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Back in April we wrote about an innovative keyboard called A.I. type that really impressed us with its ability to predict text. It was in beta back then but has graduated recently with some exciting new features, including customization of the bottom row keys and improvements to the prediction engine.

If you're not one of the 100,000 beta testers, A.I. type is a keyboard that specializes in contextual text prediction to make your mobile experience smoother. It learns your writing style and most used words so the more you use it, the better it will be.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Suggests your next word
  • Completes your current word
  • Corrects your spelling as you type
  • Auto-corrects typos when you hit the spacebar
  • Automatically learns your most-used words and writing style
  • Supports skins and allows for individual skin customization
  • Includes a layout for undo/redo/copy/paste/navigation

There is a free version that allows you to take advantage of their text prediction for 10 days. If you find that you can't live without it, upgrade to the Pro version for $4.82. Please find links to both versions after the break. The developers are always working on new features and would love to hear any kind of feedback you may have.

Have you used A.I. Type keyboard before? If you would like to sing out how much you like it or suggest a feature, check out our Android App Forum.



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Market link


Reader comments

A.I. type Keyboard out of beta with more features, still predicts like a psychic


Tried it for a couple minutes. Liked it enough to keep trying it. It's pretty similar to SwiftKey X, which I already use and like. I think I like the layout of this one a little better though. I'll try it for a week or so, and see how it goes.

SwiftKey is buggy for me, but not to the point that I would rather use anything else. This one seems really promising, though.

I tried it a couple weeks ago but I didn't dig it. Personally, I don't care for all these keyboards that boast their excellent word predictions. I find my text entry to be a lot slower when I'm constantly looking to see what word it's currently suggesting.

I don't need fancy word prediction. Give me a keyboard that can keep up with me and provide basic word/spelling correction, and I'm fine.

Smart Keyboard Pro was my go-to keyboard, but it simply does not work well on my Epic 4G Touch. Hopefully it'll work fine when I get the Galaxy Nexus.

I use AI Keyboard and it's very good at prediction and good at auto correction MOST of the time. Sometimes I get annoyed cause it doesn't auto correct some very easy words that are off by a letter. A few times a day, I'm like WTF, how did it not correct that word.

Oh and I also don't like how it doesn't automatically capitalize proper nouns. Like, philadelphia or babe ruth or florida. Gets annoying sometimes

Capitalization is on our road map, and hopefully will be addressed in the next version.

Also Auto-Corrections fine tuning is in work.
We will appreciate if you can get back to us with specific examples (what was it that you tried typing, and what actually was typed).
We know it might be a burden, but this will give us a direction of common mistyping, and improve the algorithm.

Tx ,

AItype Support

just Downloaded it and tried it..
using it atm ,its great,Just like someone said above me,its pretty much like Swift key X but with a better layout imo.. and it actually have themes lol..
..but if your in the market for a keyboard with great prediction and auto correct with an AMAZING "swype" action.. Touchpal Keyboard is the way to go.. GREAT size for bigger fingers imo. :)-

I like it so far but I already paid for swiftkey on sale and don't really want to cough up $5.00 for another keyboard. I will say this blows swiftkey's customization outta the water period.

I am already used to swiftkey X and dont think I can switch though I have been using it for a day so far and it has been pretty good.

I have tried several keyboards and couldn't find one that could keep up with my fast typing and still be able to correct my typo's until I tried this one!
The keyboard also offers great themes and other options, and after using it for a while, it seems to be what I was looking for.

Lately I've been having issues with both Swiftkey and Swype. Swiftkey will stop inserting predictions with the space bar (even though the option is checked under settings) whenever I go into landscape in a search field. Swype freezes if I try to tap a word in the google search bar. The stock keyboard is no good for me, I need to type in both English and Spanish and the Spanish configuration is horrible (unlike honeycomb, gb won't let you configure default long presses for accented letters) and autocorrection is abismal.

That started happening to me with Swiftkey, try uninstalling/reinstalling as that fixed the problem for me.

Anyways I've tried many other keyboards with better layouts than Swiftkey but I keep coming back to it because it's the only keyboard so far that has seamless language support. I don't like having to swipe just to change the language to Spanish or French in the middle of a sentence, very inconvenient.

I find this to be a great keyboard, and I love it! Predictive is awesome, but... I type mostly in Spanish, so language is set to Spanish (and Spanish ONLY). After a while predictive starts popping English suggestions. No matter I disabled English language and reinstalled the keyboard from scratch... 90% of the suggestions are English ones. Any solution to this?

I love the keyboard, the options of changing the size of the keyboard, themes, shortcuts...etc. The one thing I do not like and can't figure out if there is an option to turn it on/off is; when typing the space bar will shorten placing a word on the left side and on the right side is a tiny space bar. I'd rather this not happen and the space bar stay the same size all the time. This causes me to type all sorts of mistakes that I have to spend time correcting.