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And just as soon as HTC announces that the HTC Desire is coming to the United States in August, regional carrier Cellular South puts out a release of its own saying that it's getting the Android 2.1 device "soon." That gives Cell South its third Android phone, including the HTC Hero and the upcoming Motorola Milestone.

No exact date or pricing yet, so stay tuned. Full presser after the break.

RIDGELAND, Miss.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cellular South, the nation’s largest privately held wireless communications provider, announced plans today to offer the HTC Desire™, one of the most advanced Android™-powered touchscreen smartphones in the world. The HTC Desire is one of several new Android-based smartphones the carrier plans to launch this year.

Featuring a superfast, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that encourages easy and seamless multi-tasking, the latest Android™ 2.1 platform and access to more than 70,000 applications on Android Market™, the Desire features the latest HTC Sense™ experience.

The device, which the company expects to bring to market this summer, will feature built-in Google mobile services, including Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™, YouTube™ and Google Maps Navigation™ BETA with voice-aided, turn-by-turn directions. More details will be available soon on other features of the popular smartphone.

“We’re excited about adding the HTC Desire to our expanding line-up of Android-powered advanced touchscreen smartphones,” said Kevin Hankins, chief operating officer of Cellular South. “This device takes Android to a whole new level with HTC Sense and a platform that optimizes the rich media experience for news, the mobile web, music and video applications.”

Following on the heels of Cellular South’s record-breaking introduction of its first Android-powered touchscreen smartphone and its recent announcement of plans to offer the Motorola Milestone this summer, the company is poised to become one of the leading providers of Android-powered smartphone devices to consumers and businesses. Cellular South was one of the first U.S. carriers last November to introduce an Android™-powered smartphone with its launch of the HTC Hero™.

Pricing and Availability

The HTC Desire is expected to be available for sale online at and in Cellular South retail stores soon. For more information or to sign up to be among the first to receive the Android-powered HTC Desire advanced touchscreen smartphone, visit No final retail price has been set yet for the device.

  • To make owning the Desire an even better experience, Cellular South has the industry’s best value for smartphones with its Smartphone Unlimited plan – the only one of its kind in the nation – that makes the enriched user experience more accessible to individuals, families and businesses. For only $59.98 a month per line for two lines, customers can talk, text, access the Web, and e-mail on the smartest network for smartphones without worrying about counting minutes, megabtyes or surprise bills.
  • With better coverage, fewer dropped calls and more 3G high-speed data services than its competitors, Cellular South is the smartest place to get Android smartphones and offers the best mobile broadband experience for the HTC Desire.

Android, Google, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Android are trademarks of Google, Inc. HTC Hero is a trademark of HTC Corporation.


Reader comments

And on cue, Cellular South announces the HTC Desire is coming 'soon'


I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Cellular South has 3 of the all around best Android handsets and AT&T the behemoth has absolute shit. Kinda makes you wonder how far Uncle Steve's iPenis is up the CEO's iAss?

For only $59.98 a month per line for two lines, customers can talk, text, access the Web, and e-mail on the smartest network for smartphones without worrying about counting minutes, megabtyes or surprise bills.

Not too bad if it includes tethering.

Web & Email (for Smartphones)
(unlimited regional Web and email usage plus 100MB for use nationwide)

So does that mean users in not in the region areas will be stuck with 100mb only on the unlimited plan?

I have had this phone in Australia for around a month since it came out, and I am loving it, it's the first 'real' android phone to be sold officially in Australia, you guys are in for a treat.

Also HTC promise that they will update it to 2.2 very soon, cant wait for that...
Warmly, Marty

Why would Verizon not ask for the Desire instead of the cheesy red and plastic of the Dinc (or use this more elegant design for the Dinc instead of the Dinc's chintzy one)

Cellular South is CDMA...

Also I would not be surprised if what's left of Alltel, now owned by Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc gets the Desire as well by the end of 2010.

I dont know why, but I would prefer this phone over the evo. Maybe because of the track pad and other buttons on the front???