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Amazon this morning is crowing that it's shipping the Kindle Fire a whole day earlier than expected and taking the opportunity to remind us of the talking points it's been driving home for more than a month now -- mainly, tens of thousands of movies and TV shows, 17 millon songs, millions of books, 400 magazines and newspapers, and so on and so forth.

We're still seeing a Nov. 16 delivery date on our order, but suffice it to say, we should see the Fire hitting doorsteps soon enough.

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Amazon Kindle Fire shipping a day early


I was just wondering... you know how if you have Amazon Prime (best money I spend all year), Amazon lets you stream a whole bunch of stuff from their video library for free? Does that apply to the Kindle? If it does, I know a whole bunch of people who will want to buy one immediately.

With a Prime subscription you get streaming movies and TV episodes, BUT not all of their titles are "Prime" eligible. Some you still have to buy, BUT thousands are free. Also you get access to the Kindle Lending Library and you can borrow 1 book a month to read, which is like getting 1 free book, but you don't really own the book, you don't get the DRM for it and you must delete it when you are done reading it. :) Still it's a good deal for 80 bucks a year.

Now Prime also includes a free ebook rental every 30 days. You can do that at the library too, but libraries have limits on digital rentals and Amazon does not.


You have to order quite a lot of stuff to make 80 bucks a year pay for itself. Either that or live in east podunk alaska where mail comes by dog sled.

Amazon Prime not only gives you free shipping, it gives you free 2-day shipping, no minimum order. That's crazy fast. Many times that I order something with my Prime account, it arrives the next day. One time I realized I was down to just a few diapers for my baby so I ordered a box of them with my Prime account at 8 pm, and they arrived by 3 pm the next day. You do not have to order that much to make it pay for itself very quickly, particularly since there is no minimum order. You can order a $7 book and they'll ship it to you in two days for no additional cost. The Prime account can be shared with all members of the household.

When I preordered mine, I used the $3.99 Prime overnight shipping option and my shipment email from Amazon today says it will be delivered tomorrow :-)

Still waiting for mine to ship (actually it's my Dad's Christmas gift), BUT I ordered late. They expect me to receive around 11/21.

I didn't see that comment in Engadget review. On magazines, their only knock was the 7 inch form made some magazines difficult to read, requiring pinch to zoom. But nothing on lag - in fact they said page turning was quick:

Thankfully page turning is quick and responsive and pinch-zooming reasonably so

Actually, engadget didn't say anything about the lag. I just noticed that when I watched the video. I hope ICS can really turn things around in terms of hardware acceleration.