Alleged photos of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime show metallic frame and curvier body

What you see above is claimed to be the first real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. This high-powered variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to contain a 5.2-inch 2560x1440 QHD display (much like the LG G3) and a metal body. While previous reports of the metal body had assumed that the whole phone would be metal, what we're seeing here appears more along the lines of an aluminum frame with a plastic back that is a little thicker, though still dimpled, than the standard Galaxy S5.

That thickness likely comes courtesy of a larger battery, considering the amped up processor, RAM, and GPU that would be needed to manage that high density display while still keeping things humming along smoothly. Benchmarking leaks have indicated that the processor will be upgraded to a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, RAM bumped up to 3GB, and an Adreno 420 GPU thrown in for good measure. That said, the phone is reportedly still undergoing testing, so those specs might change.

Alleged photos of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime show metallic frame and curvier body

We don't have much more in the way of info about the Galaxy S5 Prime, though we're sure you have your own thoughts on the matter — especially if you've already shelled out a few hundred bucks for a standard Galaxy S5. Let us know what you think in the comments. And, of course, take all of this with the proverbial granule of sodium chloride.

Update - A new video has now also appeared claiming to be of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime or some variation of the Active, you can check it out below.

Update 2 from Phil Dunno about Phone Arena's stuff, but that video was pretty obviously bullshit, and dude needs to go find a new hobby. I've pulled it off this post. Apologies. You deserve better from us.

Source: Phone Arena Video Via: TK Tech News


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Alleged photos of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime show metallic frame and curvier body [Updated]


They're keeping the removable back, which keeps all the advantages coming with that. And those lines on those other two you refer to are separators to the antennas on the top and bottom, not the actual antennas.

Well my question is, first the HTC Prime, now a Samsung Prime, when is the iPhone Prime or the LG Prime gonna be announced?
Seriously, they running out of names now, that they have to use the same names?
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Yes.. but the name you don't want to be stuck with is * The Samsung S4S*... which is a name that a lot of S5 owners are going to have to endure with the announcement of the Prime.

The rumors for this started before one could buy an s5, so if they bought one anyway then shame on them.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

Why would they bother with cheap aluminum that dents easily. Consumers don't care about having a metal body. 99.875% of them are going to put a case on it anyway, making all of that metal useless. It's what's on the inside that counts. Metal isn't going to help the sales. Features are what sells, not that less durable metal. /S
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Well me and some friends are part of that little percent, I have a nexus 5 without case :)

Posted from my new Nexus 5

How the fuck could anybody possibly know such a statistic?! I mean really... you people make me laugh with your ridiculous "out the ass" percentages.

My apologies ahead of time if that was indeed sarcasm, though the "/s" was not present

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I couldn't care less what kind of article you linked, cock bag (since we're resorting to name calling)... here's a percentage for you... a statistic such as this is 99.9999999999999999935742236655885444% made the fuck up! ... now fuck off...

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That still don't excuse Samsung from making unattractive devices (depending on who you ask).

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I'm guessing Samsung are just determined to constantly grow by taking market shares from their competitors, which is why they aren't so stuck up pretending one size or type fits them all.

Good design and durability is still important to me, especially ergonomic which few manufacturers get right. But one thing you're right about, this thing still have Touchwiz, which mean I wouldn't touch it with a 20ft pole, it destroy the entire experience, and with premium pricing it'll come with is another reason to not get it.
android central app

If you detest TouchWiz that intensely, you can install Nova launcher or Apex launcher and that would solve your problem

Doesn't fix the notification menu and the useless "features" that take up space on the phone.

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Not useless to everyone. While I hate the way TouchWiz *looks*, I happen to like quite a few of the features that it adds. Just because you personally don't see the need for something, doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist. Use what you want, don't use what you don't want. No reason to get bent out of shape about it,though.

You would be amazed at the rate of people not puting a case on it and the rate of people who wants a metal/leather/fauxleather back. Your 99.875% is so wrong. In any case it would be around 50% and thats a lot.

I'm sorry, but I was being very sarcastic and mocking of the comments that show up in most HTC articles, condemning the metal construction.

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That awkward moment when you end your post with /S and people still don't understand that its sarcasm.

