$79.99 up-front for new customers, $99.99 for upgrades, on Sprint and AT&T

Amazon sends word that tomorrow (Friday, June 14) it'll be holding a one-day sale on the Sprint and AT&T HTC One. On either network you'll pay a reduced price of $79.99 if you're a new customer, or $99.99 if you're upgrading -- either being a significant saving over the standard up-front cost for HTC's latest.

If you're interested, keep an eye on the links below over the next day or so --


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Amazon launching one-day HTC One sale tomorrow


Are they still doing the trade-in deal too?  Or is that only at AT&T corporate stores?  I wonder if you can do the trade-in and also get them to match the price....

That's why the need to put it on sale. Trying to catch up with the GS4 sales. Need more than one day.

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show me prove when the samsung president saying its only selling fine that means not that good show prove of the 10 million then we talk. you mean 10 million setting on store selves and some returned do to lag

you can lie all you want about the s4 and say no lag but the people who are going to buy it they will see the lag and see for themselves.

Sadly, Amazon can't AT&T mobile share accounts. They were selling the HTC One for $129 last week. I ended up getting one from Target for $150.

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Does this upgrade price apply even if your not eligible for an upgrade? I still have a year on my contract with sprint and if I go through their site they say I'm not eligible.

I was hoping that the T-Mobile HTC One would also go on sale, but it looks like Amazon doesn't even sell T-Mobile phones.
I am disappoint. :-(

ATT's web site has been showing the 32 and 64 GB versions for 99 and 199 dollars for a couple of days now. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

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That price only applies when you purchase a Beats Pill for $199. I just went thru this with them last night. It's $199 for the 64gb until you go to check out, then it jumps to 299.00.

Just checked ATT's website and they are still showing 99 and 199 dollars with upgrade. No trade ins but it says limited time offer.

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who buys the s4 only idiots

samsung with amoled screens the colors suck and you can't see nothing out side.
they need to fix there ui its a big mess its childish looking they need more clean
and simple upgraded new ui. they need to fix the big lag on there blur,over heating near the camera,small storage you can't move apps to sd in less it gets rooted and then we can talk about the best phone for now its should be last
because its not good enough to be number 5. Samsung has alot of problems
they need to fix before they can talk number 1 spot.

10 million setting on store selves and some returned do to lag. Proof the 10 million marketing samsung paid hype and then come talk no Proof go home because the s4 is not selling well.

Why do HTC phones inspire so much hate in the Android community? I've left HTC phones because of this polarizing behavior. I can't stand the elitist behavior evoked by comparing HTC phones and any other. For the love of please stop this crap guys...and gals. Sometimes you feel like a nut and other times you buy a phone that someone else doesn't's not your money, so get over it.

They ran this a couple weeks ago. That's how I got mine. Sprint reps didn't even know about it when I went to get it activated at the store.

Can someone pleas help me with this question

I use Virgin Mobile and currently am on their $30 Iphone 4 plan

Would I be able to buy this sprint HTC One and unlock it and use it for my Virgin Mobile Plan?

call up Virgin Mobile and ask them if you can bring in a sprint phone in to Virgin Mobile network and if they say yes there you have your answer then it would work

That's a sweet a$$ deal. Too bad I'm happy with my Samsung g2 and no contract and android 4.1.2

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Still on the fence between this and the GS4. I think I take a lot of low light pics and game a lot. I like that it is reportedly lag free and has more internal memory. Right now I have an EVO 3D with a 32GB card and 11GB left. I did want multiview, a bigger screen, lockscreen widgets, gorilla glass 3 and a dual mode camera. I don't think I will use sense or touchwiz since I've been using nova launcher. I ordered the backordered black one so I still have a couple more days to decide and cancel if I wanted to. My brother suggested I save the $100 and put it towards a Nexus 7 and replace my OG Kindle Fire.

i was in the same boat but honestly the storage issues/non-removable battery stuff that I thought i would mind don't both me one bit (came from a Galaxy S2). It really is a fantastic phone and the first phone I haven't had any desire to root or install a custom ROM on.

I use my camera a lot in low light when I got out to bar's with friends so it really is coming in handy. I had all the kids with iPhones using my phone to take shots and then have me e-mail em to them. Minor tech victory.

I saved a ton of money and arguably got a better phone. Just some food for thought.

Good price outright but if your still going to use at&t or sprint wouldn't it be better to pay $80/$100 and pay the ETF.

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already have one and it's great. Bought it over the S4 and never looked backed.

this is perfect for my dad for father's day. Gonna grab him a black version to replace his ancient HTC EVO