Samsung Galaxy SII

If you are a Samsung Galaxy SII owner, good news comes your way today in the form of a nice OS leak to give you something new to play around with. Some lucky folks have been given the files for Android 2.3.4 for the Samsung Galaxy SII, and they have released not only the ODIN flashable file, but also a deodexed version that can be flashed through CWM. The ROM will flash without wiping your data, which is always a huge plus as you won't need to set everything up again, and for full flashing instructions be sure to check out this thread.

Source: XDA

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Niceeeee. If this comes to Sprint with 2.3.4 AND NFC... I'm GOOD FOR A YEAR>

GioTech says:

It would be nice if this launched on ANY US carrier. Nice global availability Samsung. If there is not a significant update to this phone after this delay then what a fail on their part. I'd bet that we're stuck waiting for the "Apple" home button to be removed on all the US versions just like with the original Galaxy S.

marko358 says:

Yes. The US delay is maddening.

grayfox99 says:

Samsung had said that the us carriers have been dragging out the negotiations bah

marko358 says:

Sucks for all of us then.

frozencloud says:

are you freaking serious? I have been waiting for this phone for over 6 months already...DAMN U US CARRIERS!!!

jyinger says:

I couldn't wait, so I bought my unlocked Galaxy S II from Amazon. Took it to my local T-mobile store, they gave me a sim card and activated the phone.

It is as great as everyone says it is. Don't expect to get on T-mobile's 4G network, though. They say that will only come when they have a dedicated GS2 phone. Meanwhile, it works on Edge. fortunately, I don't need to spend a lot of time accessing the 'Net from my phone

NarekRocks says:

I am a lucky owner!

jimmiekain says:

Hey I've got a question for you. My girlfriend has the Samsung Epic on sprint and the issue I have with it is that the home menu back and search buttons are not sensitive enough. She has to push them over and over again and sometimes very hard. Are the back and menu buttons on the GS2 very sensitive like they should be or are they crappy? Also how does the speaker phone sound? is it nice and loud and clear? Please let me know here or on twitter @JIMMIEKAIN ... I cant wait for this thing to come out in the United States.

Cubfan says:

Dammit! Gimme this phone on Sprint!

jimmiekain says:

Rumor is that it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Within or the Sprint Within and supposed to be launched at the end of July... I'm almost 100% sure this is false. I think it may be announced at the end of July and released in mid to late August or early September. If anyone else has more info please let me know! @JIMMIEKAIN on twitter

NarekRocks says:

Lost all my apps after flashing with Odin. F#$?!

All you people complaining about it coming to the US get a better job and buy the phone. Don't wait for carrier crap. And frankly I like my home button, the *search* button is a waste.

And as for flashing with odin, the only way was you had re partition checked. Absolutely no other way to loose apps.

T72018 says:

Samsung get your thumb out of your butt and release this phone in the US. I'm not buying that carriers are holding negotiations up. People are waiting for it!!

Sprint needs to jump on it and get it to consumers.. What's with all these games?????????????????????

spaulding182 says:

All these phones getting gb before the epic? What the heck samsung? Not rad at all.

Berserk says:

I NEED THIS PHONE ON SPRINT!!!! The wait is killing me...:(