Amazon App Store v2.2.0

It's been a while since the last Amazon App Store update was pushed out and it seems Amazon has been working on some improvements in that time. The latest update pushes the Amazon App Store into v2.2.0 and brings some welcomed changes with it aside from the usual bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • New notifications settings: Enable or disable notifications for - Download and Installation, App updates, Status Bar.
  • Improved messaging regarding payment options.
  • Improved app compatibility checks.

Overall a decent update, especially to the notification system that more or less harassed you each and every second until you attended to them. Plus, app compatibility checks will hopefully help against wasting your time in downloading an app that simply won't work for your device. The update is live now, so go ahead and check for updates or hit the source link to head on over to Amazon and grab the download.

Source: Amazon

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hmmm says:

Finally a way to shut off those notifications...

voiceonly says:

Nice, I hated seeing... There is an update available and never actually seeing an update, or knowing what was being updated.

juager says:

I am excited to see how the new notification system works (I disabled all notifications from the app). This has been my biggest issue with the amazon appstore, it always reminds you of apps, often ones you don't care about and just grabbed since they were free.

bkj216 says:

Yep no more notifications!

Would it kill them to include a description of what an app update actually does, something the Market has had for ages now?

Lanhoj says:

Still lets me download in Canada *PHEWF*

TyBec says:

How? It still says a US credit card is needed for me... (even for free apps)

Unfortunately, this still lacks changelogs for updates. :(

tdizzel says:

Yeah but can I download larger apps over 4G? I stopped using the amazon appstore because I no longer have wifi at home because 4G is so much faster but amazon wouldn't let me download apps unless i was on wifi.

Mobius360 says:

You know I never really thought much about it but on my phone via 4g WiMax I can download but on my 4G LTE Tablet I can't. Wonder why that is? I don't have the Amazon Appstore on my phone any longer to try again but I may go ahead and re-install it with this latest update.

kkhanmd says:

I cant find it on my nexus, any help?

chronic25 says:

How about the ability to remove the free apps you tried and hated from your app history?

jonathan3579 says:

You have to do that from a computer.

crxssi says:

Yeah, but shouldn't we also be able to do that from the Market App??

Pauley says:


Amazon Appstore for Android says:

Amazon Appstore for Android customers can now permanently delete apps from their account. To use this feature, visit the Your Apps and Devices ( section of the Amazon Appstore for Android and click "Actions."

To learn more about this feature, visit:

Appstore for Android FAQs -

Appstore for Android "Manage Apps" overview -

LadyDi says:

I wrote Amazon a few times about this feature. I never knew it was there as their reply was always "we working on it". Thank you for this information. You saved my Amazon App Store account life.

demontooth says:

I just got a freaking notification for a new app, that isn't new, even though the notifications are turned off. Arrrrggghhhhh

juager says:

Same here, evidently the disabling of notifications does not disable notifications.

demontooth says:

Got another one. Stop the notifications.

user123456 says:

Yes, it seems you can turn off every notification except the ones that actually happen :(