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Android 4.3 has only just been announced, but Google has already published the Android 4.3 factory images (build JWR66V)  for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (Wifi and 3G), Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus (yakju and takju variants).

These are images that allow you to directly update (and wipe) your device, installing the new OS from scratch. So if you don't want to wait for the OTA on your Nexus, you can now go the manual route. Download link's below — enjoy!

Download: Nexus factory images for Android 4.3


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Android 4.3 factory images for Nexus 4, 7, 10, Galaxy Nexus now live


I truly hate Verizon and wish I could be convinced to let go of my Unlimited Family Data Plan. Will the VZW Moto X have the same delayed updates because it is on VZW? Does the VZW iPhone os have to wait to get updated as well compared to its GSM counterparts?

iPhone doesn't push out updates for months after they are announced and at that point it has been approved for all devices. They announced iOS7 a month ago and it will not roll out for a few more months.

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It's relevant since he answered the gentleman's question accurately.

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I actually lol'd at this. I guess his brain automatically assumes every comment with the word iPhone on it to be irrelephant here at AC.

While Verizon's additional software testing and requirements can be frutrating (although they do eliminate the buggy software period some phones experience) this is not a Verizon issue. Only Nexus unlocked devices and select Galaxy Nexus models are recieving the updates as of now.

this is factory image used to bring back the nexus device to like it was when you bought it but with 4.3

wait for ota on your device.

Installed it on my Nexus 4 (rooted) by downloading the binary and flashing from zip with Clockworkmod. Honestly I haven't noticed significant difereneces in daily use from 4.2.x

The basic instructions are here in the forums. Search for "[GUIDE] Nexus 7 - Factory Image Restore"

I just followed them and they worked fine.

Can I install this on my UK nexus 7 plus do I need to unroot first?

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What does that mean that it "WIPES" the device? Is there an option just to update or do we need to wait for it to be pushed to us?

Wipes means it erases everything. Just like it was when u got it. If you don't want to wipe it then wait for the ota

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You can update with the factory images. followed by fastboot update on the zip image. That's basically what an OTA does.

You lose root.. The new OS has some nice protection in it to avoid exploits but that means just dropping an su binary in ain't gonna work any more - chainfire has a version of supersu that works but I'm holding off on that until it's perfected (it randomly eats CPU apparently).

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hopefully this fixes the Nexus 7 lag issues that have been the bane of the device for me and others (but strangely not a co-worker of mine)

That's a Tegra 3 GPU issue. The same problem is on my Transformer Prime, but not my Nexus 4 or even the Galaxy Nexus.

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You only notice it when you're used to the smoothness of the N4.

Must be the lack of RAM. 1 Gb RAM really makes a big difference.

If you can't wait, you can download the factory image and sideload, or if you have the patience, wait for the OTA.

I really hope they did too. However, for me the reboot was only caused when using Chrome. I switched to another browser and have not had a problem since. Hope they fix it tho, if not, try another browser

Really depends. If you are stock and have not frozen any system apps with Titanium backup then you should be able to get the ota. If you changed ANYTHING beyond root then you should do the factory image.

I truly hate Verizon and wish I could be convinced to let go of my Unlimited Family Data Plan. Will the VZW Moto X have the same delayed updates because it is on VZW? Does the VZW iPhone os have to wait to get updated as well compared to its GSM counterparts?

As long as the X is released on multiple networks, it's a near certainty that the updates will be greatly delayed from Verizon.

As to the VZW iPhone, I believe (could be wrong) that it does in fact update at the same time as other networks.

This is why I'm going to T-Mo as soon as I can.

iOS updates occur on all networks at the same time without intervention from wireless providers. Back to the topic on hand...

lol, you gonna wake up soon from that dream?

iOS goes through the same vetting process as the rest of them.

Apple just does it backwards. None of the other carriers can release the update until Verizon is ready.

Do you really believe that none of the carriers have approved builds of iOS 7 yet?

I hope this fixes the issues with Chrome causing kernel crashes on my N10. Stupid question since this is my first nexus device; if I download the factory image and load that onto my N10, I assume, just like flashing a rom that it was delete everything. Is that correct?

Is the OTA update controlled by region? I live in Peru where the Nexus 4 is not even available yet. Does this affect the update system?

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So flashed it via toolkit, soft bricked it for a bit but finally got it on.. Rocking 4.3 finally lol... Seems much faster but could be due to fresh install.

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No new wallpapers at all, thought the new n7 2 wallpapers would have been on it.

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I used the nexus root toolkit, just make sure you have bootloader unlocked 1st before flashing

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i have a nexus root toolkit and bootloader unlocked but when i flash stop on bootloader and nothing happens... could you help ?

Guys just got the notification for update on my N4. Asked for reboot and install. After rebooting phone entered into twrp bootloader. I didnt know what to do just rebooted. Now it says phone upto date as version is 4.2.2. Any ideas?

I see a zip file in the cache folder. Is it the downloaded update? should i install it? The file name is,