Thank you for informing me of that. I will make sure that I always and forever use those methods of demonstrating sarcasm to ensure I'm not misunderstood. /S

Cheap Aluminum??? Please explain what is cheap about the HTC One M7/M8? I'm waiting...... A lot of people who buy the Samsung devices still go out put cases on them so I don't understand the point of the 99.875% seeing that you could say that's anyone that buys a mobile device whether it's Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and etc.

Seriously?! Did you really miss the "/S" at the end of his post? It means SARCASM!

Or were you being sarcastic too?

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Everyone keeps talking about how "premium" aluminum is.

Guess that means all my soda cans and left overs are made of "premium" materials...

You're assumption that 99+ % use cases is far off from the truth. Also metal will help sales because there are alot of people that believe metal is premium and plastic is not. I myself prefer polycarbonate or other materials

I'd have to say you are completely talkng out of your arse there! If all that matters to U, is what is under the hood, hardware wise, then you don't have to suffer the appalling abominations from the Samsung design team. They are plenty of OEM's with the same specs, for less money, that aren't hideous or filled with Samsung bloatware, better optimized and don't waste memory...

I'm not trying to be a cunt, but is it not obvious that I was being overly sarcastic? I'm actually kind of lost for words here.

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Yeah, I died a little inside reading the replies to your comment...

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No Captain.. It Does Not Matter.
You See.. You have to think of the S5 Prime like an Plane Jane Overweight Wife...
Many folks will wonder how and why something like that was ever created...
But just like the S5 Prime.. Behind closed doors.. out of site of the general public ***She Does It Better Than A Hoover Vacuum Cleaner And Freaks You Every Which Way But Loose***
Who cares what the outside looks like (Put a bag over it..) That Beautiful 1440P Screen and all that Power to push it.
The Perfect Companion.. If the G3 matches it.. you'll have the looks as well.. :-)

I don't like it. Looks like they're just grabbing at straws to sell more phones, how many variants of the s5 do they need? They have the regular s5, the k zoom thing, the active is reportedly going to be joining the lineup soon, and then this?

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I thought it was? The zoom galaxy phone from last year was an s4 zoom, no? I just thought it was the same this year.

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Consumers like big numbers. Someone goes into a store and sees an lg g3 with a 1440p screen and 3 gigs of ram and all of a sudden who's buying an s5? Now most people here know that while yes a 1440p screen is nice there's negative effects to it, and 3 gigs of ram isn't necessary but someone just wanting to upgrade their phone for the next few years isn't.

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Negative effects? Please enlighten us what more pixel density does to degrade your phone experience.

Outside of phone.... All of my PC monitors are 1440p and I plan on going 4k soon. Bumping up from 1080 to 1440 brought out more colors. Smoother images and just better overall immersion.
I'm having a hard time picturing how moving up in resolution is a bad thing.

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Not to mention that the GPU needs to push more pixels to the screen every frame, which would have negative impact on performance.
I'm not against 1440p, I'm just saying we need more time.

My device went through hell to send this message.

This is what I love !
Funny how it ok to say "That phone is just 720P and not full 1080P"
And now that 1080P is obsolete people are getting offended and trying to find reasons to discredit 1440P. 1080P has quickly become "So 2013" the way 720P became "So 2012".. That's progress folks.. accept it.. The LG -G3 and S5 Prime will have enough battery to compensate for the new Flagship Standard 1440P.

Are you kidding? People already complain that 1080p phones don't have enough battery. How many discussions get started here and in the forums for *years* about how to get the best battery life? If we weren't pushing the envelope for *completely* pointless specs, some of that could go away.

It's one thing to talk about going 4K on your computer screen. That's probably 20+ inches. If you really read about 4K computer screens, though, they have to use multiple signal processor to even drive that amount of pixels and that can cause image issues. Do your homework.

But, again, that's a *very* different thing from putting a 2K or 4K screen in a 5" cell phone.

There is *zero* visual benefit to going above about 320ppi on a cell phone.

