The Moto G Google Play edition is being graced with an update to Android 4.4.4. The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and the LG G Pad also got 4.4.4 updates recently, while the rollout for Nexus device started a bit earlier. The Moto G's previous update, 4.4.3, was released earlier this month.

If you're not getting an immediate prompt to update the software on your device, hit up the link below. You can dig into a technical changelog here, but don't expect anything too exciting. This update is mostly for security and bug fixes.

Source: XDA


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Android 4.4.4 rolling out to Moto G Google Play edition


This is the Google play edition sold on Google play store, so yeah not the LTE new one.

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It's neither, it's for the Google Play edition only, which is different from the regular unlocked model. However, you could flash the firmware of the GPe version to the unlocked version (not LTE version).

I did a wrong thing by selecting motorola.they r only telling not releasing updates world wide they r concerned abt only U.S

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Really? This is the Google play edition only available in US. Relax the other versions will get updates soon, lot faster than any other OEM.

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It's a the GPE G, the "normal" one will get it soon too, and please show me another "low end" device that's getting updated to 4.4.4, or even getting updated for that matter! :-|

Error in the article- it lists the Xperia Z1 compact as recieving it's update earlier this month, instead of the Z Ultra.

But this is a discussion on GPE devices. The Z Ultra is for sale in the Play Store, the Z1 Compact is not

I keep reading all this 4.4.4 news and was feeling slighted. I forgot I already had the update.

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When will Moto G indian version will recieve the update ?

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Still waiting for the 4.4.3 update on a unlocked ATT Moto X.

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Moto stopped all the 4.4.3 updates and is just jumping everyone to 4.4.4, they just have to go through all the testing BS.

Did anyone else with the Moto G GPE never receive the 4.4.3 update? I never did, despite checking for updates on an almost daily basis. I was just about to complain to Google when I saw that 4.4.4 should now be available.

I have the 1028 Verizon motor g. The Motorola site says only GSM. Version is available not for cdma g is not qualified

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