Another traditional PC hardware icon finds the lure of mobile and market share irresistible, as AMD says they want to support Android and Chrome OS

Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of global business units at AMD, in an interview at the Computex trade show in Taiwan has said that AMD will be looking support Android tablets and Chrome OS devices. This comes as a bit of a surprise, as just last January she told the world that AMD was committed to Windows 8, and had no interest in Android devices. 900,000,000 devices can change minds, we guess.

The Intel / AMD rivalry on the desktop pushed innovation, pricing, and adoption in very good ways for consumers. We can only hope the same spirit of competition will exist with X86 for Android, and can't wait to see AMD and Intel try to one-up each other with short release cycles and efficient, inexpensive hardware. AMD won't be marketing any devices directly, but will look to hardware partners to build Android and Chrome OS devices around their chips.

There's no time frame mentioned, but I wouldn't expect to see any devices using AMD until this holiday season at the earliest. We'll be waiting right along with you.

Source: PC World


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AMD to support Android and Chrome OS says senior VP


I'm not a big AMD fan. They have heat dissipation issues because they tend to run hotter on Windows machines so it kind of worries me about how they will handle this issue on tablets and phones given the fact they dont have heat sinks.

Desktop CPU and Tablet SoC are very different, heat isnt an issue because their mobile processors dont have a 100+ watt TDP

For the past year we've been mixing up Intel and AMD, those heat issues are no longer a concern.

I have always loved AMD processors. Never had heat dissipation issues and the processors were competitively priced. Intel had their nose in way too much and I was sick of having it pushed down my throat when I was purchasing new hardware. I was very suspicious about Intel and was very surprised when Intel paid AMD a large chunk of money because they stole architecture from AMD. I flat out refuse to go with Intel for anything with their inflated prices and oversaturated market.

I like AMD a lot but I'm afraid you're right. Ever since AMD sold their foundry assets they've struggled in getting a solid chip out the door in good quantities.