What the hell are you ranting about ! LOL!!!
I hate to be the one to bring you into the "Present Day" but...
They have basically LICKED getting a day's usage out of the S4/S5..G2..Note 3... HTC One etc...
And I HIGHLY Doubt.. that the New Flagship's coming with their 1440P displays are going to be taking a step backwards...
Again... to bring you "Up To Date" Snapdragon 801's / 805's have SUPERIOR battery management compared to the Snapdragon 800 SoC..
So don't worry... The New 1440P Flagship Standard in screen resolution will do just fine.
Can't wait to get one of these new QHD phones myself to be honest. and you should read more.. reviews on the OPPO's Find 7's QHD display had reviewers saying "Oh Yeah.. you can see the difference over 1080P"
Of course you can..:-)

You missed the point. I realize they've finally gotten to the point where the battery lasts (pretty much) a full day. But wouldn't it be great if it could go even longer? I have a Note 3, and it gets good battery life, but a lot of people still want more than just 18 hours out of their battery.

And yes, the new SoC's will (obviously) be faster and have better power efficiency, but why are the OEM's in such a hurry to push these things to red-line for a feature of *very* questionable utility? It does no good to make the SoC more power effectient if you just turn around and sink those gains into the screen. It means that the new version will not perform that much better or get the substantial improvement in battery life that it *could* get.

As for "other people" commenting on the Find7's screen. I'll believe it when I see it. I've seen numerous reports (from professionals, not just "people") that the human eye is incapable is seeing the difference in pixel density above about 320 at 10".

You say "of course you can" but you don't actually know, either. You say that, because someone else told you they can see the difference, but you don't even know if they really can. Until I see something where people are handed two different screens, of varying pixel density above 320, without being told which one is which, and they can consistently pick out the one with higher density, I'm gonna have to go with "placebo effect".

Dude.. Stop being so defensive about your Note only having 1080P.
You had to know.. Superior resolutions were coming and 1440P by the Math is a SUPERIOR resolution to 1080P.. It's that simple.. Now if you want to find some "Round About" way to complain that things should stay 1080P and that money should go to getting "Days of Use" out of a device just because your 1080P is obsolete well.. You just need to face the facts.. There would not be a 2560 x 1440P advancement if it yielded ZERO GAIN over 1080P
Samsung is doing it..
LG is doing it...
HTC is doing it...
OPPO is doing it...
So.... They're all wrong... and.... *Your Right* ???
Go on telling yourself that if it makes you feel better..
Sorry The new high in standard 1440P has rattled your cage to this level.
But it's here... so get over it.

What's "rattled my cage" is every one "demanding" it, which is *why* OEM's are doing it. It's got nothing to do with my Note 3, and everything to do with the Note 4 I intend to own when it comes out.

You sound butt hurt over it. Why do you care if they offer 75 variants of the S5? You're only gonna own one anyway, unless your one of these reviewers. Plus you could get one almost tailor made to your needs ...
Galaxy S5 E21B-2+: Teak Wood back wireless charging back, 3800mah battery, carbon fiber body, dual sim, non water proof, with built in stylus and pen apps, etc etc etc whatever.

I've never understood the people who get pissy because phone makers release too many options. Geeeeesh, go get an iPhone.

I Honestly believe that Samsung should of had the prime in another line, sorry not intentional lol

1)The S Line-no variants

2)The Note Line-no variants

3)The Prime or F series or whatever and again no variants.

4)The Compact Line yes this is contradictory of the above but the exception.

I don't dislike this if infact this is the S5 Prime but so many other Phones that are far more pleasing like the Z2 which I own and love it for many many reasons.

Samsung need to start listening or do they?

Such a strong presence and it's almost like they can be lackadaisical about design.

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I see it from a different perspective, and it seems like I'm not alone on this; Samsung are concious about the choice of materials. Their phones are generally lighter than other phones in the same size range, often a lot lighter. Metal is nice, thick plastic is nice too, but not if the phone starts getting up towards 200g.

i like some weight on my phone ... i like feeling it's in my pocket without checking ... the apple-esque pursuit of paper thin weightlessness is nothing im looking forward to ... im not everyone but i know im not alone either

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I'm just saying what I'm seeing. Most people prefer light phones, at least those are the ones selling the best. Remember a lot of people put an additional cover on top of everything, Then you´re getting up towards tablet weights if you start out at something close to 200g...

