy.

There is no one feature, it is the combination of features that count. The Droid 3 Global with a larger 4.3 inch screen and SDXC slot would have met all of my minimum requirements.

As many have said, there's no one feature I've seen that would make me buy a phone, but if I had to pick one feature it would have to be a physical keyboard, that's why I've been hanging onto my blackberry, no matter how much it irritates me, because any keyboard-toting phone in the UK always has something that sabotages it (usually being delayed or under-spec compared to the comparable touchscreen devices so the hardware is dated on release date).
What it will take for me to pick up a phone in the next few months would be a UK available 4+ inch slider with hardware that'll keep upto speed for at least a year into my contract. I can put up with a lot of other things (e.g. locked bootloader, bloatware, no notification LED, bad speakerphone and cameras) if they can deliver on these.
Right now I may be willing to jump if they actually release the Droid3 as the milestone 3 here soon, rather than waiting 6+ months like they did with the previous two.

I already bought my next device and I am not 100% happy I did. I am using a Captivate and with the GB leak I am very happy with the device not so much with the service.

The problem is I went and got a HC tablet. I was thinking that I could use it to read (for which it works exceptionally well) and as a multimedia entertainment device. Here is where it sucks hard. Games play reasonably well but even the Tegra2 struggles at times. HD Flash videos will play with a lot of compromises when it comes to picture quality, and forget trying to use anything high profile unless you want to watch a silent movie! I am hoping that 3.2 fixes some of the issues but expect that I will have to wait for ICS before any kind of respectable playback is available.

I am looking for a 4.3" non-Pentile Matrix screen, dual-core processor, 4G LTE, and a battery that will last me 6-8 hours with moderate use. qHD doesn't matter to me. Basically, if the Samsung Galaxy S II Function has LTE, that will be my perfect phone.

I wouldn't mind a slider, but the Photon won't have a slider. The killer feature for me is "World Phone" capability. CDMA + GSM. Any phone that doesn't have that won't even get my attention. So, I'm looking at the Photon, unless the ICS phone comes to Sprint with World Phone capability.

No touch screen wonkiness. Both Atrix and n1 have it. So does my NC. And what's this love fest for qhd? My sisters galaxys4g smokes my Atrix screen hands down.

i admit to being a size queen- internal sd size that is. i want large capacity phones, the bigger the better. camera quality doesn't really matter to me, nor does a large display, but i got spoiled with the vibrant. if it doesn't have at least 16 gb internal storage, i'm not looking at it.

so as nice as the g2x looks with all of its nice features, i'm not interested because of its small internal memory.

WHAT I REALLY WANT.... is Blue Tooth Range.... I had the good fortune of buying an D2G back in January... the bad fortune of getting a unit that would not update... so I traded it in... got approval to swap it out for an X2.... only days after the Hulu and Netflix download became available on my D2G--I loved it for the moment..... literally two days.. .before I received my X2.... so now.. no Hulu yet.... and what I really discovered is I DO MISS the SLIDER... and MORE SO... the Blue Tooth on the D2G. Apparently it is set to EURO standards not US.. and the signal strength is boosted.... what a diff... NOT having it has... with the X2.. I might as well be tethered to the phone... with D2G I could be a good 30 yards away in a structure with concrete/steel partition walls..and still be connected... put a sheet of dry wall between me and the X2... and the BT does the disconnect- connect dance... over and over again. I look up and see Dark_Blu's post... yup... that "world phone" capability is the trick. I have to agree.

I sort of think that for the average person, flashiness is the most important quality, more than any of the functionality. Which, of course, isn't to say that functionality isn't important.

For me personally, it's hard to say what specific feature is most important to me. Processor is important, naturally, but my Galaxy Tab keeps up fine. Rendering some desktop webpages could be a little smoother, but on the other hand that's why they are called DESKTOP webpages. I feel like there needs to be something that differentiates the device from the pack. In this case, I have a 7" tablet which there are only a handful of, compared to 10" ones. I love the screen size, so I will probably stick with it in the future.

