Officially official specs for the Droid Incredible  have officially hit and they're in line with the specs we've previously leaked. That is the Droid Incredible will rock a beautiful 3.7-inch 480x800 WVGA OLED screen and the increasingly popular 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor. 8GB of internal memory is also confirmed but these specs don't go on about the 802.11n, which we've seen listed before. In any case, combining the two spec sheets makes for an awesome phone. We can't wait to get our hands on it. [Verizon Wireless via Engadget]

Also, according to the latest leaked screens of Best Buy inventory [via Phandroid], the Droid Incredible is expected to hit Best Buy on April 25th, 4 days earlier than the expected launch date. The price off-contract is listed at $599.99 which is par for the course for a device like this. Pic of that after the break.

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sparker781 says:

Sweet.....The more I hear about this phone the more I WANT ONE

agarrett527 says:

I know where I'll be April 25th.

Even better than waiting for the 29th. Great news to find this morning.

teckels says:

Why still look at the NexusOne? HTC has been making solid handsets for years and this looks close to if not the same specs, isn't this Googles first hardware attempt? I always wait for the second release, let others deal with issues of the NexusOne, I'll take a NexusTwo. (Disclaimer, I'm going off a couple weeks of being in Android Land so I could be wrong.)

Adiliyo says:

um, HTC makes the nexus one for google.

teckels says:

Ahh dagger to the heart. Glad I put the disclaimer. So what's the dif?

slinky317 says:

The difference is that Verizon can control the marketing for the Incredible - with the Nexus One, they can't.

Also, the Incredible will come with Sense UI (although it can be disabled), whereas the Nexus One is a stock Android experience.

sicario666 says:

Awesome device...$600? I wonder what promo deals Verizon will shell out,if any at all. This is just about the only other device I would hand my moto droid over for.(maybe a nexus1) looks like this device will blow all the others outta the water

slinky317 says:

Off-contract retail prices (which is what the $599 is) won't get lowered whatsoever. You'll need to wait until your annual contract date if you want to get a break on that.

jlh#AC says:

So if $599 off contract, are we looking at $399 with 2 yr renewal?

slinky317 says:

No way would it be priced that high. Probably $299 with a $100 MIR, so $199 after everything. Maybe they'll drop the Droid down by $50 or so.

How can it be a google experience device AND have sense?

Been asking that for about a month now and still trying to track down the answer. :/

slinky317 says:

According to Andy Rubin when he spoke at Google I/O in 2009, this is what defines the Google Experience:

"Phones featuring the Google logo with all Google apps installed and includes unrestricted access (neither the carrier nor handset maker can block applications they find objectionable) to the Android market."

So it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the actual UI, as long as it's considered open. I'm not sure about the Google logo though. (edit: the logo's there, on the back cover)

Source here:

mattykaps says:

yeah is the sense ui take any of the "google experience" away?

burnayev says:

As explained in a previous comment Google experience has nothing to do with a UI overlay such as Sense or MOTOBLUR. Rather it's about Google apps being integral part of the phone (can't be uninstalled) and unrestricted access to Android Market.

The above is an interpretation of the "classic" "Google experience" definition valid as of Google I/O 2009 timeframe.

Not too long ago Google announced a strategy for dealing with fragmentation. One of the core measures of the strategy is moving Google-branded applications away from the core Android distro and distributing them separately via the market. While it will definitely be helpful for the intended use, it'll likely wash out the whole concept of Google experience.

Kind regards,
Borys Burnayev
GTD for Android and Web

bradtruelove says:

1. Will I miss my Storm 9530 if I move to the Android platform? (kidding, If it merely powers up, I'm sure to like it better)

2. I'm not familiar with HTC products or their reliability. Historically, Motorola always manufactured a grade-A products in the two-way radio market and earlier mobile phones. I can't help question the ruggedness of any product. Doe's either manufacturer hold an advantage in that area?

3. Is the "Sense" U.I. user on/off selectable? I'd rather become comfortable with the Android platform than a proprietary interface or theme...

slinky317 says:

I can't speak to points 1 and 2, but I know that the Sense UI can definitely be disabled. Just search for "disable sense UI" in YouTube and there are videos showing how to do it.

Actually, what that does is just disable the home screen. (I asked HTC about this last month.) All of the other Sense customizations are still there, unless you get a cooked ROM that's stripped them out.

Adiliyo says:

i thought if you disabled the home screen, the htc widgets (which seem to be the bulk of what sense brings to android) won't work?

that was how it worked on the eris iirc...

slinky317 says:

What do you mean? What else sticks around?

O_o#AC says:

So does this phone not have wi-fi at all or does it not support 802.11n specifically?

rew001 says:

Not that it matters, but I didnt see anything about the FM Tuner. Did they drop it?

mtbrown75 says:

Feldhege says:

I so want this device. Can it be used effectively for business purposes too? I am coming from windows mobile 6.1 where I can hit my email, calls, contacts, and other messaging pretty quickly. It also does appointment reminders and syncs with my home computer. I assume android can do the same. I REALLY hope so as the droid incredible looks to be the kind of phone to hold me over for another two years.

gcims says:

will do all plus more however backs up to Google servers. may be able to back up to PC w/ 3rd party app but cloud more favored.

ayoo456#AC says:

is this coming to att? Or do I have to get a nexus 1

fupamobile says:

no 720p HD recording?????? pointless...

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