Agenda Calendar for Android

Resizable, and as stylish as it is simple, the Agenda Calendar widget makes this app an easy recommendation

It's a good day for those of you who have waited on a widget for the excellent Agenda Calendar. (Be sure to check out our full look at Agenda Calendar.) We now, in fact, have a widget. Actually, it's a resizable widget, which any self-respecting widget connoisseur knows is the best kind of widget to have. 

And this is what it looks like. Not a whole lot more to say about it -- it's a big black-and-white widget with some colors thrown in depending on the calendar sync. Tap a listing to see it in Agenda, and hit the big + button in the top right to add a new event. Tapping a day (or date) opens that day in the Agenda app.

You could argue that there's a little wasted space here. But, truth be told, the Agenda widget looks a little different on different launchers. In the example above, we've got it set as a 4-by-3 widget on top of Action Launcher. By default, you get a 2-by-3 widget. And the spacing is different on, say, the Nexus 4. So you might have to futz with it a little.

We've been using the Agenda Calendar widget for a couple days now in place of our old standby, Pure Calendar (Agenda). This one's much simpler to set up, but that also means it's not quite as full-featured. That's not really a strike against it, though. There's much to be said about that simplicity, and the overall design is more sophisticated.

All in all, this is a $1.99 that's definitely worth trying out now.


Reader comments

Agenda Calendar for Android gets long-awaited widget


i would like to know how you're inputing your flight information in the calendar as events. is that a manual process or is there an app for that?

TripIt does it for you. Forward the flight confirmation email to TripIt, they parse it and put together an itinerary for you, and you can subscribe to your own calendar of trips.. Very cool.

How does this widget compare to Agenda Widget? I realize this is a widget for a specific calendar app, but I've been happy with Google's Calendar app (especially the latest on 4.2) and Agenda Widget.

I'm not real big on buying apps when I have functional apps already. :)

I've had agenda since it was released but haven't used it because it doesn't seem to have a way to search for an event. Am I missing something or does no one else ever forget when an event is?

Business Calendar provides a wide range of features and widgets. I've been using it forquite a while. It has a low learning curve backed up with a good help section.