If I had to change devices right now, I would go with the HTC Evo View. It's faster, and looks to have a solid build from when I played with it at Best Buy. So in the end, out of the available options I think processor is probably my most important feature. Newer generation processors tend to use less power, and I'm rarely away from a charger for extended periods of time.

An unlocked bootloader.

I'm at a point were I won't even consider a phone that hasn't been rooted. I'd give preferential consideration to phones that didn't NEED an exploit to let me remove bloatware and run custom roms.

my ideal device would be:
3.8 inch qhd screen. (my hands aren't that big).
potrait qwerty slider.
a really good 5 or 8 mpx camera.
lots of ram rom and internal storage plus sd.
at least 1800mAh of battery.
and pure android!

I'm itching to get a phone with NFC. That's the current feature with the most promise for widespread acceptance I think. It's not a deal breaker if the rest of the features aren't up to par, but I'm hoping to get it with my next device. If the Bionic has NFC, then that's a win since that's what my eyes are set on for now.

I want a Verizon phone with a stable Cyanogen ROM. All other things are negotiable, but I miss my sliding keyboard. Crack the Droid 3 and put CM7 on it. I'll be there.

Want: a slider w/4" screen; 4G/LTE (hurry up Sprint); dual cameras; dual, fast processors; 1GB+ internal memory; removable bloatware; and an all-day battery. Let's go HTC! Prove that you're truly the best! Are you listening, Sprint?

other: I want a faster camera and a better sensor. i use my phone for pics everyday and hate taking an extra camera but even at 8 megapix the sensor is crap in the og EVO. Yes, i get some good pix but lets get some real sensors in these things!

I love my Nexus One but the new larger screen phones have me drooling and I'm tired of juggling apps to fit. Here is what it will take for me to jump, in order of importance:

* Built by HTC or Motorola or LG, in that order of preference;
* T-mobile or Sprint network compatible;
* No physical keyboard (thin form factor);
* Unlocked bootloader;
* Android 2.3 or 3.x (vanilla or I will root);
* 4.3" to 4.5" screen w/thin bezzle;
* 2 or 4 core cpu;
* 960x540 or better resolution;
* 1GB+ RAM, 8GB+ internal storage, and sd card slot;
* 4G (WiMax, LTE, or HSPA+) capable;
* Better main camera (better lens, not more megapixels) + flash
* Front-facing video camera;
* DLNA capable or HDMI-out;
* Tiny multi-color LED for notifications (low importance);
* Speakers on front or sides instead of back (won't hold breath)

I think you nailed it. I have an EVO 4G and the one thing I need most is more internal storage for apps. But the rest of your spec's look great.

I like the speakers in the front I wish I would have put that on my post. My wife has the arrive windows phone and it has the speakers in the front. Its nice.

Alright button pushers who keep crying about the battery; listen up. If you keep pushing for a battery and don't vote for a screen, your next phone (if they pay attention to this survey) will be a 1" black and white screen with a battery that lasts 3 days. Stop it!

That's a bit over the top. However, I've been with Android from 1.5 to 2.3.4 and the higher that number gets, the less impressed I am. So the main thing for me to look forward to is a battery that last 30ish hours. I have my 4.3" screen which I consider a perfect size, I have my launcher tricked out the way I like it. I have my apps, my ROMs, my phone. Now I just want it to last longer.

I currently have the EVO 4G. This is my dream phone for 2012:

- 4.3-4.5(not narrow) in screen without making the phone too huge
- QHD or better resolution
- 2-4 core cpu
- 1+ GB ram
- 4G WiMax/LTE
- front facing camera
- 12+ megapixel cam on back
- kickstand!!!!!
- Ice cream sandwich
- the ability to switch from sense ui/stock
- better battery life

-4" screen. 4.3 is too big for me, but I'll probably take it as it seems all high end phones will have them.
-dual, preferably quad core
-Good camera with accurate colors, decent dynamic range, and low noise(more MP means nothing with small sensors and can actually make images look worse).
-good battery life
-netflix compatible
-1GB+ ram
-qhd screen minimum that is NOT pentile
-unlocked bootloader
-icecream sandwich
-thin and light

-HDMI mirroring
-superamoled+ dislapy without the blue color cast

-Mobile DTV tuner
-raw format photo capture

My dream list? Hmmm....

