ASUS PadFone2

ASUS today announced that's it's preparing an Android 4.4 KitKat update for a number of its devices. They include:

  • All PadFone 2 models (by the end of the second quarter)
  • PadFone Infinity (in Asia and Russia by end of Q2).
  • PadFone A80 (in Europe by end of Q2).
  • And new PadFone Infinity models (sometime in Q3).

ASUS also will update the devices to the latest version of its ZenUI.

Source: ASUS; Thanks, James, for the tip!

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Too bad there's no mention of the TF701T. The 300 and 700 were really good about timely updates. The 701, not so much so far...

I agree. I have a tf700 and it has not seen an update in a while. At first it was good with updates.

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dyinman says:

Most importantly, the older Asus devices (701T, 300, 700) would greatly benefit from an update to even 4.3, because of the TRIM support.

arterio says:

The TF701T is already on 4.3. There's also a Cyanogenmod port for the TF701T that gives it 4.4.2.

LeroyRJR says:

All good things take time, but I am sure people will complain that it wasn't fast enough, never fast enough

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Deegan says:

My 300 needs an update to make me want to use it again. I've never had something I was so disappointed in after only a year of owning it. I'll never buy Asus again.

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TSkizzle says:

Guess ASUS has officially dropped support for the Transformer Prime.

harle83 says:

TF 701T????????Just came to US shore's in November, 4.3 is all we get? ASUS YOU SUCK! I have owned every tablet but the Prime. This is ridiculous.............

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bertoid says:

To their credit, Asus is really good about unlocking the bootloaders, thereby allowing one to upgrade to a custom 4.4-based ROM (e.g., OmniROM, which I've been using for a few weeks on my TF300T to great success). Sure, you might not get all the bloatware with a custom ROM, and you might have a lot more control over the device, but it's a small price to pay.

It would had helped if they had my correct imei on the database in order to unlock there bootloader, asus unlock process sucks, needs Internet and if you rma the device you can't unlock, if you want to see good unlock check out the new Xperia series, Sony opensourced everything

jedi105 says:

The problem with flashing Roms is the fact that many of them dont have 100% functionality or are not as stable as they could be. The fact is, the Transformer Prime is still a very capable and powerful tablet and it is totally unacceptable that ASUS has dropped it from its update schedule.

8\26\13 was the last update on the Asus tf700f, mine is the 64gb model $700.00us . Now Asus can bet their last dollar that when I upgrade this tablet IT WILL NOT BE WITH ANOTHER UNSUPPORTED ASUS TABLET! This is the only way company's like Asus are gonna get the point, by not giving them repeat business, there is no reason in hell to be 8 months out with out an update to the latest o\s.