Remember those supposed Android 3.0 details that dropped earlier this week, courtesy of oft-accurate Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin's Digestiv podcast, as translated by Unwired View's Staska? Well, a few things have happened since then. Start with Android's Dan Morrill taking a swipe at UV's original piece, saying on Twitter "I love it when people just make stuff up and report it as news." He later couched things a tad more, saying "In summary, please remember that rumors are not official announcements. ;)."

Now we have Unwired View saying that it erred some in its translation of the Russian podcast, on top of Murtazin clarifying some of what he'd said, including that the supposed "minimum specs" for the next version of Android are actually recommended specs.

We'll just say this about all that: Rumors are fun, and are a part of the game. But as Morrill reminds everybody, rumors aren't fact. Just because somebody heard something from somebody else doesn't make it true. But good on people for trying to make it right after the fact, we guess.

Yes, Google's working on the next version of Android. And it likely will leave behind some of the lower-end hardware out there. And it likely will have a better UI. And it'll be a big deal, and we'll all cover it. In the meantime, a little patience wouldn't kill anybody.

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harle83 says:

Seriously??? Give me some Froyo Love before I even worry about what's next. Let's turn the rumormill on 3.0 off til we've all figured out and enjoyed 2.2 for a while!

Love my Droid will lust over the X till september. Droid Does!!!!!!

th0r615 says:

I already have Froyo... needz gingerbread newz

hey phil, sorry to be a bother but do you know anything about the nexus one actually being placed inside tmobile stores anytime soon?

likwidsoul says:

I don't know about T-Mobile but I was playing with one in a Cincinnati bell store last week.

dmiller0212 says:

I just wanna kno if the EVO is getting android 3.

bridic says:

You want to know about 3.0 and you haven't even gotten 2.2 yet?? Wow!

Blah says:

I doubt it. Most current phones probably won't get 3.0. Many phones just get one update and that's it. Newer 4G phones are coming to Sprint and they will shortly be the pick of the litter.

We can hope though. Maybe the EVO and Incredible will get 3.0, but I suspect neither will.

solomonrule says:

i hear a lot of people saying that evo hasn't gotten 2.2 yet, and i dont understand, because, i am a sprint employee and i know for a fact that evo's got an early upgrade to 2.2 software.... p.s. i know its kinda late to comment on this post but i am researching gingerbread

jaybalagna says:

Did you get this from the writing clip I just sent you?

likwidsoul says:

If gingerbread is mainly going to be a ui overhaul then I can't really see it needing too much more processing power. I could be wrong though. I know that my Droid with froyo on it runs a lot smother than my wife's without it.

icebike says:

No one asks how it is some russian blogger sitting in his underwear in his soviet era cinderblock flat 12,000 miles from Google headquarters would have a lead on this story before others?

I know its a digital world and we are internet-close to everywhere, but this strains credibility. Even with source code in hand he would not be able to make that pronouncement. Look what the Dalvik rewrite produced.

Asterisk says:

You're such a dumb mofo. Murtazin probably has more connections in phone world then anyone else on the planet.

Simer03 says:

i have Froyo, have eaten it hungry for Gingerbread now!! mmmmmmm! i can smell it!

MissMe says:

I'm glad that Android is constantly being updated and all. But I hate that it's made people so dang impatient! LOL Love my Droid. Looking forward to the Froyo update. Will be keeping my droid for a WHILE. I'd rather wait for a thorough update release.

MRomero222 says:

I still haven't received my OTA update to 2.2 in California. I ran the checkin (*#*#2432546#*#*) and nothing. I'm going to update manually!

finanandroid says:

Bring guys Froyo to HTC phones and then we can talk for whatever is next ...actually Froyo is only in nexus be real

JeffDenver says:

So the Droid may get 3.0 after all. Assuming Gingerbread is even 3.0...2.2 just came out and now we're getting 3.0 in 3 months? Yeah right.

stalker says:

waiting for gingerbread update for my N1.

wrecklass says:

Wait, what? One of the rumor pushing sites telling people not to get worked up over rumors. My head may explode. Can't wait for all of the other sites to start quoting the earth shattering news that rumors are not news. Or is it that news is not rumors?

Yea my head hurts.