1. HTC, HTC, HTC. Can't live without Sense
2. At least 1GB RAM or higher
3. At least dual core
4. 4.3" or bigger screen
5. LTE capable
6. At least 1GB on board storage. I don't mind storing apps on SD Card
7. At least 16GB SD card with phone
8. Ice Cream Sandwich OS and promise to upgrade for at least 12 months
9. Front facing Camera with Skype Capability
10. NFC capability
11. Inductive charging-miss this so much from my Pre

I am sure I could go on, but this is what comes to my sleep addled brain at the moment

Really? An iPod just for FaceTime? How about you tell your friends to get a real video chat program and you spend that $200 for the iPod on a nice Android phone?

You could get the Droid Incredible 2, Droid Charge, Droid 3, or any of the other high end phones Verizon will be releasing soon (Droid Bionic, Samsung Galaxy S2)? Plus I didn't even mention all the other great options from the other carriers. Or you could spend an extra $200 to FaceTime and carry two devices around everywhere.

I've had my current iPod for about 5 years so it's time for a new one.
The $280 I'd spend on the iPod wouldn't even touch a new phone. I bought my Droid X in October, I'm not even near my upgrade eligibility with Verizon.

I currently carry around two devices now so it's no big deal. =]

Definitely dual processor. I'm about 8 months away, kind of hoping the next Nexus will be out on Sprint by then. I'd prefer pure Android, but if a Sense phone came out with great battery life, that might make me change my mind.

I would buy this device about 3.5 seconds after I heard that it launched. Being grandfathered into unlimited data, oh yes!

I can't imagine anything better than my Evo 3D, except maybe including NFC? So really what I'd like to see is service that was less expensive.

What I would really like:
Basically, the G1 form factor, with an updated processor/ram/storage/OS (unskinned ICS? yes plz) an maybe a larger screen 4"+?

I also really like my Droid 2 keyboard, but I CAN'T live with the locked bootloader, so I've been using my OG Droid running CM7 because, well, it may have a couple bugs and be super slow, but it's SO MUCH nicer than having motobloat on it.

1. HTC Nexus or HTC with Sense 3.x
2. 5 row QWERTY slider with tilt/kickstand
3. 4G/LTE capable
4. Way more on-board storage than the HTC Aria.
5. Ice Cream Sandwich, or at least Gingerbread
6. Front facing camera
7. NFC capability
8. Inductive charging - why don't most (high-end) phones have this, but my old electric toothbrush does?

I had to vote battery life. I can't complain too much about the battery life on my current Atrix. It generally stays charged fine through a normal day of use. And to be honest, faster processor speed, a better camera function and NFC capability would be great improvements, but before there are any other improvements to function, I think it needs better battery life to support improvements in function. I say improve the battery life and then think about adding other stuff.

My Next device must have a Slider. I need a QWERTY slider.

Also NFC will be great addon. Loved how NOKIA have implemented NFC in NOKIA N9 for speakers and headphones apart from the usual wireless payment technologies.

Processor and battery life are both important to me equally. i would love to not worry about battery life. but i dont want it sluggish either. So I would choose both. But for those who are putting insane maditory specs for their next device im hoping you just got a new device because a device that will have a 1.5 dual core, 1900 mahz battery, 4g, nfc, qhd screen, netflix,......and it goes on and on. To get all these in one phone you will have to wait 5 years before you will see one that has all the latest specs and features. To you i say good luck and i hope you like your current phone :)

I think I'm with the rest of these commenters. There are A LOT of things I really want in a future phone. I'm pretty much ALWAYS going to be disappointed.

