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For those not familiar with ADW.Launcher, it is one of the most feature enriched launcher replacements available for Android at the current time. Lately it seems as though developers have really been pushing themselves to the next level and attempting to add things we never would have expected, and AnderWeb doesn't appear to be any different. In the latest release they have added theme support which allows users to select between four current themes, two of which are free, and two of which are paid ($1 each). In addition to the theme support, a few minor bugs have been added, and development continues. Remember folks, this is a one-man team behind the scenes, so donate and buy the themes so the amazing development efforts can be rewarded. Download now from the market. [via ADW Things]

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several says:


ak110707 says:

im assuming this can't be installed with Sense UI?

borgey401 says:

yes it can.

ak110707 says:

NEAT! Thanks.

D3fPo3t says:

One man!
If he started charging $1 for the app he would be a millionaire in less than 2 months. heck with the paid themes i bet he ranks in the cash!

gbhil#AC says:

I hope so. He has made the launcher 100% open source and is quick to help others modify and build it. Android needs more developers like AnderWebs.

angermeans says:

You are absolutely right we have some great devs over at xda and anderwebs is one of the best. He could easily sell ADW Launcher and many (including me) would easily pay but he gives his hard work away i will def buy his themes as soon as I can download the latest ADW update on CM6 RC1

gbhil#AC says:

You and me both. I'm glad there's an easy way to show support finally.

Has it stopped being slower than hell? Just sayin', I switched to LauncherPro on CM6 because of the app drawer stuttering (also due to <3 Dock)

patrixl says:

If you disable the dots in the UI prefs of ADW, you have the option of adding 2 more icons on the dock. Plus you can swipe up on the dock to find a 2nd dock...

Just sayin'. LP, ADW, GDE, etc, are all really awesome launchers, and all are better IMO than the iPhone's boring screens filled with icons lol

A few bugs have been added! I'll download it now!

finanandroid says:

Jesus guys! let the Dev get some cash I cant believe that some android user just want everything free.

likwidsoul says:

Hate to break it to you buddy but no one is complaining about the dev charging for the themes. You should chill out.

JakeChance says:

Is there a performance comparison of ADW vs LauncherPro? I love them both but there isn't anything really tying me to either one at the moment. I'd like to know which one performs better but I'm not sure I'll be able to tell simply but setting one as my launcher and trying it out.

Simer03 says:

as far as smoothness and performance goes....Launcher Pro is way better! the new ADW is very buggy, and Launcher Pro is still in beta

tealturboser says:

Yeah I dont know why this is quoted as one of most feature rich launchers. Launcher Pro has way better features

fluffynotfat says:

I love ADW. Had no problems whatsoever running it on my phone.

icebike says:

Can I rain on this parade?

What's the big attraction? After configuring the stock launcher with everything I want, (and having two pages left over) why would I want to go thru that all again just so I could tweak the scrolling speed? Endless and mindless levels of detail which no one will notice and which render no functionality. I don't get it.

Installed it, played with it, uninstalled.

droideris says:

My personal favorite is adding a 5th row, 5x4 seems to fit better. Also, it's fun to taunt i*hone users by showing the the i*hone-style app drawer, then casually flicking it away and throwing Beautiful Home in their faces.

ap3604 says:

WTF you say the update introduces some new bugs and dont say what they are?!


sunnyson says:

It's awesome. Definetely will support the dev. He doesn't have a job, so support all the way yall.

Baudelier says:

I tried this program, and while it is nice and has definately come a long way, I'll still be sticking with dxTop for now.