It's a big update with plenty to take in, so let's break it down

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) version 2.0 for Android dropped yesterday, and it's a pretty sizeable update with plenty to get your head around. Fortunately, we know some good folks who are pretty handy with all things BlackBerry. Our buddies over at CrackBerry have jumped in with both feet and taken a good look at what's what with the newest iteration of their favorite – now cross-platform – messaging service.

So, join us after the break for a breakdown of the best damn BBM coverage you'll find, anywhere. We'll also be checking back and updating with anything more we come across. In the meantime if you've got questions, answers or anything else to say about the latest in BBM for Android hit us up in the comments or the Android Central BBM forums!


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All you need to know about BBM 2.0 for Android


I used to have a BB and LOVED BBM....I cannot think of a reason to have it at this point. I mean if i knew anyone who had a BB I would be happy to download this.

Um...that's why its now available on Android and IOS, so you can use it and not have to know anybody with a BB. I personally don't use it, but I know tons of people who do use it religiously and NONE of them have BB's or know anybody that does.

What is still strange, you can't i.a. simply share a picture in multiperson chat. What they think in Canada releasing BBM as a social app for other platforms without such obvious feature these days? Using 'groups' for such purposes is natural only for business BB Users. BBM 2.0 is just another proof they made BB10 for Business but want to sell it to Customers. Fail, BlackBerry! :(

[...] new BYOD hero:

You can be the FIRST in your crew to start using BBM! Someone had to be the first person to try Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all those other hip apps! You can be the leader in the resurgence of BBM! Imagine that because of you, the WORLD is using BBM once again. Can you see it? You can make old new once again! And with a name like SocialMuse, I'm sure the world will follow! You can do it! I believe in you Muse... I believe.

I install it, uninstall, and reinstall....still none of my friends use it.

Just sits there with the Icon staring back at me like why?

I wonder the same thing.

Exactly, not even one friend. I'd much rather use hangouts, I've been actively getting all my friends over to hangouts, I wouldn't want to switch them over to bbm now.

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Someone needs to come up with a new app - Flappy BlackBerry Messenger. It would need its own section on AC for all the coverage it would get

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

I really like the channels. There is a good EverQuest, gun and a car channel I love. I have several bbm contacts, don't think any of them have a bb. Running moto g here.

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I was excited by the update, but after trying several times, I can't get "location sharing" to work. And now, no matter what I do, I have a "Glympse" icon in my status bar, and on pull-down, it says I have "29:59" remaining on my location share...since late last night. Even restarting the phone doesn't clear it.

All you need to know about BBM 2.0?'s by BlackBerry. Which means that it is released late, and yet somehow, at the same time, too soon.

Did you set it up? Go to BBM settings and turn sharing location on, it worked for me

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Probably the only person on the planet who does.None of my friends use it.One even said the only reason he kept it "just in case"

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

Well, you heard it folks. No one that Aditya knows uses BBM for Android, therefore no one on the face of the earth uses it. We can all go home now.


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You're already wrong, why not just cut your losses and stop showing everyone you have no idea what you're talking about.

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If I followed your rule, Hangouts should die, because I'm not using it, so it must mean no one else in the world uses it... :S

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Blackberry died when they took THREE years to come out with a new OS.

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You're missing out, bro. Stick a grapefruit in the microwave, cut a hole in it...wait...What were YOU talking about?

BBM is actually a pretty solid tool....this update just adds functionality that other messaging platforms don't have. The location sharing is quite good. I don't understand all this Blackberry hate... the more players in the game the more innovative ideas come to market which leaves us the consumer with more choice and better products going forward...

Same here, I also don't understand why all this hatred against BlackBerry. It's true that they're struggling but does that mean they shouldn't be given the chance to innovate and recover? Absolutely not! I want to see BlackBerry succeed even if they're not focused on the consumer market anymore. I agree with you that more competition breeds innovation. Speaking of the new update, I went to the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store to see the reviews/ratings for the new update. It seems that overall the ratings for BBM have increased which means that people are liking the new update which is a good thing. BBM still isn't perfect but this update is a great step for BBM overall. I currently own a BB Z10 and I love BB10 atm. I was previously an owner of an iPhone 4 and a Google Nexus S. I have switched from one platform to another because I don't like blindly sticking to one platform. Now I wonder what mobile platform I'm going to switch to when I upgrade to a new phone in 2015 haha. Maybe Sailfish/Ubuntu Touch/Tizen/WP8 lol. Anyway, I look forward to see more future updates on BBM.

