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Good news for those of you waiting patiently on Android 4.2 for the 'yakju' variant international GSM Galaxy Nexus. We're seeing reports from Android Central Forums members that the OTA update has begun pushing out to those devices. Should you not wish to wait though, or just want a fresh start, the factory 4.2 image for the device has also been posted. 

This only applies to 'yakju' Galaxy Nexus owners at this time, which means people in places like Hong Kong and the UK should be seeing OTA notifications very soon. 'Takju' Galaxy Nexus owners had their updates push last week, and at this time there's still no sign of an update for the Verizon or Sprint versions of the Galaxy Nexus. 

And, because we're so good to you, we've got your download links below for both the factory images and the update package. For a run through of how to update your Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.2 manually be sure to check out our guide linked below. 

How to manually update your Nexus to the latest Android Version

Download: Android 4.2 update, Factory Image

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Android 4.2 OTA update and factory image live for 'yakju' Galaxy Nexus


Just downloaded the update I noticed when your are scrolling through the apps there is a slight lag when you get to the widget icons. Anyone having the same issue?. I like the update to the clock.

Nope, and it won't work on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus either, lol, see what i did there, but anyways i feel your pain, i have the Sprint version so i know it's going to be a bit for me as well.

Checked for updates, nothing. Then force stopped and cleared data in Google Services Framework once and the OTA came through. This method has always worked for me. Update is downloading now. Yakju Gnex on 4.1.2.

Thanks for that tip, been waiting for the OTA for a while now on my phone and after doing that it started downloading it right away.

I remember when I switched to Android. Any complaints were met with "get a Nexus". I got a nexus as soon as it was released on VZW.

Feeling real good about switching to Android now. What's the point of the Nexus?

Well you're still getting updates most likely faster than any other phones besides the GSM versions of the Galaxy Nexus. It's just Verizon and Sprint are not as flexible with pushing the updates. They require testing.

I'm really hoping Verizon and Sprint are not wasting time on 4.1.2 and go straight to the 4.2.* upgrade.

Look at that, when it's custom you call it ROM when it's factory then you call a image :p Make up your mind guys. Personally i think it should be called ROM image ;p

Every ROM developer I know calls their creations a 'ROM'. On XDA, the standard is to use the prefix '[ROM]' in thread titles for ROMs. A ROM can contain code for any number of partitions, but commonly just /system and /boot.

Google calls theirs factory images. They are full images for bootloader, radio, /system, /boot and /recovery (and sometimes others). They will restore your phone to stock, hence it's a (full) phone image. They are also an image in the sense that they are full copies of the relevant partitions whereas ROMs are a collection of files that are copied into existing partitions (slight difference but can be important because ROM developers may - rarely - choose not to format the partitions first). A ROM will not normally overwrite bootloader, radio and /recovery (although they can depending on the developer and phone model).

It's perfectly reasonable to use the two different terms.

yeah, just received it here in India after clearing data in Google services framework app and force stopping it :)

thanks for the tip BeefSlagerwurst

Got it. Great, aside of the new cool features there were flaws (so far):
1. Recent app scrolling lag, do you guys have this?
2. Sometimes apps with long name/title half-ed in app drawer.
3. Of course, contact calendar December bug.

It seems like developers went a bit too rush on Jelly Bean development. I guess.

I've tried the method and for some reason i always get "device not found" after I input the adb sideload command line.
I've installed the USB driver as well. Can someone help?

Beware of this update!
Can't make outgoing calls on my Galaxy Nexus since 4.2!
Every outgoing call ends after 0 seconds.
Everything was fine with previous versions...