Talon Hard Shell Case for the Droid X

So you want a case for the Droid X, but not something that's going to add any bulk or weight. This is a big phone, after all. The Talon hard-shell case for the Droid X may be just what you're looking for. 

The case is a basic two-piece design. There's a small ring that fits on the front of the phone, and a more substantial piece for the back and the sides. There are cutouts for the microUSB and HDMI ports, two on the back for the speakerphone and noise-canceling microphone, and you have full access to the power and volume buttons, and the physical buttons on the front of the phone.

There's no real screen protection here other than with the extra spacing you get from the case, but that's enough to keep it and the camera lens from getting scratched if left face-down on a table or desk, and the hard plastic shell leaves little doubt that the phone should be protected from a short fall.

Best part? That you get plenty of protection with minimal bulk. After a few minutes, you barely notice that the case is on. It fits like a glove and is easily installed, but it doesn't feel like it could come apart without warning, which is important, too. The Talon hard-shell case for the Droid X comes in three colors and is available now in the Android Central Store for $14.95. More pictures after the break.

Droid X Talon Hard Shell CaseDroid X Talon Hard Shell Case

Droid X Talon Hard Shell CaseDroid X Talon Hard Shell Case

Droid X Talon Hard Shell CaseDroid X Talon Hard Shell Case

Droid X Talon Hard Shell Case


Reader comments

Android case review: Talon Hard Shell for the Droid X


It really is a great fit, and you truly don't realize you have a case on after a couple of minutes. When others look at my phone, they are surprised that I have a case on. I bought this same case on eBay, only difference was that I only paid $5 with free shipping.

I bought this from Android Central. And it's a fine case until you try to remove it from the phone, the plastic clips just snap and you can't put it back on snugly. Otherwise, I really liked it . . . you know except for that whole breaking thing.

This looks just like the Rocketfish case. Good design but bad build quality. I returned my RF case because I noticed it started creaking and chipping off little by little over time. That case definitely wasn't worth $25. I wouldn't even pay $15 for it after returning it twice.

Yep - looks exactly like my Rocketfish. I've had it for over a month and like it's tight fit. I did have trouble getting the bottom clip (near the microphone) to stay closed, but once I bent the tab a bit it has stayed snug.

I also bought this case on Ebay for like $4. I LOVE it! I have droped it numerous times, my wife has even thrown it at me a couple times in a fit or rage a couple times and the case still looks brand new.