Galaxy Nexus at Amazon

We here at Android Central refuse to ignore a bargain, espcially one as great as this: Amazon is currently selling the Galaxy Nexus for a mere $99.99, a full $200 less than what you'll pay Verizon. The sale price is for new customers only, and you'll need to sign a two-year contract, of course. If you've held out for the current Android king, this is likely the best price you've seen to date, though the device is finally starting to see some respectable discounts (, for example, is currently offering the Nexus for $200).

Given Amazon's name-brand and solid reliability, this deal is just too good to ignore for those who have been waiting patiently to take a bite out of Ice Cream Sandwich. Hit the source link for Amazon's product page.

Source: Amazon

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astraelraen says:

Yes, it was totally worth paying full price at Verizon to have it a month ago....

At least I keep telling myself that.

phyl0x says:

This is a great deal, amazon doesnt have as much red tape like some other resellers, they only require you to be with Verizon for 6months in good standing after getting the phone. Some of those other resellers wont allow you to change anything about your account unless you go through them. I got my Nexus as a new customer from Amazon at launch for $150, love the phone.

But remember kids, if you break your contract in under 6 months, you will get hit with a $250 penalty courtesy of Amazon.

lornaevo says:

Man, I can't wait for this device to hit Sprint.

Paul627g says:

Your not the only one ;)

NS4G owner here waiting patiently for this :)

adler187 says:

Pre- user here and still waiting. Thought about switching to VZW, but just can't do it.

LiveFaith says:

Exactly what I did 4 weeks ago. Cost me some coin to leave ATT, but the user experience from the Pre+ to Gnex is unreal.
Now don't get me wrong, this is still not close to the WebOS multi tasking experience. But ICS has a relatively crude rendition of m/t that is decent. Other than that its like jumping ahead a decade in tech. That little Zen turd looks more like a child's toy now.
One shocking thing is how well the Gnex fits in a back pocket. The curved screen + thin + curved shape make it very pocketable.

Fillyo says:

Again, this only benefits new customers to Verizon, so this does not help most people.

demontooth says:

Again? When did you say it before?

delthor7 says:

He didn't. The article did. Smart ass.

Dave4321 says:


VDoubleUVR6 says:

I still don't understand why they only do this for new customers? Well I understand that they sucker in a new person into a 2 year contract but whats the difference with an existing customer who is eligible for upgrade/2yr contract agreement? Sorry just ranting a little bit about the $300 VZW price tag or current $260 Amazon wireless.

3rdpig says:

Because it makes more sense to lure customers away from a competitor than it does to give discounts to existing customers.

Gr8Ray says:

They probably get a higher commission on a new activation than they do on an upgrade.

I don't understand which device is king. December it was the Nexus, then it was the Razr, then it was the Maxx and now back to the Nexus....AC make up your minds lol.

Gr8Ray says:

No. It's always been the Nexus.

onesie13 says:

the camera and cpu isnt good enough to make it the outright "king". That along with battery life. Some aspects are more important to other so some would regard the RAZR maxx or gs2's exynos +camera as "king"

ultravisitor says:

The RAZR and RAZR Maxx could never be considered king with those horrid screens. Screens are more important than cameras considering that you always have to look at the screen.

That's most important to you, so it must be the same for everyone.

BTW, IMO the screens are very similar...with the Razr being better when there was a notable difference. Yes, I had them side by side and my wife and I both agreed on the screens. My 2 cents.

DROIDEd says:

Horrid screens? This comment is dumb. I had the GN for two weeks before I returned it for the RAZR. Side by side, there is VERY little difference in the screen images. The issues I had with the GN were numerous. I REALLY wanted to like the phone, but stopped trying to convince myself after the battery cover started falling off on a phone less than two weeks old. The audio quality of the RAZR beats the GN hands down. Voice quality was much better on the RAZR. There isn't a cellphone manufacturer that has more experience than Motorola, period.

It's the device everyone gets after they return their Nexus, the Rezound. LOL

Timelessblur says:

Am I the only one how they do things for New customers only and treat current customers like crap.

You know it is because Verizon's gives them more money when they bring in a new customers and so this extra deal for new customers means Verizon is doing something in the back end. It should be the same for new and current customers renewing their contract.

projectxmatt says:

Lame! I thought I got a good deal when I ordered mine Monday for $199...should have just held off a few more days...

Geikamir says:

It sucks that it's for new customers only. Why can't I get it by renewing??

rengek says:

Well actually if GN was released a few weeks earlier like when everyone expected it to, we could have gotten it for 1 penny on amazon. They had that 3 day promotion that included all of their phones.

But anyone who didn't think heavy discounts were going to happen pronto is deluding themselves. Again its the price you pay for being an early adopter. *shrug* its only $150 difference for me. I'm not going to lose sleep over that.

cbloveday says:

Says 259.99 for my upgrade. Only showing 99.99 for new accounts. Total BS