-5 row QWERTY with dedicated numbers, and proper symbol layout
-Dual core proc
-Good screen (4"+ either SAMOLED+ or qHD)
-USB Host
-HDMI out
-Good cameras (maybe put in a xenon flash like Nokia)
-REALLY want more phones with biometric security. My OLD iPaq used to rock a finger print scanner. It was great.
-Decent battery life (I know it wont be great with all that other stuff)

A true business work horse... I'll probably never get that phone... Sigh...

What a freaky list of choices. "Camera MP"?? Who gives a F about how many MP it is, it is the QUALITY of the camera- the lens size, the sensor size, the shutter speed, etc, that matter.

How about storage size? Memory size? Ports? Weight? Graphics speed? KB or no? Voice quality? Speaker quality? Unlocked?

After overclocking my Captivate to 1.4ghz the other day, I realized that even a single core with a decent clock speed bump was performing so fast, I couldn't imagine the phone being any faster. I'm sure in reality it could infact go faster, but to me the speed was more than enough. So for my next phone, I don't really care about having a quad core processor or what not. Give me a decent low power dual core with a good GPU and 1GB of ram, and that should be more than fast enough for my needs.

What I do want is better battery life. The OEM that can give me a 4.0-4.3" qHD display with the above mentioned specs and a battery that can last me through the day will win my upgrade dollars. Idc about camera specs or any of that nonsense, i want a phone that performs well and gives me useable battery life. 4G isn't too high on my list, I'd much prefer to have a "slower" 4G connection with better coverage over something like LTE. If ATT can give me a solid 4-5mbp/s over HSPA+, but cover almost everywhere where 3G is currently deployed, I'd take that service over a lightning fast, hit or miss LTE network.

So priorities-

1-Ability to get through a full days use on a single charge
2-Good enough specs and optimized experience to give me silky smooth phone usage, idc about whether its running a modest dual core or a damn i7 2600k, just make it smooth and quick
3-Great coverage with a 4G network
4-4G network speeds

In that order

I really would like to be able to control what app is playing music or podcasts. Sometimes I have two different apps playing different audio at the same time. When connected to Sync in my Lincoln this is a real pain. The goal of Sync is to control the phone from the car and not have to pick up the phone while driving to shut down an errant app.

Coming from a Nexus One, I'm pretty happy with my device minus a few minor things. Also having a Google device taught me the value of having updates that don't have to go through the manufacturer, carrier, the new guy at the carrier store and my neighbor's dog to get approved.

So for me I chose other, because my number one feature is that it be a Google device. A lot of people said different things that buying a Google device would take care of. Fast updates, newest features, Vanilla Android, no laggy or battery intensive skins, and an unlocked bootloader are just some of the perks. Other than that, in order of importance my other must haves would be:

1. minumum 1 Gb internal storage (not every app can be moved to the SD and I'm tired of being a storage Nazi)
3. Tolerable battery life (you hear me HTC?)
4. SD card support (Samsung, what were you thinking when you made the Nexus S?)
3. 4 inch screen or larger

Other perks that would be nice but are not deal breakers are a dual core processor, FFC, NFC and HDMI/DLNA mirroring. When the carriers have a reliable data footprint and fix the battery issues, I'll worry about 4G.

Id like to go back to a slider. After bionic I want a thin slider with 4.3 screen, lte, hdmi out, quad-core processor, maybe 3d, 4 gb or more ram with 2- 32gb sd card slots and a 3500mah battery. That's years from now :)

My next phone has to have a dual core 1.5 ghz or better. I would like a 1gb of ram and dual memory slots. 4.3 inch screen or more. 1800mah battery or more. STOCK VANILLA ANDROID!!!!!!! come on nexus 3 lets see what you got!

You forgot NFC.
That's what will determine my next phone (along with a good combination of other features ofc.)

