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Hot on the heels of Flash Player 11, Adobe have today updated AIR to include support for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. More good news for those of you with a shiny new Galaxy Nexus but even more so now that we're starting to see ICS roll out to other devices. Hit up the source link for the full changelog, and the download links below to grab it in the Market. 

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Adobe AIR receives its own update, now supporting ICS


AIR allows applications developed in Flash or Flex to run like a native applications. So there are none of the sandbox restrictions of a browser and they have access to all the privileges a desktop -- which is essential for some types of apps.

If you were to download an older app built in AIR, it would require that AIR be installed in order for it to run.

But here's the thing, Adobe now allows Android AIR apps to be packaged, so the separate AIR install will not be necessary in some cases -- if not all -- as it can be bundled as part of the app.

Thanks!! I actually had the same question. I uninstalled adobe air about 3 months ago and haven't had one problem. To me, the app is useless and a memory hog. But I guess there is a use to having it, otherwise why would they continue development?