Prime Instant Video added more content; still no Kindle sales numbers

Retailer, online services seller and Kindle maker Amazon has just released its Q4 2013 earnings, and it's another huge holiday quarter. In the final three months of 2013 Amazon posted $25.59 billion in sales, up 20 percent year-over-year. The quarter also saw Amazon post a relatively-rare operating income of $510 million, up 26 percent year-over-year, with net income being $239 million.

As for the non-financial quarterly news, Amazon is reporting a record-setting holiday season for its Amazon Prime shipping service, which now has "tens of millions of members." Prime Instant video added over 7,000 movies and TV shows to its catalog, now totaling 40,000 items. Moving to Kindle Fire, Amazon says that response time for its new Mayday help button was just 9 seconds on Christmas day even under the influx of new devices. As always, it has not released any Kindle sales numbers.

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Amazon boasts $25.59 billion in sales for Q4 2013


They are also talking of raising Prime by $20-40, I'd be ok with it if it meant an Android Native app

I love Amazon I would be upset if they raise the price of prime though without a native Android app for video I'm on my phone now more than I'm on my computer so I feel like I'm wasting money on that front

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+1!!! Sure would help them compete against Netflix if they made the app available on Android!

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I'm not good with these things but am I reading this right? 25 billion in sales and only 239 million is profit?

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Yup. Amazon barely makes any money and often negative. I can't believe the market cap. Investors are nuts. I guess they needed somewhere to go when they ditched Apple which looks like the deal of a lifetime compared to Amazon stock.

Wow, just wow. That's insane to me. Do they not get a small cut of products sold?
I mean 25 billion is no joke. Walking away with on 230 million is...

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If you consider what Amazon does and what their operating necessities are to be able to ship so many things to so many places, you can understand why their margins are low (or negative) every quarter. This has been the case for a long, long time with Amazon.

Yes, but Amazon has just been about trying to get into the hands of as many consumers as it can for almost too long now. Yes, they are a household name and a service that many, many people use, but they are still a public company with investors and I'm assuming that said investors would really like to see Amazon actually start making money at some point. How long are they going to just pour capital into building their business for?

I myself have passed on their stock because I have no idea if I'd ever see a substantial return on my money

That profit is after everyone has been paid, all of their R&D cost, everything. They invested heavily and this is actually the first I've read of them turning a profit.

I've been a Prime subscriber for 4 years now, and I'll be one forever. Two day shipping, not burning gas and no tax with great prices... It's worth $100 a year easily.


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I wish they would make an android app for Prime with Chromecast for their movies. Between that, Netflix and Plex there would be no reason to have cable.

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The perks of having all that Amazon/instant video goodness is well worth having a kindle, in my opinion. I haven't thrown anything at my kindle that it couldn't handle as well as a laptop or other tablet.

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As a 2 year "Prime" member all my deliveries used to arrive in 2 days. I had 2 items lost and undeliverable this past Christmas season. I will question my decision to sign up for"Prime" again!!!

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I think Jeff Bezos is an awesome CEO,...AND founder! Usually, it's the ones who started the company that are the best CEO's. Jeff Bezo's, Bill Gates, Surgey Brin and Larry Paige, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell. . .

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Unfortunately this positive earnings report didn't prevent amazon stock prices from taking a dive this morning, so infuriating

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I use Amazon every chance I get. Some things are good deals - some aren't - but it's always worth comparing. A great one recently was actually finding a replacement gas tank and sending unit for my classic car project. I'd never really thought of Amazon as a source for car parts before. The cost of the part itself was a bit more but when you factor in the shipping it was about 20% less (and I got it quicker)!