This is not Android 4.0.5 running on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus

There are a bunch of Nexus phones out there awaiting Ice Cream Sandwich updates. We certainly haven't forgotten about you Nexus S 4G folks, even if there's not a whole lot we can do about it, but the subject of today's rumor mill is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. According to everyone's favorite mobile Panda (aka @black_man_x, whom you might spot in our forums or in the podcast chat from time to time), next up for the VGNex is Android 4.0.5. The more astute among you may note that that's a tick higher than the Android 4.0.4 update that we saw leaked but not actually released for the NS4G. 

Before anyone's panties get even more bunched over the prospect of Verizon's Galaxy Nexus getting an incremental build while Sprint Nexus S 4G owners are left waiting ever longer, you've got to remember this (even if it doesn't make that pill go down any easier: While both devices are of the Nexus family, they're not the same phone, and not on the same track. That's just the way it is. You'll recall how Android 2.4 once appeared on some HTC phones a year or so ago -- and that's the only place we ever really saw it, as rumors of it on Viewsonic and Sony devices both fell short.

(Though all things being equal, we're positive Google's doing all it can to get ICS out to the Nexus S 4G. At least it better be doing all it can. Otherwise, we'll, we'll ... Start a petition!) 

The other thing here is that while the prospect of Android 4.0.5 is interesting, it doesn't really tell us anything. Not without a changelog, anyway. (Though BMX does say it apparently fixes audio and data issues.) An incremental tick is just that at this point -- a number. And as we pointed out above, it's not unheard of to see things jump around a little bit.

That said, it's not like we're going to turn down an update on any Nexus. Bring it on, Google!

Source: @black_man_x


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Android 4.0.5 rumored to be next for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, said to have audio, data fixes


When will the GSM Galaxy Nexus actually get a update? There are plenty of bugs that need to be fixed. And I'm waiting for Google to actually do so. Maybe they need better engineers because Google doesn't actually support much phones directly. However it often seems like they can't handle those few phones.

A while ago, French carrier SFR announced a 4.0.5 update for both the (GSM) Galaxy Nexus and the (European) Nexus S scheduled for March. They recently said the update was delayed. Both times, when asked where the info came from (it's a bit weird that they are the only ones reporting it) they said it came straight from Google.

So I think Google will try to update all their phones (except the N1 obviously) to 4.0.5. And if I had to guess a date, I'd say about when the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is released.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner here. Stayed stock with ICS. I will admit it's nice to not always have to be so busy with my phone flashing roms... But since I didn't root and ROM, I am currently running 4.0.2. Sorry Nexus S owners...Hope you get yours soon!

Honestly speaking, I do NOT care

I as a regular user wants to know about the updates when they are pushed OTA

I am Not sume tech nerdy so please android central, please google, start focusing on us the users not on the developers because if you lose us, you lose the developers

I'm having a hard time believing this, based on Google and Verizon's performance with ICS over the past several months. So, my BS meter is alarming like crazy.

2 weeks ago I stuck my Galaxy Nexus in a drawer and have been using my backup iPhone 4. I'll check the GN on 3/31 and see if it updates, if not I'm getting rid of it.

My bs meter is alarming like crazy too. If you are serious, put it in the drawer until 4/30. It said month of April, not March.

If they finally fix the widespread data signal loss issue (no, not the less bars non-issue), I'll lay rubber getting down to the local Verizon store and get another one.

Grabbed one about two months ago....LOVED LOVED LOVED far, the best phone I'd ever had....until I started noticing that the data connection kept dropping and reconnecting, effectively killing my battery. Battery life is better on my Thunderbolt (which I went back to when I returned the GNex).

Everyone is complaining about updates but I'm sure Google and the carriers are working hard to get the updates out.

I am so hoping that 4.0.5 will fix the random wifi mac id issue that precludes the use of mac id filtering on routers. For my money there is nothing else wrong with my Gnex.

I'll tell you one thing, Google/Samsung has soured A LOT of Canadian Android users with their Nexus line of phones. Both the AT&T and T-Mobile US versions of the Nexus S were sold here, and NEITHER of them received the update to ICS.

All Canadian Galaxy Nexus' are also still stuck on 4.0.1, which includes a very serious roaming issue on two of our networks (data doesn't shut off when roaming) causing massive roaming bills. An update to 4.0.2 was finally pushed out recently, but it broke NFC and was pulled, so our phones are now either still on 4.0.1, or a broken 4.0.2.

I don't know if this is a problem with Google or Samsung, but I have a handful of friends and family who will NOT be repeat customers. Google needs to take this market seriously and not act like they are throwing us a bone because Android is free and open source.

Verizon Gnex user here using stock 4.0.2 -- actually with no problems. The fact that it may be going to 4.0.5 is good, but if it were going to 4.1.0 then my eyes would open wider. 4.0.5 probably means they are fixing the problems reported with the Verizon Gnex, and that there will not be any significant enhancements.

The Verizon Gnex and the GSM Gnex are slightly different hardware because of radios, but they may be different enough so that the software needs to be very different. This may mean that both of the phones will end up NEVER being at the same .X level at the same time, so it is possible that the Gnex will be 4.0.5 and the GSM will get 4.0.7 still not a biggie.

No one knows for sure but I don’t think you can use the exact same software programs and run both phones. You probably cannot run a Nexus S 4G with the same build either because of different hardware.

In the end the 4.0.X level doesn't matter..What matters is that the phone is working the best it can whether it is CDMA, GSM or whatever carrier/network protocol.

Lastly this is still in rumor stage. Perhaps all Gnex will be updated within the same time frame.

In general you are correct, but there have been a number of rumors (all originating from different sources) that point to both the GSM and CDMA/LTE versions on 4.0.5 "soon" ("soon" = "within a few weeks").

There are some big issues that are being addressed in this 4.0.X update too. Some users lose cell data, some lose cell voice (out), and others have issues with audio, wifi, screen quality (though that may be a screen problem), etc.

A lot of that is rumored to be fixed.

yeah, and this is why i think Google really needs to just have one Nexus model with one radio (GSM)...
it's kind of apparent that verizon nexus thing has been a minor success because of the horrible launch by Verizon and now Google probably lagging and being slow at updating both cdma and gsm GNexes at the same time...
Nexus is supposed to be a reference phone. and i believe the GSM version should be the real Nexus. i really hope next time Google doesn't make a CDMA nexus and just have one awesome global version so they can focus more and have the best software in a timely manner.

no more slow updates like Nexus S... that's been a nightmare.

I can't wait to have the issue of "wifi going to sleep when the screen turns off" fixed. This is a major deal to anyone who streams radio. All else is great with my Gnex.

I was told by a Verizon rep that this update will fix the TERRIBLY ANNOYING audio issue that I and some others are having. At around the 8 minute mark of a phone call, my voice drops out. The other person can't hear me even though I can hear them fine. I don't usually talk that long so it doesn't affect me too much. However, a bug with something so basic as a voice call is pretty annoying.

File this under I'll believe it when I see it. The source's credibility took a serious hit during the Nexus launch, IMHO

I don't mind waiting for small updates, I'm just surprised they've let the landscape keyboard bug live this long.