So, I just bought the tradish gs5. Anybody that has one have a recommendation on keeping mine versus waiting for this?? I'm on day 12/14

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Do you have to have the device? Do those specs and a higher resolution screen natter to you? If not, stick with the S5. There's always something with better specs coming out, and if you keep waiting for the latest thing, you'll be waiting forever.
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why? 2 of those phones do not even exist yet. He also must like the features involved with Samsung, so the alternatives are not really in the running.

Horns Up Are You Joking?
Return it.
You are one of the lucky one's that still can.. And in the end, you know you'll have the latest and greatest for 2014.. There in NOT going to be a 64 Bit Snapdragon released in any device this year.. so.. your Snapdragon 805/Adreno 420 is King of the Hill for at least the next six months.. and can you imagine rooting it and running CM 11 with either Faux's or ExperimentX's Kernel?
and that Quad-HD Screen! Return It! I'll drive you !

Yea, sell it... go with the lg g3 when it hits the stores... you will be glad you did. I went from a note 2 to the lg g2 and after the note 2 and other Samsung devices, I'm never looking back to Samsung ever again. The G2 walks on water, while the other Samsung's I came from all sink like stones...

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Time to pop some popcorn... grab some brew... and watch the *Battle Royal* begin!

My 2 cents.. Samsung BETTER price this thing at like $750.00 - $800.00 bucks.. if not, there are going to be some Pissed.. and I mean PISSED OFF people ! Shades of the Razr - (60 days later) Razr Maxx mess.. I'd be so upset I would not know what to do if I just forked over $199.00 / $649.00 or whatever amount.. and you drop this? with TRUE 2014 Flagship specs weeks after I got suckered out of my cash? Oh Man....
No shit Guys & Gals.. I truly feel for you on this one.. I really do. I know a lot of people are going to comment they still have a great device and are 100% happy with their purchase.. I get that.. But deep down inside, you know you were ROBBED of having any choice in the matter and that's F*cked. All that said.. Damn I have check this out Doc.. These specs are off the hook.. I hope LG matches suit. I had no idea the Snapdragon 805 / Adreno 420 were ready to go so soon in 2014.

They'll price it competitively with the LG G3. That's the whole point of the galaxy prime.

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Robbed of having any choice in the matter? So Samsung came to their house, put a gun to their head, and forced them to buy the S5 the day it came out? Everyone has a choice. If anyone is pissed they only have themselves to blame.

You're correct..
No one made them purchase a Standard S5..
But.. No One told them an S5 *Prime* was only 8 weeks away either.. 6 months? ok.. but rumors started 3 -4 weeks after the release of the standard S5.. and 11 Million were sold in the first 30 days! No.. there are going to be some pissed off people (rightfully so) out there that will feel betrayed by Samsung on this one.

actually rumors existed well before the s5 was launched that it would be metal in some fashion or form and samsung straight up denied it ...

i agree with you, id be insanely pissed

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Yes, people will be pissed, but not rightfully so. Rumors started well before the S5 was released. People were even complaining back before the S5 was released. They were acknowledging that Samsung was going to release a "superior" phone soon after the S5, and then saying they were still going to immediately buy the S5 and then be pissed at Samsung once the Prime was released.
Yes, people will be pissed, but that's because they absolutely refuse to take any personal accountability over a decision that they made of their own free will.

You have no choice but to own up to it..
But every time I looked at my Standard S5.. read a review of how marvelous 1440P QHD is over regular 1080P displays.. how the S5 simply runs smoother with the Adreno 805 & 3 Gigs of Ram.. Oh Man.. I'm getting worked up just thinking about being ripped off like that. And I don't even own an S5..

*Most* people won't be able to tell a difference with the display. There is no visual difference above about 320ppi at 10" from your eyes. Just a waste of battery and performance so that tech junkies will cream themselves about the specs.

Sorry.. I don't agree with that at all..
reviews I've seen on the OPPO Find 7 say "Oh Yeah.. you can see the difference over only having 1080P displays" Just like 720P was ok.. but 1080P was better.. well, it's a new day..
1080P HD is ok.. but 1440P Quad-HD is going to be better.. That's progress.

Progress is one thing. Physics is something else entirely. Like I said in my other reply, "people" saying "yeah, it looks better!" is hardly an objective assessment.

You are exactly correct. This is common sense. It's called just wait to purchase the new next big thing that way you don't spend a fortune.