All this hate on blackberry, I bet no one has even tried a blackberry 10 phone. Its sad how people a scared to try something new.

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Agreed. I love comments like no one I know uses Blackberry therefore nobody uses Blackberry. Apparently, "no one I know means" I know every one in the world.

I have used a z10 and BB10 was nothing special. I am honestly not putting them down, it just was a step back from Jelly Bean.

They would have been better off if they would not have delayed it a year too, but that doesnt really matter now.

To be fair, though, this article isn't even about BB10. It's about BBM; and though the comments are negative (as they usually are), they can/do reflect a reality that BlackBerry is facing right now.

Yes, BlackBerry can boast about an impressive number of installs of BBM in such a short time frame. But, that still doesn't change many people's perception of BlackBerry.

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True, the perception of BlackBerry is their biggest hurdle. The Brand image has been considerably tarnished over the past 5 years. Doesn't really matter how good /bad their products are. If BBM had been a product of iPhone or Google etc I think the perception of the app would be completely opposite of what it is now.

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I couldn't agree more. That's their biggest problem. Since I got my Z30 and updated to 10.2.1, haven't used my S3 anymore. It's a great device and the OS is growing well

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People just like to talk shit on the Internet because they think it makes them cool.

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Its great that the BBM team made the effort to subtlety tweak the UI to feel more Androidy

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Everyone keeps hating, but for me bbm is a blessing in disguise - I haven't had a BlackBerry in ages, but most of my contacts in the developing world do have bbm, and so I use it for work, daily.

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Would everyone quit saying negative stuff, seriously. Grow up people!!!!! If you have something negative, don't say it. I have friends on Android who love BBM and some people like it, some don't. Try it and get your friends to download it and use it for a few days. You will start to love it.

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Ummm, feedback is both positive and negative.

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No thanks, I'm not hating on BB but I never desired to use BBM when BB was popular and I have no desire to do so now. Why should we have to learn something new when what I currently use works for me and my friends.

From my Note 2 to you

All I know is it tells me it's not compatible with my device, even though I had it previously installed. i'm using a Nexus 5 by the way.

I love BBM 2.0. I just called my bro stationed in Okinawa with BBM and he was using the base's WiFi so it didn't affect his minutes or data. Quality was great! Sounded and felt like a normal call over cell, but better in a way, since WiFi was strong and consistent.

Posted via Telepathy, Android version 88.85.50 "Carne Asada"

Yeah I called my mom who's down in St Lucia (Caribbean) and it worked great. She's goes on Vacation like 4 times a year!! And I've never been able to call her. She can send me pictures and share her location so I can see where she is now :/ She has iPhone and was very reluctant to download.

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Great, but you've been able to do this for years with Skype or Viber or any other VoIP app. Viber is even easier, no PINs or anything, just your normal mobile number. Done.

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A lot of angry people Lazaridis must have eaten your childhood pet. Do you guys refuse to drive your car if you have a QNX infotainment system or if a medical equipment uses QNX? No love for BBM, BB10/QNX, or even the fruit?

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The haters on here are a dying breed so lets allow them to at least die trying. BBM is here to stay even if BlackBerry itself closes shop. They just cant accept that after so many years of wishing its demise, they are being proven wrong. I know it hurts but hey ho.. thats life. #BBM4All

So giving this bbm another shot. 2 days since I've installed, 0 BBM messages from people. Hangouts in the same time I've received about 200 messages.

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Lol, you have to have BBM contacts to receive BBM messages. Convince some of your friends to give it a try: they may like it, you never know.

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You dorks are gonna start world war 3 over BBM lol this shit's hilarious! Just relax, everyone is entitled to their opinion... some of you need to get over yourselves

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Here in Mexico, BB remains as a major platform today, thus almost 30% of my contacts uses BBM, even some of them do not use whatsapp at all. Just my 2 cents.

I have 6 BBM contacts but apparently none that are active users. I'm happy to report I got one bbm message back, things are looking up.

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Dead messaging app from a dead company. Don't know a single person that's interested in using BBM. Let those over at Crackberry have fun with this, the rest of the world has moved on.

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I love the way BBM4ALL is coming along, don't knock it until you try it. Can't wait for video and screen share! The voice is awesome along with the plentiful and nicely done clean looking emoticons! Great job, love 2.0!