ADWLauncher EX

On Android, your home screen and app drawer are collectively and commonly referred to as the "Launcher." And you're not stuck with the one that came with your phone. There are plenty of custom launchers out there. And you're going to want to check out the new ADWLauncher EX.

It brings a whole lot of custom UI goodness to your Android phone. For you old salts, bask in the glory that is ADWLauncher EX. It's based off the old ADW.Launcher code, but with more sex appeal. Five app drawer styles and behaviors, eight home screen transitions, new icons, fast presets -- you're going to want this.

ADWLauncher EX will cost you about $3.43 -- money well spent. Check out the video after the break, and there's more info and screen shots are at the source link. [JBThemes]


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ADWLauncher EX brings a whole lot of awesome to your home screens



look out Fede... hope your new code can compete.

I feel like so many of the things I do right now are cut down to like 1 easy step for customization. I may splurge...

i still have faith in lp+

i bet the rewrite and the following releases will blow adw out of the water

like fede said he'll know his way around every bit of code

I want to use ADW so badly, but they have still not added the one feature that i use every single day on LP...custom gestures for each dock icon!!!!! come on ADW lets do that and you'll have me buying this!

Please explain why you need custom gestures for EACH dock icon, or why you need custom gestures at all.

Just how much gestureing do you do with an icon?

For me I have the Droid OG. I only have 3 screens to keep from getting the refresh problem. 3 screens being not much space I use gestures so I don't have icons or folders everywhere.

Swipe up from phone icon launches my Droidlight. Swipe up from the Browser icon launches Maps. And now I have a nice pretty open screen so I can see my wallpaper. 8)

I use the swipe on each one to access other Apps that you would normally keep on my home screen and this let's me keep my homescreen clean

No offense, but it doesn't seem like you understand how the gestures in LP work. It allows you to assign a variety of gestures that you make on the icons in the dock..but the resulting action is not limited to whatever icon you're gesturing on. Try it and you'll understand.

I tried it on my Droid, and LauncherPro would just misunderstand my taps as swipes. I'll stick with how ADW does things, thank you very much.

Great video, I already have LauncherPro which I love but there are a couple things that are pretty slick. Sadly though, with only a 15 minute refund window to review it, $3+ dollars just seems to pricey - the video itself took over six minutes just to show off some cool features. Maybe in a year when I get tired of LaucherPro.

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny when people complain about 3 bucks for an app? You own a $200 phone and have at least a $30 a month data plan tight ass.

I don't think it's such a large amount of money, but it's certainly enough to make me evaluate whether I really need it or not.

You're not the only one. I've always been one of those guys on the other sites that tries to defend Android users from the cheapskate criticism. After reading this website for the past few weeks, it's looking like maybe the criticism is correct. Either that, or maybe it's just the people that visit this particular site.

Yeah, but it's not just this site. You ever read the reviews for the Sonos free remote app on the apple site? It's just a remote control for the Sonos system, and there are dopes on there giving it one star because the thought they were getting free music, and they didn't. They don't even have the system. There are a lot of cheap, dumb people out there.

For me, the amount of money is secondary to the idea that I might buy something and end up not liking it, and then NEVER use it. Spending $10 on an app I use is no problem, but spending $0.10 on something, only to not use it, is intolerable. With a 15 minute refund window, the policy might as well be ALL SALES FINAL, which can cause a lot of people to hesitate on purchases they would have otherwise made.

I feel like if you just do some thorough research and read all the reviews and watch the youtube videos, you can make a correct decision.

After reading this article tried again launcher pro and adw on my desire and I was still like, meh, just like 6 months ago. After 10 min back to sense.

I haven't kept up with the history of launchers but have the original home replacements like openHome and aHome died?

LauncherPro and ADW are the top ones now. Both are really good, I use both off and on. I can't really comment on the original Home Screen replacement apps...haven't used them in a really long time.

Meh, its ok. Im not sure its worth the money when there is a free version. If the drawer background would go transparent, i might like it more.