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Samsung did the same thing last year with the S4, then the S4 Active, the International S4 with octa-core and, in the South Korean market, the S4 with Advanced LTE. So anyone who just bought the S5 can hopefully return it or sell it if necessary. I too would be pissed if I just got the S5 and spent a chunk of money on it.

Do you think the same way when buying everything else? The week after I bought my Core i5 desktop PC, Intel announced new, improved processors in the Haswell series, and they've kept doing that on a regular basis ever since...

Technology isn't something changing on a 12 month clock cycle. Why would they stop releasing improvements just because you're upset not getting to be exclusive for a full 12 months? Buy an iPhone if that's so important to you. Seriously. :)

You can replace the motherboard in your "Core i5 Desktop PC" to take advantage of changes in processor and RAM technology - maybe not the week after you bought your rig but sometime thereafter. Same for your Videocard and HDD/SSD subsystem. You can't do this on a phone yet (let's see how the Phonebloks modular phone technology shapes up when the phone supposedly ships in January 2015). My point with the Samsung S4 in particular was the re-release of this phone in a compressed time frame. Changes especially in mobile technology are fickle with refresh cycles now every six months or less with SoCs and the like.

As to buying an iPhone - no. I don't support a company that deems my 2007 iMac as not worthy of being capable of running their latest OS. I'd rather install Linux instead on said iMac. I certainly won't support said company what they deem as being semi-obsolete tablets and phones beyond 2 years with the current iOS upgrade. I've flashed CyanogenMod on 2 to 3 year old phones and tablets and made them useful. Not state-of-the-art to be sure but still useful. Same for 6+ year old laptops with Linux.

I can't replace the motherboard if it's custom built motherboard, or a laptop.

Technology improves all the time. Learn to live with that, and you won't have to hate manufactures for advancing technology. :)

Your choice if you bought a "Core i5 Desktop PC" that has no upgrade path for motherboard vs. a form-factor that does. As to a laptop - well sure, but max out the RAM and drop in an SSD if you can. I'm not a fan of "disposable" technology as deemed by a Technology Company, be it phones/tablets/desktops/laptops. For me the challenge is how to push the gear even if its a bit old. But that's a personal quirk of mine. So, in a roundabout manner, to answer your original question: I actually do think about this when 'buying everything else".

You can try to dance around the core of my reply as much as you want, still doesn't change the fact that technology evolves all the time. Not on a 12 month cycle. No one is forcing you to buy the latest model all the time. That would be a weird obsessive behaviour. Buy the best you can afford at a certain moment and enjoy it, instead of hating manufacturers for doing what they've always done....

I don't subscribe to the "planned obsolesence" model anymore nor am I "Mr. Moneybags" being able to afford the latest tech at the latest prices. What I do though is purchase the tech which I believe gives me the best value for the dollar spent. We can argue semantics ad nauseum and yes technology does change all the time but if you can leverage a modular system then you can leverage the changes if you so choose. Depending on the form factor you can can do this with a Desktop. Not so much on a laptop but again with Google's Phoneblok modular phone system, and especially if it goes mainstream, then maybe this can become a paradigm that could extend next to tablets.

The constant upgrade race applies to those expensive desktop components, too. Buy a top of the line GPU from ASUS today and see ASUS release a new top of the line model within a month. And that GPU costs more than this phone. That goes for the processor as well, or any other vital part you buy.

So, for the last time. I don't see why you hate mobile manufacturers for delivering improved hardware at the rate they develop said hardware when this is something fundamental for the industry. I just get why do you insist they should keep everything else unreleased for 12 months after they've made the model you want available. Makes no sense to me....

If the Phonebloks concept takes off in the mobile space and if I can replace every single component at a personally defined best value for the dollar spent threshold then I will support that paradigm. If the the OnePlus One sales model takes off I can get state-of-the-art hardware for $350 or so (yes I know OnePlus One is selling at cost and is subsidized by Oppo) but if that shakes up the Big Players and the hardware is solid I will support that paradigm as well.

I will not drop $600+ personally on a phone to see it specced out like Samsung did with the the S4 or the potential S5 Prime three or four months after its release. I can compromise with a Phonebloks type form factor or a Nexus/OnePlus One sales model and get a good two years service or more out of it. Your GPU analogy is bang on - do I need to spend $3000 on a Titan Z?? Personally no. But the Titan Z is not a commodity consumer item and smartphones are. Again value for money.

