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The Amazon Instant Video app is now available for another Google TV device, as it's now in Google Play if you're using an LG Google TV set. Users can download the app and install right from their TV, and enjoy full HD content from Amazon.

Previously, to access Amazon's streaming video service you had to use the built in Chrome browser, which was less than an ideal experience. The release of the App for the LG sets means better searching and better frame rates that using the browser. You can download the app at the link above.

Still no signs of an Amazon VoD app for Android tablets yet, and that's a bit puzzling. Maybe they want to hold it back as an exclusive for the Kindle line, or they have concerns over Android openness, much like we saw from Netflix last year.

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Amazon streaming video app now available for LG Google TV sets


I got it on my LG Google TV and it works great. I just finished watching Red Dawn and watched Christmas Vacation last night. The quality is great and the navigation is easy.

I have no idea how to hack into my LG TV. Also, it would require either me taking it off my wall and carrying it into my office (all 55 inches of it) or taking my 27" iMac into the family room and trying to ADB into it. If it was a set top box it wouldn't be a problem but it's a little harder working with a big screen TV.

I don't understand why Amazon has released their Instant Video app for iPad, iPhone and iPod and Google Tv which is Android but not for tablets or phones..

By the way, I'm waiting for the ABC Player one as well.

Simple, iOS gets it because iSheep will never buy anything but iOS products and if you ignore them they will go to Netflix. Google tv gets it because Amazon doesn't make a Kindle 55.