I always did love ADW, and was happy to see that it was included Stock with CyanogenMod, but... I dunno if I can pay for another launcher. Last time I did that was with LP+, and while I still can't replace the Facebook widget (Plume's new widget made replacing the LP+ Twitter widget easy, and I finally caved to Pure Messaging Widget pressure.), I just can't go back to LP anymore.

It looks pretty good. I don't know if I can justify spending 3 bucks on it though. I'd love to see a trial version.

Unrelated: Anyone know what the calendar widget in the screenshot is?

There is a trial's called ADWLauncher. How can you not justify spending only $3? Do you know how many hours probably went into making this app? A lot. Would you work for free? I doubt it.

Has anyone figured out how to change the lockscreeen? I wish I could change it I have an EVO, I am not sure if it something they could do with a launcher

The lockscreen has nothing to do with the launcher. If you want to replace your lockscreen, there are several options with either alternate lockscreen apps or with rooting your EVO and pushing a custom lockscreen.

I've been using ADW Launcher since version 0.3, long before it was ever available in the market (or even called ADW Launcher for that matter), and this is by far the best and most expansive revamp of the launcher I've seen and includes just about everything I could ask for in a launcher. I played around with the light versions of the old home replacements like ahome, openhome, dxtop and such and periodically try out Launcher Pro to see how it compares and was just about to finally make the switch from ADW to Launcher Pro, but this is the first time I have been willing to pay for an alternate launcher, and AnderWebs has won me over again with this one.

Oh look. Another application that takes more then 15 minutes to really demo to know if you like it. Pass. And yah I'm being snarky. And will continue to be snarky reminding people and Google how asinine that policy is.

He has a point. It has nothing to do with Anderweb or the app... but Google's policy is stupid, and he's going to pass on what could be a great app because he has no way of knowing until he can try it for himself. Google won't allow that in this case.

u guys should buy it, use titanium backup/mybackup to get the apk, then refund it and play around with it. its a nice launcher tho.

Don't do that. Support the dev he put a lot of work into this app. Atleast Google has a refund policy. Its better than nothing.

It's because of idiots like you why we have security and confirmation codes, and why the government cracks down on piracy. Go rob a bank or something, it's practically what you're doing when you tell people to do this. It's stealing.

It goes even further than that; stuff like that is the reason the refund window was shrunk in the first place. This guy thinks he's so clever, like he's carrying out his rights; until Google decides it's a bad idea to refund apps at all. Then his little workaround is broken, and everyone who was honest in the first place suffers as collateral damage.

I made a little point in another comment on this post; the App Store doesn't have refunds at all. Google doesn't have to offer them either. So be glad they do and don't screw it up for the rest of us.

He's not necessarily suggesting anyone pirate the app... but just try it out that way, and if they like it, they should buy it again. Google's policy is flawed. As it is, I'm sure it will keep some people from buying certain apps, as in this case. If they want to kill their Market sales, ending the option to refund is the way to do it.

We should all be supporting the devs for putting out great products... but we should all be contacting Google to tell them if their 15 minute refund window is too short and we're having to pass up on buying apps because of it. I've spent probably close to $15 in the past few months on apps, and have only returned one. Is there a chance that number could go down now? Sure... and Google will be hearing about it when I decide not to buy an app I don't have time to test.

If you want to be a jerk then that's your prerogative, but don't encourage others to follow you in your douchebaggery. AnderWebs worked hard on ADW Launcher EX and doesn't need that kind of crap.

I think I'll wait a week or so before I get this. I was a LP+ fan but after installing ApeX 1.3, it ran much smoother with ADW in my opinion. I will see what the reviews and feedback are before I make my move.

I think I'll stick with LauncherPro Plus. I've used it on 3 different phones and never a dull moment. I don't care to much for themes when LauncherPro plus has plenty of customization options. ADWLauncher EX looks cool but I think I'll wait for a review from our boys at Android Central. I trust their word. Wait they already said it's worth the money. I'll check it out.

Okay, I'll admit that I underestimated ADWLauncher EX. It's very cool and new. The dock could be better but it's nothing to refund the app for. LauncherPro plus is awesome still One of if not the best. But right now I think I'm gonna play with ADWLauncher EX. Break it down till it's knees get weak. Download it and support the developer. Trust me like our boys here at Android Central said it is money well spent guys...

