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Amazon has started selling its Fire TV set-top box outside the United States for the first time as it begins pre-orders for the UK and Germany.

The German version will be shipped out first on September 25th for the price of 99 euros, but Amazon Prime customers can buy it for just 49 euros. The UK version will follow on October 23 for the price of £79 but again Amazon Prime members will be able to buy Fire TV at a discount for just £49.

Both versions will have their share of local streaming media outlets to choose from and both will also be able to play hundreds of games with the optional controller. What do you think of Amazon expanding the reach of Fire TV beyond the US?

Source: Amazon UK; Amazon Germany


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Amazon expands Fire TV sales to the UK and Germany


Reasonable Prime discount made it an impulse buy. Might well be something interesting from Google by the time this ships but be fun to compare them side by side.

Okay so why do we get ripped off in the UK with the discount? If it's 49€ how can it still be £49? No thanks Amazon, and while your at it actually pay some tax for once too.

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Set top boxes are the past. Can't see it selling well considering what is already available in most smart TVs and consoles.

It's a no from me.

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£49 is going to be so tempting. Would rather be able to cast Amazon Prime Video, then I would not have a decision to make.

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I've put a preorder in. Silly not too, something better may pop up before then but for £49 it isn't bad. Would sooner just use my chromecast but obviously that is never going to happen anytime soon..

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Although the Amazon FTV isn't available in Canada yet, I recently picked one up when in the USA on sale for $85 ($US).

If you are into XBMC and using this as a media box, this is a beast of a machine with nothing else matching it in its category and price range. I've rooted it and don't use any of the Amazon services and couldn't be happier! You can also install Google Play Store and services too.

Something to keep in mind if you haven't thought of this angle yet.

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I don't know I already have a chromecast and an Apple TV. This would just be overkill. Still when I ditch my ipad air I could get this so that I could still watch my Amazon instant stuff on the TV.

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very good discount ..

seems great to be honest.

Plex support , XBMC , netflix, amazon prime tv (meh)

but yeah good work.


i was looking to replace my existing xbmc box anyway...