If you're into tower defense games then you'll want to get your hands on Age of Defenders from Cuketa. Having now gone official on the Android Market, Age of Defenders allows for multiplayer cross-platform action meaning, through the help of P2P and realtime sockets you can go head-to-head with iOS, Mac, PC and of course -- other Android players.

Given how the game is set up, phone users won't be able to get in on this action. However, tablet users -- game on. Age of Defenders will only set you back a few bucks in the Android Market and looks to be well worth it. Check out the trailer above, you'll find the download link past the break.


Reader comments

Age of Defenders - A unique multiplayer cross-platform tower defense game


Looks awesome. Does it work on Galaxy Note (tablet resolution) or is it checking for Honeycomb or particular devices?

Ok, just spent some time with the PC version. A few notes:

1. No single player mode. Other than the training program, you must play online with others. Fine if you like that, but most "tower defense" games are single player affairs.

2. Training mode is severely lacking. Training mode just barely introduces you to the basic mechanics, and doesn't even touch on strategy or economy management. Final training mode just tosses you in with an advanced AI that has all the advantages right from the start, so it's basically an exercise in frustration.

3. UI is confusing, clunky, and irritating to use, and the animations it uses are slow. This slows down player actions, and make it difficult to react when pressed for time.

4. Methods of attack are limited to "send long stream of units in single file to enemy base" You can't even set more than one way-point.

5. Laying defenses is actually time-coded. You have to wait for one unit to finish building before you can build another, even if you have plenty of resources available. There doesn't appear to be any way to build multiple towers at once.

Summation: Age of Defenders, while built on a solid concept, appears to be lacking quite a few important elements for a good "tower defense" game. Lack of single player mode, poor UI, utterly inadequate training and inane game mechanic restrictions work to steal the promise of the game away. Ultimately, AoD appears to be a game that isn't sure if it wants to be an RTS or a TD game, and the split personality means you get the worst of both.

Recommendation: Skip.

Sorry to read that you don't like it. It's our first multiplayer game and we are trying really hard.

ad 1 & 2) Yes, singleplayer mode is stil lacking, but there will be full campaign coming soon, don't worry. Practice mode is for you to, well, practice.

ad 3) as for all UI there is none that suits all users :-/ althoug we feel it lacks, maybe you could elaborate what did you find confusing?

ad 4) there is a limit of 4 waypoints for 1 portal and you can send simultaneous attack from all 4 portals at once (bottom send button)

ad 5) yes, you can build only in series and you spend resources as you produce/build (this is more RTS than TD)

Just throwing it out there... Would be nice to have a turn based strategy (Risk style) mode. I know a lot of gamers eager for such a game.

Thanks for your reply, I'm glad to see the developer taking an interest in user reviews. Hopefully I can clarify some of my earlier remarks in a way that will allow you to improve your product.

Regarding the practice mode; While I'm glad it's there, you need to take more time to introduce players to the game concepts and integrate the instruction information into the play process.

IE: Rather than simply putting up a pre-play splash screen with some basic info in it, take the time to pause the game and bring up informational popups with arrows pointing to game elements, UI elements, etc. as the player is going through the tutorial. If it's on a splash screen many players will simply click by it, anxious to get to the action, and never read the information therein. By taking moments out of the tutorial action to explain various functions you would go a long way to reducing player frustration.

UI issues: UI elements are poorly labeled, and their function isn't always clear. For example, I had no idea that I could set more than one waypoint. It was never covered in the tutorial and it's use is hardly intuitive on a non-touchscreen setup.

The "attack" portion of the UI is horribly confusing and I only figured it out through basic trial and error. It was only barely touched on in the tutorial, and the symbols used are nonsensical. (Click the circle to attack? Since when does "circle" or "dot" mean "attack?" And which circle? I never even saw a "send" button.)

Build restrictions: Over and above the UI issues this is my biggest problem with the game. It is a broken mechanic.

Let me be clear on this; I don't mean "This is a mechanic I don't like" although that is true. I don't mean "It is my opinion that you should change this mechanic" although that is also true. When I say that this mechanic is broken, I mean broken. As in; "It utterly destroys the game and the ability to derive enjoyment therein." You NEED to fix it.

Why is it broken? It's broken because is a cross between an RTS and a TD Economy/Build mechanic model. The problem is that those two game types have incompatible models. Simply put, this "hybrid" approach means it doesn't work. Let me explain:

First, we have the "RTS" approach, where you create an economy and as long as you have resources to build you can build as many buildings and units as you like.

This approach is ideal for an RTS as attackers have free range over their approach vectors and you may need to fortify multiple points of entry at once. It also makes gaining/defending/managing economic resources part of the strategy of the game.

Second, we have the "Tower Defense" approach, where you can build one tower at a time, based on some point level OR build one tower of each TYPE at a time, based on the same point structure.

This approach is excellent for a TD game as attack vectors are almost always fixed and usually limited to just one or two paths, meaning the build limitations are workable and act as part of the strategy.

In AoD, we have the attack variability and economy of an RTS, but only the build ability of a TD game. This means that you are often left short on defenses while running a surplus of resources, and stuck watching the counter tick down on a single tower as a flood of enemies roar towards your gate across multiple attack vectors. It makes it impossible to actually PLAY the game.

You need to decide which genre you want to be. If you are going to be a TD game, then you need to restrict attack vectors and simplify the economy model. If you are going for an RTS style game, then you need to lift build restrictions. Allow players to build as much as they want, provided they have the resources to do it.

Personally, I would prefer the RTS approach. TD games are self-limiting in that when playing them single-player you will invariably run into a level where the developer has programmed in more enemies than can possibly be met with the given economy and then you are stuck.

Taking a more RTS approach opens up far more possibilities with the game, making economy management, build management and various O&D strategies far more complex and interesting. With the online capability of the game already built in, and some updates to the UI to make it a bit easier to use, you could have a real winner on your hands.

I hope that my clarifications have helped. As I noted before, I think the basic concept is solid. With a few mechanic and design changes I think it can really shine.

although you´ve made some good points regarding simplification, tutorial or UI, I think you´re taking things too seriously and are too strict when recommending to skip.

first, it is supposed to be multiplayer TD. if you like SP, you have hundreds of other TD games. maybe they just dont want to spend time battling with those and come up with unique idea.

second, you consider this game with RTS, e.g. starcraft, warcraft etc. have you ever played any FLASH RTS? I have, very few, with far lower quality than this game has. Its because of technology, it is limiting.
you need to keep in mind that this is still flash, it is not 2GB large strategy on DVD which you install on your computer. concepts you propose are good, but for self-install app. At some point you need to make a decision, which way to go.

Played beautifully on the Viewsonic Gtab. For about 5 minutes. Then it locks up. I had to refund. I'd love to get this up and running, I love tower defense games.

Im running the Clemsen Caulkin ROM.

I am a developer. What do you mean by "lock up"? Was it in battle or in lobby/chat? (contact me on twitter @mizi_sk if you can)

When I run the tutorial program, I get about 5 minutes into the game and the app freezes, no sound no motion. I then get the 'force stop - wait' button.