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Still get up to 60% off apps and in-app purchases on other selected apps

Amazon is still celebrating its Appstore's third birthday, and the next wave of deals are now available. Right now you'll find 14 paid apps completely free through the Amazon Appstore, worth over $50. (A subset of apps are also available in the UK from the Amazon Appstore, totaling £25 in savings):

  • POLARIS Office ($12.99)
  • Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker ($4.99)
  • Swype Keyboard ($3.99)
  • mSecure - Password Manager and Secure Digital Wallet ($9.99)
  • PrintHand Mobile Print Premium ($12.95)
  • Worms 2: Armageddon ($0.99)
  • Worms 2: Armageddon (Kindle Tablet Edition) ($0.99)
  • King of Math Junior ($1.99)
  • Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots ($0.99)
  • Dr. Panda's Airport ($1.99)
  • MONOPOLY ($4.99)
  • Sketchbook Pro ($4.99)
  • Ski Safari: Adventure Time ($0.99)
  • SpinArt ($1.99)
  • Battle Maiden Yuko Runner ($10.00)

But these aren't the only deals — as the birthday celebration continues, you'll be able to find other deals of up to 60% off on select apps and in-app purchases as well.

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Amazon Appstore birthday deals continue with 14 paid apps for free


15MB Amazon app must be installed in order for these apps (or any Amazon app) to run. Deal breaker!

Posted via Android Central App

That one isn't the problem for me. It's a resource hog, keeps running in the background even when you don't need it. 1 GB memory on my One X seems really low now these days.

Posted via Android Central App

The Amazon App store app has to be installed for apps that are installed through it to run.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

It's showing as free for me in the US. It also tells me, "You purchased this item on December 28, 2011." I remember that the UI was broken back then with the tap zones not aligned with the graphics.

The Amazon appstore has real problems without a connection. I had several games installed on the my tablet which I let the kids use. When they want to play games in the car, for example, without a connection, the amazon app will frequently sign out for no reason. Once it signs out, ALL apps from amazon will stop working entirely and won't work until you sign in again...which you can't do without a connection. So beware grabbing these free apps if you want to use them on a device like a tablet that doesn't have a constant connection.

Or you don't have an unlimited data plan on your phone.
Or you go places where you're roaming for data.
Or you travel for work on airplanes.
Or go in buildings. :D

Amazon... srsly?

I found the same problem when my Nexus 7 didn't have a connection. That's one of the reasons I stopped downloading apps from Amazon. That and also their apps tend to lag with updates, sometimes by several versions.

Posted via Android Central App

Awesome! That printing app worked great on my Q10! How cool is that. Finally a decent bringing app for my BlackBerry.

Posted from the Android Central App via my BlackBerry Q10!

And I'll loose the options that matter most to me. Everyone has an opinion, and that's fine by me.
I have other Android tablets to fill the rest of the void. :)
Besides, I have Google play on my Q10 too.
I've done the Android phone thing and although I'd take it over an iPhone any day of the week, I prefer a BlackBerry.
Posted from the Android Central App via my BlackBerry Q10!

I was just about to comment that same thing because theirs was not something to get excited for

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not seeing Polaris Office. Anyone?

Edit: Found it. For some reason it says it's not compatible with my device. (LG G2) Weird cause my device comes with it installed.
I actually like when amazon has the same app as my phone (for free), that way if I change devices I will still have the app available.

I was about to blast the same question. Ughh...not compatible with my Galaxy Tab 3 7". Bummer. I do have it installed in my device, but I believe the version I have is the basic version. It still works. Oh well, I will be content with Monopoly for now.

For some reason I couldn't find Polaris Office wish I could have found I need a word like app on my phone

Posted via Android Central App

Polaris office isn't showing up on my amazon app store.
I checked the amazon website and it's free but it's not compatible to all my nexus devices.

Posted via Android Central App

I have worms for kindle(version) tablet. I love worms, I'm a freaking wizard with the ropes. My friends always limit our ropes to minimal usage because it is unfair how good I am at it. And now, I will have this wonderful game on my nexus. FOR FREE! Heck yeah!

Grabbed mSecure, but not sure if I'll really use it. I love LastPass for desktop, never really used a mobile password manager. Thought I'd grab msecure while its free and if I decide to utilize it, at least it's there. Haven't really researched much about mobile password managers, so I'm wondering if msecure is thought as one of the better options or are there better choices?

Posted via mostly ghost taps on OG N7, in the Android Central App, therefore posts may not be my own.

In the mobile password space, there seem to be endless choices, and many look quite good. I've read positive things about mSecure. But about a year and a half ago, after a bit of research, I ended up with Safe in Cloud for my Nexus 7. The dev also created a free desktop version (you can even download and use it without using the mobile app). Importing my passwords from my existing desktop password manager was simple (the import template didn't exist for my particular password manager, but the developer created one for me within a few hours after I emailed him; LastPass importing is already built-in, I believe). Safe in Cloud works perfectly for me, and I use it much more on my tablet and phone than on my desktop. The best part, of course, is that your password file is securely stored in your cloud account of choice (Drive, Dropbox, Box) and seamlessly syncs with every change you make, so you see all updates you make immediately on any device you use. Although LastPass looked good when I researched it, I was hesitant about having them host my password file, not for any particular valid reason! Anyway, if it's free, you might as well test out mSecure on a few passwords. But also check out Safe in Cloud.

Posted via Android Central App

Grabbed mSecure and runtastic. Just loaded them to the cloud with my other apps. Have not installed them but I have them them there Amazon apps. Have never had an issue with the app. I like how you can keep it on the amazon app cloud till you want to load it.