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Google's big tablet gets the same update Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus users started receiving yesterday

Not to be left out of the OTA update party, the Nexus 10 is also receiving the small incremental Android 4.3 update that was tipped by T-Mobile for the Nexus 4 and later confirmed for the Galaxy Nexus. Screenshots of the update from folks who have contacts us (found after the break) show the latest build carries the same JWR66Y build number and of course keep the tablet at Android 4.3.

The update is reported to be a simple set of security fixes, with no user-facing changes that we can tell. It seems a handful of users with Nexus 10's are seeing the update hit their tablet in our forums as well, so be sure to chime in there if you've found the update.

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Thanks, Mike!

Nexus 10 JWR66Y OTA


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Android 4.3 JWR66Y rolling out to Nexus 10, too


It was weird, on my n4 the update to 4.3 I was at the tail end of the list it seemed. Then for this small security patch I got it right after I had heard about it. Not sure if their is any rhyme or reason for the timing.

Got it on my n4 still says 4.3 but the version has updated. :-)

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This update screwed up my wifi. I have the same problems with it that I had with the 4.2 software. It won't connect to my school's WPA encrypted wifi. Before this security update (but still 4.3) it connected and worked fine with no problems. But now, it won't connect for anything.

We have WPA2 Enterprise w/EAP/TLS and everything seems to work fine. Try deleting your school WiFi profile and any associated certs and start over from scratch.

Mine as well, though the changelog it showed was the original one for the 4.3 update, which of course I already had. Strange...

Stock, unrooted btw

No custom rom. just unlocked and rooted and the update botched my n10. im at work can't do anything about it till i get home :/. anyone else unlocked and rooted get the no command boot? was a sad day. I just went back to completely stock.

On a side note Samsung has fixed the font issue to anyone that was using Photoshop.

That's sad.
After the 4.3 upgrade I struggled to get the root access back since I am not very hands on yet with all things root.
Can you advise if it has anything important that should make me apply the changes since I see from your response that I should expect to loose root access one again?

If not is there a way to dismiss the notification? Is showing up in my notification panel and doesn't disappear on swipe..