To make it simple, basically a Sensation with the camera hardware and software of the MyTouch 4G Slide. I was so close to getting the Sensation, but was slightly turned off by the pictures the phone took on sub-par lighting. I'm glad an Android phone is gunna finally have a wide-aperture lens. I'm currently using the original MyTouch 3G (yeah, I know) and just qualified for my full upgrade about a week ago. I'm gunna be out of town a lot over the next few months and would love to have a badass device to keep me company. I just don't know how long it'll take for a phone described above to come out on T-mobile.

I want inductive charging (something like the Palm Touchstone) - I just switched from a Pre to an EVO 3D and that is is the feature I miss the most.

We basically have all that stuff already. What we REALLY need more than anything is STABILITY!! Programs and phones that work...and work, and work, and keep working! I'm sick of my apps and phone crashing and lagging and force closing. I hear iPhones don't have that issue near as much. What's the deal?!

after having the Dell Streak, i don't want to go back to anything less than 5". Maybe a few 4.5"+, but have to be bigger than standard 4.3" screen.

I would like the new high end devices to have a good battery life and i want them to have a nice HD definition display 720 at least or 1080 pm like most tv have. As long as processor i feel the speed its super good with a dual core running lte since i am a verizon customer :) I rather have more memory on the high end devices such as bionic and dinara unless you can use the whole 1g of ram when the phone its not on the dock

Boost mobile needs help really bad with Cameras. They suck with that and please stop putting 15 to 30 apps on phones. We don't even use 90% of the ones they put on the phone. Everyone does not like the same apps so please don't use that line.

I selected other. By other, I mean I wish Android would allow selection of permissions. There is too much adware, which isn't too bad. I mean the bills have to get paid, but there IS lots of spyware as well in the form of permissions that have NOTHING to do with that app's application. Reading phone identity, location, contact data, camera control. Be user aware.

I have the original Incredible with the 3.7 screen. I love this screen size. I wish this phone had everything. It would be perfection if it had voice and data at the same time like the Thunderbolt does.
I really want that feature and will get the TB because of it.

Considering I just bought my Motorola Droid Bionic, my next phone's specs are a bit higher than the average.

1. Quad Core 2.0 Ghz
- or higher
2. 2-4 GB of RAM
- Yeah I guess I'm looking for some raw computing power. I think my Droid Bionic is already more powerful than my brother's computer. :P
3. USB 3.0 Compatibility
4. NFC
- With the launch of Google Wallet and the continued development of ISIS, I really want to see our phones taking advantage of NFC technology) but it should still have LTE/CDMA/WiFi/Bluetooth as well.
5. 4.5" Display (max 5")
- I know some people are saying these bigger screens aren't for them, but honestly what good are all the bells and whistles if the screen through which you view them is so small? And 4.3 still fits in my pockets EEEEASILY.
6. Cameras: At the very least, 8 MP camera on the back. 2 MP camera on the front.

Plus: Stock Android Phone (No rooting required), Inductive Charging, QWERTY Keyboard as long as the phone maintains long battery life and a slim design, Onboard SSD with storage in the triple digits of Gigabytes (I can dream), Super AMOLED display.

With all that said, I pretty much plan on keeping my sweet sweet sweet Motorola Droid Bionic for quite some time.

User swappable battery is key. I can carry 2 extra batteries without noticing them in my pocket. My wish list is:

QWERTY (4 or 5 row)
WXGA (1280x800) Multitouch
OMAP4/Snapdragon S3 or better
Removable Battery
> 2GB On Board
uSD (32GB)
6 d.f. Accel/Gyro
12 MPix Camera
Quadband GSM
Pentaband UMTS
b/g/n WiFi
BlueTooth 4.0 With A2DP
>4 Home Screens

+1 For needing a well rounded package. All of the above mentioed (including service), plus...

Am I the only one that uses my phone as their primary media player? I do.

As such, I could certainly welcome lots more user memory. Video and high res audio use space quickly.

Battery life. Er, a screen that looks great in the sun. Hmm, what else, ICS (not really a "feature"). Did I mention battery life? :)