Flash on Motorola Xoom

Adobe this morning released more details regarding the upcoming release of Flash Player 10.2. First and foremost, it'll be available in the Android Market on March 18. A number of smartphones running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) meet the hardware requirements. (See Adobe's official list here.) Android tablets running Honeycomb will technically be running Flash Player 10.2 as a beta.

The big points you need to know:

  • Deeper integration with the Android browser rendering engine
  • Enhanced performance for the latest smartphones and tablets
  • Automatic soft keyboard support

If you've got a Motorola Xoom (currently the only Honeycomb tablet available), you'll need the update to Android 3.0.1 that's currently pushing out. Hit up the source links for complete info. [Adobe, Motorola]


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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 available for Android starting March 18


Any phone running Froyo or Gingerbread meets the requirements? Previously, I understood certain older processors (like the one in my CDMA Hero) weren't compatible with Flash. Has that changed?

I have the same issue with my Sprint Samsung Intercept. I have 2.2 from Sprint and Flash isnt supported? All because of the processor? Lame. I am sure 10.2 will be the same. BTW the supported phones on that site link were last updated as of Feb 3rd? Its been over a month and no further supported models? Would that be good to assume that 10.2 has been doen since then and now released now?

But but but... I was told by all the iFans that this update would never arrive in any reasonable timeframe for the Xoom.

I guess they can go and suck it!

LOL... I've been ignoring "them" and wish 'em well. The Flash upgrade next week along with the hopefully soon working SD mem-card and then 4G in a couple of months...can't wait. The Xoom's specs are definitely superior. And who cares about 65,000 apps? I want a few worthwhile ones along with some games. That's it. Thank you very much.

if it's using some of the new APIs such as stageVideo I mentioned before it can offload video to the GPU rather than the CPU so for example, tests I ran on video on the desktop reduced the flash cpu load from 124% to about 14% so big performance gains on that side of things.

I'd rather they offload Flash onto the SD card than offload video. Video is plenty fast enough, even on my aging Nexus One, but main memory is at a premium.

I like how the Fascinate is on this list even though Verizon/Samsung still haven't officially released 2.2 yet....

Luckily for me, because of people on this website, that isn't a problem.

So those of us with a Samsung(no 2.2 upgrade) Epic with the ACE 2.2 Froyo Rom can use this??

You need to put the StageVideo update in there. It is video playback from your GPU, not CPU. This means all of the battery draining/poor performance talk will have to be reevaluated.


Oh come on, I'm surprised no one else posted that. haha.


1. They've already loaded their stash using drag-and-drop

2. Since they have one hand holding the tablet and the other's...errm...busy...they aren't able to type

I run PlayOn on my Windows Home Server. I've had Netflix, Hulu, etc., running on my DInc for some time now :)

PlayOn is cool, but I really don't want to have to pay another $40 to watch something that I am already paying for.

It will allow for Amazon VOD. That would be enough for me. Netflix will be nice, but they had better get off their asses. Amazon VOD has the same stuff. Better do it over wifi though. Gonna use my precious data for more than movies.