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Frequent firmware leaker SamMobile has just released what it believes is a build of the Android 4.2.1 update for the international (i9300) Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3). What we're looking at here is someone testing the new firmware -- Android 4.2.1 JOP40D -- that has chosen to give a system dump for others to try. It looks like many of the new features such as lockscreen widgets and Daydream are included, but this is certainly not final firmware.

SamMobile has re-packaged this firmware into an ODIN Flashable file that other users with the device can try out if they wish. There are of course risks involved, above and beyond the binary counter being increased and the device reporting as "modified" when running the firmware. If you're interested, you can give it a look at the source link below.

Source: SamMobile


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Android 4.2.1 update for international Galaxy S3 leaks


Now if someone would only tell me a link to teach me how to root my phone and install this I would be doing great

Yeah I tried that and read a lot on here and Xda but still can't seem to find a good straight forward how to. Used to jailbreaking ios that was straight forward need a little help figuring android out still as far as rooting goes

Google Search "wugs galaxy nexus tool kit" by far my favorite expecially since I'm not very proficient with terminal and ADB. Plus it's as easy as pushing some buttons. I used It flash root and unroot my phone like 5 * already but I must say I always come back to stock because it feels much secure and battery life last longer. also you can back up most on unencrypted apps + data by enabling USB debugging before even rooting your phone or unlocking the bootloader.

There was some kind of a security patch for 4.1.2. I don't what it is except few of my friends go it too. It is a minor update.

My Galaxy Nexus is 4.1.2 because the carrier Optus Singtel is getting in the way, my Nexus 7 is at 4.2.2, yes I know I could unlock it and load some rom. But I'm only a dip elect comp tech with a speciality in network admin, so like most folks it's a bit of a pain, I'd rather do something simple like load SharePoint Server 2013. I think there'll be some kind of Nexus UD (ultra definition,) in mid May at Google I/O; if full HD (1k) at 5", then UD (4k) =10". Making all the UD movie content available, chips are ready (T4, Snpdrgn 800, Exynos 5 octo,) as said above, screen resolution / pixels per surface area are ready, add a dash of Key Lime Pie and out of the oven it comes. After all Nexus 10 is 2.6k, at dual Exynos 5.

That a good news for Galaxy S3 users. They can upgrade to the latest version. At very first time galaxy s3 came with icecream version that was upgradable to jellybean. If I compare Android OS with iOS6, there are certain features that are good in android and few are good in iOS 6, so its depend on users choice what all features they want. This is a good upgrade !