It doesn't matter if it's a Titan Z or any other range. Jaysus, you really are hell-bent on hating just Samsung, aren't you? =) pointless discussion is pointless discussion.

I like it, but what will it look and feel like next to the LG G3? That will be my test.

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The G3 will blown it away in both categories.. but can you live with having a warmed over Snapdragon 800 in the form of the 801 and last years Adreno 330 GPu powering your new $700.00 flagship G3? if all you care about is looks and feel.. then get ready your G3 is almost here.. For me, Samsung's design is sooo tired and sooo old and I hate the physical home button .. but to have the 805 chipset that Qualcomm specifically designed for 1440P , I would have to throw a thick black case on the S5 Prime and call it a day .. instead of settling for the nicer looking but older internals of the G3 .

I think design wise and yes they are just renders but the LG G3 looks better than the S5 Prime.

But beauty is in the eye if the beholder right lol

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They made the initial S5 to compete with the HTC one M8 and the S5 prime to compete with the LG G3.

Posted via Android Central App

What is that bottom right corner? (Screen facing up) Speaker?
Still rather have oneplus one or moto x +1

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LOL I said from the beginning of the year that Samsung would do this and nobody believed me!

Posted via Android Central App

That's not true. There has been many rumors and much speculation about this very thing since before the GS5 was even officially announced. No one may have believed YOU, per se, but you were not the first and/or only to predict this.

Yeah.. but it's not going to run the same!
This thing with CM or Mahdi and a ExperimentalX Kernel installed is going to fly at warp speed.

Still Not Impressed Samsung atleast try at design.

Oh Yeh you don't have to right...

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The of the back of the device in the picture seems to have a gap in the back panel and doest fit right and the video looks like a regular gs5 with an extended battery cover.

OK, now I'm really ANGRY. Not because the Prime exists, but because it's obvious that they screwed up the design of the regular S5 to accommodate the 5.2 inch screen of the Prime. They made the bezel of the S5 much bigger than it needed to be just so they could share more parts with the Prime!

Not necessarily true. Apart from the added thickness being there for the battery, it's possible that other internals were shifted around to accommodate for a larger screen. Regardless, galaxy S5 owners are going to be pissed
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Freeze it at 1:53... And you'll see T-Mobile on the bottom left.. and speaker is in the same place.
But.. Phone Arena's pics look legit.. and speaker is on the bottom on the Prime.. also, the flash looks a lot closer to the lens on the prime.

If you go to Phonearena's site.. you can see a frontal screenshot of the Prime with it lockscreen on. You don't see "T-Mobile" in the bottom left corner like you do in the faked Prime vid @ the 1:53 mark.
No test device would have carrier branding.

That's exactly what I thought. Looks like an S5 with a skin on the back cover.

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That just means he has put a T-Mobile SIM in it and he has service. My Nexus 5 displays my service providers name on the lock screen as well, and it will change if I put a SIM for a different network in it.

That isn't to say it is genuine, but showing T-Mobile on the lockscreen doesn't mean a thing. Well, other than it is currently connected to the T-Mobile network.

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Say good bye to NFC, the possibility of Qi charging and probably one bar of LTE and WiFi, depending on where they locate their antennas - there is not much place to locate the antennas in a way that they are immune to the near-Faraday cage that you are enclosing they in.
Still looks pretty, if that is what you buy a phone for.

Or.. if you buy a phone for the new standard 1440P QHD resolution.. The most powerful processor ever produced for an Android device.. The most powerful GPu ever for an Android device and 3 Gigs of Ram.. if that's what you buy a phone for... The Prime is no joke.. I'll concede that.

I would love an metal s5. The phone is good looking imo and don't want to put a case on it

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As a Galaxy S3 owner I'm still not impressed... Waiting to see what the Moto X+1 looks like.

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If you are waiting on a kitchen assistant , you better stick w your phone.
Unless, you are talking design. :)

VZW Moto X

What A Day..
1st.. The Death of Nexus.
And now, the birth of the 3rd Flagship Device to stand with the OPPO Find 7 and LG -G3.
Life really is a cycle...

