Fascinate + Froyo

Fascinate owners rejoice!  At last, the only one of the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S phones still stuck on Eclair is now getting... Froyo! Verizon Wireless announced this morning that it will begin the update process tomorrow, April 21, available as a manual update (i500.ED01) with step-by-step instructions from the Fascinate's support site.

This update will bring a lot of welcomed Froyo goodies including, Adobe Flash support, the JIT (just-in-time) complier (to boost overall performance and get those Linpack scores out of the dumps), and the ability to move applications to the SD card.  Bing Voice Search is also included, however controversial that may be.  So enjoy getting your Froyo on tomorrow you patient Fascinate users! A full list of the changes in the update is after the jump. [Phone Scoop]

Verizon Samsung Fascinate 2.2 Software Update Page


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Android 2.2 Froyo for Verizon Fascinate finally announced, available tomorrow


About time Verizon. I guess Microsoft finally submitted an updated Bing app that works with Froyo. Next time stop fracking with the phones and just offer what the manufacturer brings.

[conspiracy text="I had been wondering about that possibility. Maybe this "Bing" contract they (Verizon) had required Bing to be official for some period of time something, and 2.2 somehow violated the contract. I wonder if Bing+Froyo was the bottle-neck." /]

I'M SO EXCITED! I've been looking forward to this forever! I actually started visiting AC waiting to hear about this and now it has finally come! Yay! Lots of exclamation points!!!!

How long has this phone been released? Isn't the contract almost done? Why don't the owners just update to a new phone instead?

Dude, why even make a comment like that. It's called Google, type in "Fascinate" and figure it out. The phone is only 6 months old.

Got rid of my Fascinate in favor of the Thunderbolt a couple months ago, but my wife will be really glad to hear this. And it's on my day off, so I can help her get it ready :)

How did you get the Thunderbolt a couple months ago? I'm looking forward to the Sammy Charge.

Such a glorious day this is. Somehow, the flowers smell fresher today, the sun is shining brighter, and dammit...we have Froyo!!!!1

This is great. Now Samsung and Verizon decide to send out Froyo when everyone else is slated to get Gingerbread....

I've been rocking froyo on my fascinate for months. Why would you want that bloated update from Verizon when you can get a blazing fast edition with voodoo sound and color by rooting. After doing it, I couldn't believe I waited so long.

Yay! Bing! What a joke. Yeah, open, blah blah blah. This is a good argument in defense of Google's new stance. Talk about a carrier exploiting Android.

Yeah, this is just wonderful, All that bloated, binged out froyo goodness for my fascinate.......I'm just going to wait on this one, superclean 2.9.2 is awesome, no bloat, and no bing. no real reason for me to "upgrade". unless i was missing bing.

Maybe we can get a SuperClean based off of ED01 that will improve battery, reception, etc. That's how I look at it. SC 2.9.2 works for me even with some little quirks here and there...

Yep, I too have been rocking Froyo on my rooted Fascinate for a couple months, minus all the bloat! Absolutely no regrets about rooting :D

I've been running Froyo for months without Verizon's crap, but it's not fully functional, and a bit buggy (Superclean 2.9.2). Let's hope Samsung's version has voice commands ironed out properly. And let's hope the ROM community de-Bings it swiftly!

Just letting people know, the update is available now. I'm downloading it to my phone as I write this. The wait is over....for now........ Now to get Gingerbread in the late Fall/early Winter! ;)

anyone having issues with it...mine keeps force closing and restarting on its own and i cant get to the system or anything

I'm having issues too. The com.google.process.gapps process keeps force closing on startup and won't successfully restart. The phone shortly crashes afterwards if I let it idle for too long. It also takes nearly 5 whole minutes to get past the verizon wireless screen. Here's hoping it works itself out over time.

On the bright side though, it does look very nice. I can see the subtle changes they made to TouchWiz.

After a factory reset the phone is working perfectly. Pressing the search button defaults to google search (thankfull). SuperOneClick root method still works, btw, and I suggest using Bloat Freezer (found in Android Market) to hide VCAST apps and other unwantables from the launcher.

I'm having an issue with my gallery...worked first initially, but as soon as i deleted a few pics, now the gallery isn't working at all...it shows the gallery names/ labels, but only pics in my main gallery and when i open it up, it doesn't show any of the pics...killing me!

The LAST galaxy s to get froyo? Excuse me but my continuum is still stuck with eclair dammit and if it doesn't get updated soon theyare out a customer. Bull shit that I've had to wait this long and now we get to be the last... If wer get an update at all. Such an awesome phone with such great potential just broken because of verizon's lazy asses!

20% downloaded & counting! :-)

Like others have said, it's because of Froyogate I found Android Central. Now I'm a daily reader & enjoy the podcast every week.

Thanks & keep up the good work Phil, Jerry, Cory & all.