Amazon App Store

A new Amazon App Store update is now rolling out to users. Once updated you'll be sitting pretty at v1.15 that brings with it some nice improvements and things that should satisfy both users and developers who place their apps in there. The change log:

  • Feature: Improved the initiation of search
  • Feature: Improved app compatibility check
  • Feature: Improved customer feedback
  • Fixed: Customer reviews bug
  • Fixed: Periodic install failure on Android 1.6
  • Fixed: Rotation issues on purchase
  • Fixed: Force-close on repeat taps on refine button
  • Fixed: Search box bug
  • Stability *improvements*

Amazon took some heat over their feedback process and app compatibility checking recently, so the changes in the list are welcome. If you're not seeing the update as of yet, open the app up and check for updates manually -- it should show up for you after that.


Reader comments

Amazon App Store updated to v1.15 - Improves stability, app compatibility checks and more


If they add the ability to remove apps I no longer want or need with a mass deletion check box, radial, or something similar, that would be the absolute best thing they could do for me.

I totally agree LadyDi. They are working on it. It is their #1 request, and for a long time now. I am expecting it very soon.

I hope so SteveIowa as that should have been #1 day 1. Let's hope the NEXT update has that option. 1.15C *laughs*

When one of my apps shows an update avail., how can I see what the changes are before downloading the update? This is driving me crazy.

I HATE that you can't see change logs / update details for individual apps in the Amazon App Store... like how could they leave out this detail? It's so easy to find in the Android Market, more often than not just listed under "recently changed"

Come on Amazon, get with it!

anyone else get a second update this morning? I downloaded one yesterday and there was another waiting for me this morning...

I can't even sign in to it anymore....I havne't used this App for a while because "there is a temporary error signing you in...please try again later"