All of the new animations are really cool. New app opening animation, new app drawer animations, and 8 new home screen swiping animations. Always preferred LP+ to ADW, but I bought this EX version and will be using it at least until the new LP comes out.

I've been running LauncherPro since one of the first releases and eventually paid for plus. Frankly, I was expecting more from this. There are clearly some features that LauncherPro+ doesn't have, but they (themes, for example) are things that don't interest me. After the first comment I thought I would see something eye opening. ADW looks good... not trying to knock it. If you like it, more power to you, but LauncherPro is a not "behind" ADW.... they are just different.

I do not like it at all. Looks like crappy ass touchwiz. LauncherPro, and Sense for that matter, are much more sophisticated. You people encouraging people to buy this just to support the dev are stupid. $3, or $1...I don't blow money on apps that I deem unworthy. That's not being cheap or a tightass, it's being smart. Not all of us have more money than sense. I get so sick of hearing this support the devs bs. They make plenty of money, and then some for their work. I'll be damned if I'm just going to give my money away. Maybe I should make an app and insist you idiots support me, whether you like the app or not. /end rant

They're not saying to buy it just because. They're saying that if you like it, you should PAY for it instead of pirating it. If you'll notice, they were all responding to someone encouraging others to pirate the application. And ADW can look however you want it to look, just like LP.

I have to say it seems the most stable of them all, I have tried them all, and EX has been the smoothest, with an easy learning curve. I like the GB theme's and my old GB Theme worked great.

I have no problem spending 3 bucks, I mean really I blow that just breathing thru out the day.

Droid X

Have a myTouch 4G HD on 2.2.1 and tried Launcher Pro… it completely messed up the touch tone on my phone. I could only hear the touch tone when the phone was next to my ear. We tried everything to get it to work… no soap. I had to do a factory reset to get it back. It also slowed down the phone in general.

I saw ADWLauncher EX and decided to give it a go… and yes, I purchased it right out of the gate. This App works absolutely flawlessly on the phone and I see no degradation in speed. As for the touch tone on the phone… it works perfectly with ADWLauncher EX. I really like all the options it offers and am looking forward to more as they update it over time. I would give this App 5 stars and recommend it to anyone with the myTouch 4G HD.

I've been using Launcher Pro Plus on two phones now and really like it. There are several features it has that I wonder if ADW Ex has:

Scrollable Dock?
Bookmark Widget, scrollable, various formats?
Option to add extra rows of home screen icons (think I saw in the video)

Great launcher, just grabbed it today. Like others said, there's a few things missing that makes LauncherPro stand out, but I think Anderwebs will continue his feat.

Does ADW notifier work with this? I have it set to Handcent and chuck norriz mode to Hi Yahoo and Hi MSN, the markers aren't appearing in the dock.

how do i buy this? I go to the market add either a mastercard or amex card and it says unusable for this purchase any ideas?

I have a google checkout account, and have paid for apps in the past.

It must have to do with it's in Euro, I will have to call my bank and ask.

Tried it out, it's nice but I like Go Launcher better still. That said, I kept ADW Ex to support the dev.

Long time LP+ user but had to try it. took me longer than 15 minutes to get it setup so now I own it. I hate the new 15 minute you own it in the market place..

Cool screen transitions, but choppy app drawer scrolling. Also, no bookmarks widget, and no notifications on the main dock. Launcher Pro Plus works better for me. Evo 4-gizzle.

simply put...15 mins is not enough time. googles plan has backfired with me. bc now i wont even give an app a chance. lp+ for me 4 life. sorry adw....i dont gamble, so not giving me time to make an accurate decision to buy your product is gambling to me. thank google.

@menno: No, before they were jumping on people for wanting a refund. They called them cheap and said they shouldn't bother refunding a $3 app, even if they don't like it.

Can anyone tell me what the "power control" widget is called (and who makes it) that is featured on screen shot #4 of the previews of ADWLauncher EX in the app market? It looks like it allows for 7 toggle features....thanks.....

Can some please tell me what calendar widget Phil is using on his N1? I keep trying to find it and having no luck..Thanks!