The phone in the video is just an s5 with an aluminum back cover. Go to YouTube and watch it. In the comments section someone posted a link to a site that sells the exact same one, same color and everything.

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You might be right. He needs to go into the software and show model number. He may just be trying to get a lot of clicks on the vid.

Lol that was me I think.. Did it also ask the guy to show the about device section and install cpu z so we could see the 2k res on the so called s5 prime/active
Lol I seriously can't believe anyone fell for this, within a few seconds of watching the video I knew It was a fake cause I have seen them metal finish back covers from the days of the s2 on eBay heck I ordered one myself.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

Whatever that thing is in the video, it's ugly as sin. Also, I thought this thing would avoid the dimples lol.

Ridiculous from my point of view.
But, it seems like they are trying to follow Apple's strategy - iPhone 5s & 5c
I don't know how will it turn out.
They are definitely trying to topple or equal whatever LG n Apple are coming out with. No way that Sammy would allow to be outspec'd :)
If I bought the s5 just weeks ago I would be pissed, that's for sure. When you pay so much for a flagship device you expect that's it for a year and now this device will make one look "outdated":) and can only drop the value of your phone -shouldn't have a higher tag because it's competing w g3 n iPhone 6.
Can't wait to see energy efficiency of the new hardware. We can assume that it won't accommodate anything bigger than 3-3200 mAh battery, which is kinda worrisome , knowing that s5 is already not rated as high as m8. Anything under 6+ screen on time in a full day use shouldn't be acceptable sacrifice for more pixels.

VZW Moto X

They're competing with the LG G3 with the prime and competed with the HTC one M8 with the regular S5.

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I didn't see the phone. I was fixated on them coke thumbnails.

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Lol can't believe people are falling for that video. It's just a 3rd party back cover that has a metal finish for the s5.
Heres a link to eBay that has that exact gold back which has the black banding which the guy tries to pass it off as extra protection lol. Come on people research. Just slide to the gold color

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Then explain the middle section that has been added to the body of the device to accommodate a larger battery. That isn't just a back cover.

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That middle section is on the 3rd party back cover, it's just a thicker back cover to allow bigger 3rd party extended battery. Zoom in on the images on eBay where the camera and flash is, it doesn't stick out and is recessed exactly like it is on the video. The guys not willing to do a video that shows the about device screen because it will just say the s5 name and his not willing to install cpu z which would show the specs like 2k screen. All he keeps saying I posted a picture with the about screen which anyone can fake. If you think it's real then fine.

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Ah. What the original S5 should of been. Can't wait for all the pissed off people who's brand new S5 is out of date 6 months after buying it and then seeing this and asking why the original S5 want this.

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This moron is an idiot and if people fell for this need to be lobotomized. The "rumor" is that the speaker is put on the bottom like the note 3. In this vid, it's still on the back. If you look at the first pic, the dimples on the back aren't even straight!

"pre production S5 prime or active" and the dork isn't even sure if that's what it is but yet he got a hold of one. He's a fuck nut. Let it go people.

Yeh I was laughing during the video lol and now at your comment fuck nut indeed lol

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It's called a prototype in an s5 body. Which is exactly what Samsung has done in the past.

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I'm skeptical, but hopeful of these photos, but I call complete bullshit on the video as it obviously is a cheap $3 aluminum cover (I own one) with the plastic black with glued aluminum over it. He never goes into the settings to show anything of the device, an app to show hardware specs or benchmarks to show capabilities.

If you read through the comments on the video in YouTube, he has replied saying it's confirmed to be an s5 active with a 1080p screen. I think it's hilarious how he comments on how much crisper the display is only to find out it's 1080p......smh

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I'm kinda pissed that I bought the 'regular" S5 when it first came out. But oh well, I live and I learn. I'll definitely keep this until the new flagships come out next year. I'll tell you what though, Sammy will lose MILLIONS of customers for pulling a stunt like this...

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Let's say for the sake of argument you are correct...
They Sold 11 Million S5's ( eh S4S's ) in the 1st 30 days.
So... by your count let's say what? 3 -4 Million Angry Nerds? that wish they had the S5 Prime... ( And I'm being generous )
The other 7 Million "Non-Nerds" will care less that there is a *Prime* model out now.. They'll just comment "Oh that's nice! " and go on with their day... And those same 7 Million will be back next year for the S6..

