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If you got a Kindle device this year for the holidays, don't forget about the Kindle Store Daily Deals. There are always plenty of books for just $1.99, and they change daily. It's a great way to build your library on the cheap.

You need a Kindle or Kindle Fire to buy them, but once purchased they are in your Amazon account and can be read on any device with a Kindle app. With WhisperSync taking care of your bookmarks, you'll be hard pressed to find a better reading solution anywhere. To find them, just open the Kindle store from your tablet and look for the Daily Deals link on the right. 

You'll always find deals and specials in the music and video store as well, but the Kindle deals are a solid perk for having one of Amazon's tablets. Take advantage of it if you like to read and have a Kindle device. I just picked up William Alexander's "The $64 Tomato" and plan on spending the evening enjoying the warm indoors with it.


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Amazon's Kindle daily book deals are a great way to build your library


I subscribe to the RSS feeds from and - About 10 posts/day, most of them are free books of every genre (photography, tech, fiction, romance, nonfiction, self-help, kids, YA/teen, religious, etc.). Sometimes they show big discount books too. In the last year, I've gotten about 750 books from these links. Read them on any Kindle app.

Don't need a Kindle to buy them. I subscribe to the Kindle daily deal email and buy them right off the site, and then read them on my Nexus 7 or phone.

You can get these from the Amazon site, no need for a hardware Kindle at all.

I do the same with the Free App of the Day - I just swing by Amazon's site, look at what the freebie is, and if I want it, I just click on the Buy button and it's in my account to be downloaded whenever, or more frequently never. (When they had the 15 free apps the day after Christmas, I'd already "bought" most of them.)

99.9% of the books they put on special are crap. I've yet to find one worth reading. Barnes and Noble right now is leading the way with a large offering of free books. Unfortunately, you can't read them on a Kindle.

The daily specials are starting to get better now that some of the big publishers are no longer price fixing their books, but still quite a bit of crap. They have added a daily sci-fi/fantasy deal of the day as well. Note that Amazon usually price matches the Barnes and Noble book of the day.

I recommend Karen posts the daily deals every day along with many other free/cheap deals. Not just for Kindle but B&N and Sony as well.

Many of the Kindle specials are also on Barnes and Noble as the prices for many of the books are set by the publisher not the retailer. Personally I like the feel of the Nook for reading more than the Kindle. Also, although it still uses DRM the Nook uses the more common epub file format rather than Amazon's proprietary file type which does allow you to purchase from more than one vendor if you have the desire to.

I am so confused about this dang thing I restored factory settings and now I cant even find the amazon apps store. I keep downloading stuff but cant open the app store like they suggest. Can someboby help me....... I think the bleach soaked into my brain... L.O.L my small address. Is

I took advantage too many times. I got 4 PKD novels, the Wool Omnibus, and 2 recent Stephen King novels for $1.99. Awesome deals on great books! I've been reading sci-fi since I was a kid (looong ago) and remember paying $2.99+ for paperbacks back then. Amazon is great.

If you have a Kindle and Amazon Prime, you also get a free book rental once/month from a pretty big selection - even some new releases. With 2 Kindles in the family, we're always finding books to borrow.

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