Belkin's WeMo light switch is going for $39.99 Dec. 4.

Looks like Amazon's deals just keep coming. As part of its Cyber Monday Deals Week, Amazon is offering the Belkin WeMo light switch for $39.99. That's about $10, or 20 percent, off the normal price.

This little doo-dad allows you to do what its name suggests: switch lights on and off. The thought is enough to send many a gadget geek's heart racing. This is done by installing the receptacles you get from Belkin, hooking them up to your Wi-Fi network, and you're good to go.

Just in case you're having a hard time imagining the possibilities, some recommendations from the manufacturer include turning your lights on and off from anywhere your tablet or smartphone has an Internet connection and programming your lights to turn on and off at certain times.

Our very own Jerry gave it a little spin. Here's a little excerpt from his review:

...The ability to control and automate your home right from your Android opens up a world of convenience. I've already ordered two more switches for my front porch light and the lights on my patio, and the wife and I are discussing how and where we might find a use for the receptacles. If you're interested, find out all about the WeMo switches and get ordering information from Belkin.

It seems as if it works pretty well. If you're thinking of making the plunge, you should seriously consider checking out the review. It has more details about the installation process, how it works and even a video demo.

Just be sure to seek your friendly local electrician's help if you have doubts about installing it yourself. We do not want to hear of any incidents. Once the installation has been safely and successfully completed, the fun can begin!

You can find Amazon's ordering page here.


Reader comments

Amazon shaves $10 off Belkin WeMo light switch


This two pack is for a controllable outlet. The article is about a controllable light switch.

Sorry! The issue should be fixed. I'm going to play the lame "I'm the new guy" card for this one. Things will just get better from here! Thanks for your patience.

I use the light switch for my porch lights. Nice to come home and have them already on and it’s nice that they turn off by themselves. You can manually turn on the lights through the switch or app on phone, or you can let the programmed time take care of it all. You can control the switch from anywhere in the world that has wifi access.

I use the receptacle to control my on wall water fountains. Nice to be watching a movie and turn off / on the fountains for mood enhancement.

I will pick up a couple more light switches to add to my home automation. Not only are they cool but also convenient. I would also recommend the Nest Thermostat for home automation. We have saved enough money over the last half year using the Nest that it has paid for itself.

Looks really cool, I'm going to look at one of our house outlets tonight and see if it has all the right wiring like on their video.