Mobile Phone companies are making it impossible for us to pick good phone, every year dozens of phones announce. We can’t pick one and more and more… To keep things straight, manufacturers should give us huge discount instead of paying hundred and thousands of dollars. I won’t buy this prime, as I know it’ll come with same specs like S5 and HTC One M8

It seems this is an industry wide effort to create a new category above the existing $199 mark. The price of the rumored Htc One Prime, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, iPhone Air will begin at $299 on contract and Google's project Android Silver is also rumored to have been created to join these products as competition.

Basically companies are saying - "Hey customer you want metal, wood and 'premium' materials on your phone ? Well we want more money so pay up !"

I do hope the rumors are false. Because off contract these phones could sell for $900-$1000 :( :(

Regular Note 4, Note 4 Prime, Note 4 active, Note 4 K Zoom, Note 4 mini, Note 4 Prime mini, Note 4 prime mini active.......

It's so frustrating seeing the s5 prime coming to reality I got my s5 the day it was released that wasn't too long ago and already there is an upgraded s5. Anybody else kinda sickened by that or am I on my own on that one? If samsung do a note 4 and note 4 prime edition I will be looking elsewhere.

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With Samsung it seems to be the norm. There will always be a newer device then the one you have. There is no winning

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End of the day....Samsung has a lot of $. So if people won't shut up about a metal device, they make it. Another phone people might buy instead of an iPhone.

Definitely glad to see it come to life! But on the other hand I would like to see what it has spec wise and what it can do over the regular S5.

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The pics can be real but as for video the phones sides and stuff looks far to simmilar to that of s5 normal which leads me to believe it's s5 from now with a custom or maybe even a fake back which makes it look thicker and is different

It looks to be just a aftermarket metal back cover. The video is useless. How does he not know what the phone is..... Its in his hands.... Did he just find it on the side of the street and decided to do a video on it.

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The video? I think that's just a fake video. Someone managed to troll Android Central into spreading a video of a guy with a regular GS5 using a custom Qi cover, with the link to their own site right there on youtube....

Maybe but his second video he shows it using cpu-z it has an 801 processor along with a 1080p screen so either its just an s5 with a different backside or its the active. I'm meaning fake too because of 4.4.3..

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I'm guessing there are a lot of reason it wasn't, most of them are the same as to why the GS4 wasn't released in 1995. The technology simply wasn't there. It's QHD, and they felt that either battery usage or performance would have taken a too big hit with the Snapdragon 801. And then there is the availability of things like the display, which I don't think was quite ready either at that time.

I have figured Samsung out. Just do this....

Save the money for a new phone you've been hearing about. When it's released, restrain yourself and wait. Within a couple of months, they will release the Prime model or something similar. Show restraint again! By this time, the all new S model will be leaking out making you all giddy again. Keep showing restraint. I know it's hard, but by the time you actually see a phone released that makes you want to whack off, you'll have the money for it....

Wow.. The Ceo from Samsung told the world that they would not be making this. Myself and many others wanted this but based on what he said purchased the S5. If this does become available that would be total B. S.!

Looked like the aluminum battery cover I ordered for my Note 2 last year.

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Nooooooooooooo! Don't reveal to the aircraft grade aluminum crowd that you can easily swap your poor pitiful plastic back for a myriad of aluminum ones. That would just crash the "I love lack of options better" party.

This bulgy looking back appears to be a lot like the wireless charging back for the S5. Maybe it comes standard?

I think it is, the rumors are that it's a 5.2" screen so maybe they fitted in a bigger screen in the same size as the s5 body. S5 has plenty of bezels to add more screen anyways

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Yeah its as fake as that active we posted today.

"Get a new hobby??? Lol yeah right"

How about not bowing to comments when you don't know the deal phil........
I'm guessing the active Leak was fake too? And our galaxy w will be too.

Just saying in the future have some balls and actually investigate it.

This is me. I am leaving a comment because I want to win. Also, because I want to laugh at Apple as they announce features we've already been enjoying on Android. :D

This looks interesting! The one thing that discouraged me completely from buying the s5 was the location of the speaker on the back. Looks like they did something about it after all especially hoping its really crappy sound quality has been sorted. So is it the one right next to the charging port?