Amazon Galaxy Tab price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been announced by carriers for $600 unsubsidized or less with a contract, yet Amazon has recently launched a page for the T-Mobile version listing the price at $699.99, and that is with a $50 discount. Hopefully this is just a mix-up between Amazon and T-Mobile, as charging $700 for the Galaxy Tab in a world of $500 iPads is a recipe for failure. With the recent FCC filing of a WiFi-only version, T-Mobile customers interested in the Galaxy Tab should probably hold off until that price comes down after the Nov. 9 launch date or the WiFi-only version goes on sale. [Amazon]

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cea1203 says:

This is hysterical! This device isn't worth 1/2 of that price! !! What a joke! !!

Really Big iPod vs Really Big Galaxy S . . . minus the "phone" . . . funny.

I'll wait for Google to get "Official" with it.

caliesv says:

Samsung musta bumped they head! Who's gunna pay that much!?

Ranger-R says:

What a joke! Way over priced.

Boo two tumbs down

"They" head???

ScottieG59 says:

I would consider up to $400 at the most, just out of curiosity. I tend to get a bunch of electronic gadgets and carry the one that does the most. I bought a couple iPads and they are decent devices; basically an over sized iPod Touch. No doubt, the iPad is way overpriced and Apple makes a ton of money on the large margins. I doubt others will be able to get away with trying the same price structure, especially when entering the market so late. I do not care about the cameras, but that may matter to some.

If they hold at this high price, I will not even look at the Samsung Tab and it will be a no sale.

trooper54 says:

You can always go with the archos 7'' tab. Personally i'm waiting for the 101.

cheburashka says: