Acer Iconia Tab A100

Although Acer laid out their Iconia Tab ICS update list not all that long ago, it seems there has been some issues in the Acer camp with folks actually being able to you know, update their devices. The updates, more specifically for the Iconia Tab A100 have appeared for the most part on again, off again with some getting the update very early while others, very late.

No matter though, folks in the Android Central forums are now reporting the update appears to of have been potentially sorted out and an influx of those unable to previously update to ICS are now getting the update notification on their devices. Have you got it yet? If so, let us know in the Android Central forums.

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Acer Iconia Tab A100 ICS update now hitting the masses


As well, A500 users in Australia and a few other places are getting ICS beginning yesterday. In the past Australia got updates first, but this time around they were last for the most part.

got mine for my A100 yesterday morning around 5am - it actually took 3 "updates" after the first one, i checked to see if i had ICS and didn't then "checked for new updates" and it found another, and then one more time and it finally did the "real" ICS update. so far has been working very well. thank you acer for being so quick on updating this relative to the other android tablet mfrs!

WTF!! When I decided to spend $299.00 for the rezound I was told it would be one of the first devices to get ics...????

CA USA A100 owner with no ICS update yet (gen2, v3.2.1). How long is too long to wait after the April 27 initial release?