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International S3 gets full-screen multi-tasking and a slew of other features in latest firmware; Poland first in line for update

It's early December, and as rumored, the Android 4.1.2 update has started rolling out on international Galaxy S3 phones (HSPA+ version, GT-i9300), starting with devices in Poland. But there's more to this update than the minor change in OS version would indicate. As was also rumored, the new update adds the "multi-view" multitasking feature previously seen on the Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10.1. Multi-view allows you to hold down the back key to bring up a multi-tasking menu, then partition your screen in two in order to run two apps on-screen at the same time.

Also new is "page buddy," which adds additional context-sensitive home screen pages that activate when you've got headphones connected, or if you're roaming overseas. There's also a redesigned gallery app -- again, from the Note 2 -- and a customizable notification panel. The Paper Artist app from the Galaxy Note 2 is included too, in addition to Group Cast for media sharing.

Smart rotation from the Galaxy Note 2 has also made it across, and the Samsung keyboard has been upgraded too. We can't yet confirm whether it's the same SwiftKey-based keyboard that's found on the Note 2, but given that just about every other Note 2 feature is present and accounted for, it's pretty likely that's exactly what it is.

So there's a lot of new stuff for Galaxy S3 owners to get stuck into. Kudos to Samsung for porting these new features back to the S3. SamMobile has a direct download for the Polish version of this update already; other territories should start to get this update over-the-air and through Kies in the coming days and weeks.

If you're curious about multi-view, we've embedded our quick video walkthrough on the Note 2 after the break.

Source: SamMobile

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Rancid88 says:

oh man and on att we just got 4.1.....oh well

mssca says:

That was the exact same thing I was thinking. Hopefully service providers will push this faster than 4.1 since it is similar to JB.

XChrisX says:

While I agree, I'm happy that we at least finally got 4.1.1 No complaints here.

Incubus123 says:

Thanks for the heads up !

ungibbed says:

Hope the US carrier models see this update soon. Just hope that full device search is kept in the mix via Google Now.

JonJJon says:

I like the 4.1.1 update aside from the slight glitch on the expandable notifcations and what seems to be a slightly less stable camera. Hopefully, in addition to these nice added-functionality features, the 4.1.2 update improves the camera and the bug in the notification pane.

..... and hey why not, hopefully even more stability and performance and features come along in the 4.2.1 update ;-P

mmark27 says:

The camera stability is killing me in 4.1.1 I really love the Low Light Sensor mode, but it crashes out the camera at all the wrong times.

milesmcever says:

I want chrome on my multi-tasking menu... good though hopefully it comes to the US soon I know many people that are ready for a S3 update.

Chocu1a says:

....AND Verizon users in the states still wait for the first JellyBean 4.1.1 update....
"tapping fingers on table impatiently"

Thank Zombie Jesus for rom developers.

zombie_Jesus says:

You're quite welcome.

StuartV says:

"the "multi-view" multitasking feature that originally made its debut on the Galaxy Note 2"

Perhaps you meant "the "multi-view" multitasking feature that originally made its debut on the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet"?

Alex Dobie says:

Thanks, updated with a Note 10.1 reference :)

FWIW the implementation on the Note 10.1 is a quite bit different to what the Note 2 has. The multi-view on the GS3 is pretty much a straight port of the feature from the Note 2.

flyguydip says:

And this is why I'm leaving verizon when my contract is up... those clowns just earned another face-palm.

kb2755 says:

Is "Page Buddy" not in the 4.1.1 update? I got my official update on Monday with Virgin Mobile Canada and I have it included.

Settings > Display > Page buddy

sunlifexxx says:

Verizon , can you hear me now?

cbn4forums says:

Just got the 4.1.1 on AT&T via Samsung Kies yesterday, I guess it will be another 3 months before we can get this. I might just go back to CM10 when they finish merging 4.2 into their build.

ybcthanerd says:

Im ready for an apk flash

ItsaRaid says:

Any input as to when us AT&T customers will see the upgrade? Also there is a huge delay when making a phone call and getting a "Ring" on the call made. Are you aware of this.
Keep up the great work

Marmykos says:

If you would like to see how the new features look like, I recommend visiting the folowing blog. It is the description of todays OTA 4.1.2 update with screens taken from the phone:

mandyDETH says:

The irony is I have the Note 2, and I still don't have some of these features on TMO.

wilfreb says:

TouchWiz is unbeatable! Kudos to Samsung, now I will wait for the update on my international factory unlocked GS3 haha haha, don't worry USA you will get your update as soon as the carriers want.

hotkoko says:

Come on VZW.... What gives??? All other versions are gettimg JB sooner

MrLadoodle says:

Of course the international version is going to get updates quicker.

Sprint version would probably get it first

TheKat says:

I really hope the media scanner bug gets fixed fast, but it's been around for at least 2 releases now. :(

lorenzosjb says:

Android Revolution HD 17.0 is the best rom with all Samsung's apps and gui.

skylarmom says:

I my samsung galaxy s3 just went through an software update and now on the background of my text messages there are symbols that look like a picture symbol with a + sign. What is this and how does it work and how can i change it? Ive tried everthing!

magilla1314 says:

I had the same problem after I installed the update this morning. Go to you your main text messaging screen. Touch the lower left button to access the settings feature. This will take you to the display area of text messages. Click on background style and here you will see the background color options. Once you see the color you want hit save and you should be good to go.

I got the 4.2 jellybean on my att galaxy s3 AOKP ROM! Was tired of waiting and waiting