ADWLauncher EX

Last week we were treated to a Launcher Pro update, this week ADWLauncher EX has rolled out their latest version as well. While most of the changelog is just some bug fixes and minor touch ups to how the launcher function one of the larger additions was the ability to use custom docks. In fact, when you update you'll find that a few custom docks have already been included in the package for you. Full change log is listed below:

  • Reorderable main menu can disable elements and reorder by drag and drop(ADWSettings/General behavior/System settings)
  • Added transparency support for the 4D drawer (yes, it's choppier, I told you)
  • Support for custom images for dock and hidden dockbar
  • Added a small catalog of dock pictures
  • Option to change app drawer icons text color
  • Menu/Lock now locks app drawer too
  • Fixed old style previews when statusbar was hidden.
  • Fixed fancy backgrounds transparency issues
  • Fixes more "ForceCloses"

The update is live and available in the Android Market now. Hit the break for the download. [ADWThings]


Reader comments

ADWLauncher EX updated to support custom docks


it's 4th-dimensional drawer.. while it looks like a small container, open it up and it's infinitely large.. (yeah, I'm bored at work)

I love adw,but I can switch between things faster on LP because of the scrollable dock. Is there a way to put a scrollable dock on ADW? I think there's a program to do it, but I'm not sure. thanks for any reply.

Why would you want LauncherPro's dock? ADW has two docks, one with an infinite amount of space for stuff. Yeah, it lacks gestures, but to be honest, I don't miss them.

You're right. I didn't know about the hidden dock on adw, which is even better than Lp. Thanks for the tip. Now I think ADW is faster!

I bought it and couldn't return it fast enough. So I have a paid app that I've uninstalled. LP still rules. This one is buggy as hell.

This def can't touch LP+. LP docks look better and more importantly function better. Plus you can customize the dock background.

This is a great update and gives a huge performance boost to anybody running the CM7 preview.

I prefer this over LP+ by a mile, but I know not everybody feels the same way. I can't put it into words, but this just feels so much better to me. To each their own, though.