Price Check by Amazon

Amazon has released it app Price Check by Amazon to both the Android Market and its  own Appstore. Price Check by Amazon is an app that allows you to compare prices for products across a variety of retailers.

When searching for the product you want, you have the option of scanning a barcode, speaking the name of the product, taking a picture or simply typing the name. Once the search engine finds what you're looking for, you'll see the product page with three tabs. The first and most important is the Prices tab, which aggregates prices from numerous sources. Description brings up details about the item you're viewing in case you want to know more information and finally Reviews, which displays Amazon Customer Reviews so you can see what others think before you make a purchase.

The app is very handy and will prove useful this holiday season when you're trying to buy presents at the lowest possible prices. As mentioned above, this free app can be found in both the Amazon Appstore and Android Market. We've got links to the Market version after the break.


Reader comments

Amazon releases Price Check app just in time for the holidays


I tried to download this twice. Both times, it failed, saying "Package file is invalid."

@GPOWW: When I tried to download this, the app market suggested I also might look at the amazon app. When I clicked on that, it took me to the exact same download page. My guess is, this is just a rebranding of the original product. A new name to generate holiday excitement.(?)

I scanned something from my regular Amazon store app and it only gives the the item in Amazon where as when I scanned something with this app it gave me other options as well other sites to get the product etc.

Too many stand alone apps from Amazon that do a lot of the same things. Amazon needs to incorporate into one app. Google Shopper seems to do the same thing so not sure why I'd look to add this to my phone.

This is pretty much the only reason I used the Amazon app. This will be less fumbling around and I can delete the other. Would be cool if it included local searches as well though.

One wonders how unbiased this app will be over time.

It would be easy to omit lower prices, or simply not search too hard as is often done on the Amazon web site. I've found cases where the prices shown on Amazon are all within a range that amazon beats with their shipping, but prices much lower could be found on google.