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We're back at it this week with the latest on the Android 5.1.1 rollouts, more details on Google's Project Fi, continued thoughts on the LG G4, and we'll answer more of your questions live on air!

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Android Central 235: Android Central RAW!


What happened to the video? I need to see which shade of red Jerry's shirt is this week.

Posted via the Android Central App

Truth be told, Microsoft did NOT say they would be putting Continuum on SD810 powered devices.
They said Continuum would need new hardware...but for all you know, they could be talking about Intel-core based phones.

Also, Windows Phone is expected to LOOK like Windows 10. And they're calling Windows Phone 10, "Windows 10". But we all know that it won't be real Windows 10. It will be Windows Phone 10. If you go from that mindset, you understand Continuum ins't THAT far-fetched of an idea.

But as I said on the podcast, you don't just need something a little faster than Snapdragon 810, you need something like 3-4x the power. And even once the hardware is there, the experience of how you transition between the two and how it'll all work isn't yet proven.

We're a long way off before this kinda thing can potentially work.

Because you're assuming it's full Windows 10 that'll be on the phones. It's not. Continuum is meant to be kinda like the Asus Padfone as far as I understood it. But because it runs Windows, you get the Office apps etc. I never heard Microsoft say you'd be able to run Win32 programs on the phones nor with Continuum.

But let's wait and see. If someone told to you about holographic projections a year ago, you would say "we're still a long way from there". And then they presented HoloLens.

I'm giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt on this one. It will still not change adoption of WP anyway but I think they'll be able to pull the tech off.

Posted via the Android Central App

That's exactly how I see it too. It's more like a lightweight 'desktop' layout of Windows Phone, which runs 'responsive' style apps (like web pages).
I figure if the app runs fine on Windows Phone, then it runs fine on Continuum.

Tonight on Missed Opportunities

"Android Central: Friday Night RAW!"

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Re: getting RAW images to dropbox, try out FolderSync (I use the lite edition) -- you can have complete control of what files get uploaded to dropbox, and where to put them in dropbox.

Andrew, the biggest problem with the back buttons is that you've got on screen buttons. So LG's phone at 5.5" has the same usable screen size as the GS6. I will happily take Samsung's buttons always, as you truly get full usage of your screen and a perfect biometric sensor on the GS6.

Posted via Gold 64GB Galaxy S6

I think the privacy concerns with Truecaller are due to the crowd-sourced nature of the database. As part of the terms of service, you agree to upload your contact names, numbers, and email addresses from your phone, Facebook, or whatever else you link. Many folks won't mind but it definitely doesn't enhance your privacy, which is the marketing angle that Cyanogen has been trying to target.

I am listening to this podcast right now and I got to the Truecaller portion of the discussion. The privacy issue that is occurring is that anyone who signs up for this service sends all their contact data (all the people in the contacts application including pictures, data, notes everything) to this third party regardless as to if you or I (who don't use the service) want that.

It is not someone else's position to send MY data to someone else.

You guys forgot about the GPU advantage the 810 has over the 808 especially at QHD in the LG G4.

If you care about gaming the G4 is a bit held back.